Career Ideas for Innovator

Anonymous writes:
I’m having trouble figuring out what I want to be. I’m good at lots of things like computers mechanics and sports. I am also very innovative. I’m always coming up with ideas.
Can you help?

The Career Doctor responds:
The key for you is to spend some time doing some further self-assessment. You’ve already started by examining some of your likes but you really need to dig a bit deeper. Once you’ve completed your self-assessment you can try and marry those things you like and are good at with jobs and careers.
I recommend you go to the Career Assessments section of Quintessential Careers. You’ll find some great advice about self-assessment and using self-assessment tools as well as links to some of the best assessment sites on the Web.
I recommend you read a great article by Kathryn Lee Bazan: Research
Your Next Job by Targeting Your Preferences and Ideal Companies
Since I don’t know your age work experience or educational background it’s hard to give you much more advice — because these factors will obviously have an impact on where you go from here. If you’re still in school I also recommend talking to a career or guidance counselor about majors minors and careers.
Finally don’t worry too much about finding that perfect one thing or job because as the business environment continues it rapid change what is in demand today may be obsolete tomorrow. Best of luck.