Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary should give the hiring manager a snapshot of your professional history. In order to make yourself a clear candidate, you should use industry-specific keywords that relate to your skills, some of which you may be able to find in the job description. Like the rest of your document, this section has to be short and to the point. You can either create a three-sentence paragraph or list three bullet points that go over your professional title, top three skills and most important professional traits or accomplishments. Review the following samples and the community and public service resume template for Word as you write your own summary.

Summary Statement Example 1:

Emergency communications operator with seven years’ experience dispatching police, firemen and EMT. Use strong communication, social perception and critical thinking to solve problems for scared individuals. Upgraded important software to increase department’s efficiency.

Summary Statement Example 2:

• Foster care social worker with 15 years of experience
• Founded annual counseling session for potential foster parents
• Strong communication, decision-making and time management skills

Summary Statement Example 3:

Vocational rehabilitation administrator with over a decade of experience. Regularly assessed personnel needs for clients and made suggestions for new employees. Able to coordinate, plan and analyze needs of individuals and organizations.

Summary Statement Example 4:

• Nurse manager since 2002
• Able to communicate clearly and think critically while solving staffing issues
• Hired and trained new nursing staff

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

Most hiring managers see dozens of resumes for each open position, which is why you have to make your important skills stand out. Creating a bulleted list of your top industry-specific skills is a great way to show potential employers you have what they are looking for. Even if you use the community and public service resume template for Word, you still need to keep these best practices in mind:

• Tie your skills back to the job at hand by incorporating keywords found in the job description.
• Keep your resume to the point by including your top five to seven skills and keeping each point brief.
• Only discuss skills you will be able to substantiate in your experience section.

Here is a list of some important skills related to community and public service.
Incorporate the ones that are relevant to you in your own document.

• Proficient with PointClickCare software
• Training and teaching others
• Contract negotiation
• Operations analysis
• Complex problem-solving
• Time management

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

This section is your chance to focus on your previous work, but you still need to keep everything brief. As you create your own work history section, keep these best practice tips in mind:

• Start with your most current job and work backwards through relevant positions.
• List two to three bullet points focusing on quantifiable accomplishments.
• Keep your experience section engaging by incorporating strong action words like those found in the job description.

Use the following examples as you fill out the community and public service resume template for Word:

Training Administrator / 2013-Present / Greenville, SC

• Maintain training of 20+ dispatcher supervisors
• Annually assess training procedures for effectiveness
• Designed new online learning modules that increased training effectiveness by 20 percent

Dispatcher Supervisor / 2008-2013 / Boston, MA

• Regularly evaluated 18 dispatchers to assess training needs
• Collaborated with other supervisors to create a functional schedule for 300+ dispatchers and supervisors

Senior Dispatcher / 2006-2008 / Chicago, IL

• Reviewed calls of junior dispatchers and gave advice for improvement
• Answered 20 calls during an average shift

911 Dispatcher / 2004-2006 / Columbia, SC

• Created a spreadsheet to make note-keeping during calls more efficient
• Gave basic medical advice over the phone when necessary

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

Having the right education may play a role in you being a standout candidate. However, you need to be sure to create an education section that is easy to read if you want the hiring manager to notice the training you have. Using the community and public service resume template for Word and the following best practices may help you build an eye-catching education section.

• List your highest level of and most recent education first.
• Unless you graduated recently, listing your GPA is not necessary.
• If you have college experience, do not include information about high school.
• List any degrees, certifications, seminars and trainings that are relevant to the job at hand.

Here is an example of an education section for the community and public service industry:

University of South Carolina Upstate / BA Business Administration / 2012
Emergency Number Professional Certification / 2007
Emergency Medical Technician Training / 2006
Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certification / 2005
Basic Telecommunications and 911 Training / 2004
800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST
Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST