Resumes for College-Bound High-School Students

Theresa writes:
I am a high-school student in my senior year. I was wondering if you
had any examples or formats of resumes for high-school students entering
college. If you do it would be greatly appreciated.

The Career Doctor responds:
Resumes for high-school students are definitely a little different from adult
resumes so I am glad to offer some assistance. Let me say that just having
a resume as a high-school student will make you stand out — both for college applications as well as for part-time or summer jobs.
Some of the basics are the same: the top part of the resume contains all your
contact information (name address phone(s) email). If you use an email
address just make sure it is professional and not something like “prettyprincess.”
Because you may not have much work experience I think you should focus
your resume with both an objective and summary of qualifications. For example
if you are attempting to get a job in retail a simple objective is: “Seeking
part-time retail sales clerk/cashier position with XYZ Company” — where you
replace XYZ with each company’s name.
The summary of your accomplishments should be attributes that will help sell
you to a potential employer or college… such as soft skills (writing talking
listening) level of responsibility and maturity and any hard skills you have.
An example would be: “Energetic achiever and communicator with strong listening skills”
The remaining parts of your resume should deal with your education — and awards
and honors you have received — and any previous work experience you have
including jobs like babysitting.
Finally remember the cardinal rules of resume-writing: no lying or exaggerating
and no spelling errors or typos.
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