CAREER Model for Career Development Success

Randall S. Hansen Ph.D. the Career Doctor

CAREER Model for Career Development Success

by Career Coach Randall Hansen Ph.D.

Can anyone guarantee career or job-search success? Of course not. Searching for a career or job is a journey and a journey that often takes many unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes success is right around the next bend while other times it is quite a way down the path.

What can help job-seekers with this career and job-search journey? Job-seekers with a plan almost always fare better than those job-seekers who muddle through the process. With this concept in mind the CAREER Model for Career Development Success was developed by the team at Quintessential Careers.


CAREER Model for Career Development Success

C Contemplate and understand who you are and what you want from life. This first step is most critical and can sometimes take the most amount of time.
A Assess your current situation and what you want to become. This step involves self assessment in a variety of ways as you begin to develop a vision of your next career move.
R Research and set goals to achieve the vision of yourself. Research is critical for all phases of your job-search and in this step you need to fully research the requirements of your next career move.
E Explore and develop short and long term plans to achieve your goals. This step builds on the assessment and research from previous steps and has you mapping out a plan to achieve your career goal.
E Execute and implement your plans making changes where necessary. Once your plans have been formulated the next step is actually putting the plans into action making necessary changes as you progress toward your career goal.
R Reflect on success; plan for future. With your career goal in sight this step is about rewarding yourself for achieving your career goals while also looking ahead and continuing the process to achieve your longer-term goals and aspirations.


If you are ready to implement the CAREER Model in your life your next step should be to take advantage of these free career resources.


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