Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

You should think of the summary statement as a quick sales pitch that needs to be informative yet concise. Because of these restrictions, your summary should be two or three sentences or bullet points that highlight your current professional title, important skills and most impressive accomplishments. To really show you are a great candidate for the job at hand, consider incorporating relevant keywords and skills found in the job description. Use the computers and technology resume template for Word and the examples below to create your own standout summary.

Summary Statement Example 1:

IT project manager with over 11 years of experience in information technologies. Monitor and coordinate project milestones to ensure timely completion. Use strong communication skills and critical thinking to create informative reports.

Summary Statement Example 2:

• Five years’ experience as an instructional designer
• Assess website designs to give tips on improvement
• Communicate effectively through writing, speaking and listening skills

Summary Statement Example 3:

• Network analyst with seven years of experience designing and implementing computer information networks
• Analyze needs and systems to create networks that fulfill requirements of the company
• Keep supervisors up to date with written and verbal communications

Summary Statement Example 4:

Information technology consultant with four years of experience analyzing, testing and troubleshooting existing network systems. Use reading comprehension and critical thinking to better understand job specifications for each client.

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

You likely have a lot of skills you use on a daily basis to get your job done, but you cannot list all of them when you write this section. Instead, you need to focus on the technical abilities that are most important to the hiring manager. Keep these best practices in mind as you create your own skills section for your resume:

• Stick to the top five to seven relevant skills.
• Carefully read through the job description to figure out what skills are important to the position.
• Keep each listed skill as brief as possible.
• Use bullet points to make the section easy to read for busy hiring managers.

You can use the computers and technology resume template for Word to help you create a standout section.
Look through these computer and technology skill samples and incorporate any that are relevant to you in your own resume.

• Proficient in SAP software, Apache Maven and Spring Framework
• Systems upgrading and maintenance
• Complex problem-solving
• Deductive and inductive reasoning
• Quality control analysis
• Fluent in C++, Java and Python
• Performance optimization

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

The work history included in your resume should be relevant to the position, while supporting the skills and accomplishments you already referenced in the document. As you fill out the computers and technology resume template for Word, it may be helpful to remember these general best practices:

• Use a reverse chronological order.
• Avoid including experience older than 15 or 20 years, unless it is highly relevant.
• List two to three bullet points that highlight your quantifiable accomplishments for each position.

Review these sample work sections:

IT Director / 2013-Present / Sioux Falls, SD

• Direct the work of 150 employees in the IT department
• Negotiate contracts with vendors to save company money

IT Project Manager / 2012-2013 / Minneapolis, MN

• Implemented new project management software that increased department efficiency by 15 percent
• Reviewed the work of network analysts to ensure everything met customer specifications
• Scheduled and monitored 12 employees

Lead Analyst / 2006-2012 / Lawrence, KS

• Evaluated role of IT systems to increase efficiency by 50 percent
• Wrote instruction manuals that improved training of analysts

Network Analyst / 2002-2006 / Bloomington, MN

• Customized and installed new network for company
• Added new functionality to existing computer systems and saved thousands of dollars

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

The education section often has a supporting role, unless you are a recent graduate. Regardless, this is an important element that needs to be easy for the hiring manager to read. Use these best practices as you fill out the computers and technology resume template for Word:

• Use a reverse chronological order with your highest level of education first.
• Only use dates if the education took place in the last 20 years.
• You do not need to include the GPA unless you are a recent graduate.
• Include any degrees, certifications, licenses, training or seminars that are relevant to the position

Here is an example of a complete education section for computers and technology:

University of Minnesota / MBA Computer Science / 2011
Leadership Training / 2006
University of Minnesota / BA Management Information Systems / 2002
Minor in Business Administration
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