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About Dr. Randall Hansen
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Dr. Randall Hansen CEO of EmpoweringSites.com and founder of Quintessential Careers has been recognized as an "icon of the World Wide Web" and one of a handful of "trailblazers" to have a significant impact on career development and the use of the Internet in job-hunting. He is a nationally-known career expert and coach author of more than 150 career-related articles and books publisher of a quarterly career e-zine Webmaster and publisher of the award-winning Quintessential Careers site and a former college professor.

Dr. Hansen is an expert career coach with two decades of experience helping all types of people -- teens college students and grads career changers and senior executives -- with a variety of college career and job-search issues. He truly believes in his mission to make a difference in people's lives and not a day goes by where he is not coaching and helping some job-seeker work through issues that can help clear hurdles or solve problems.

Dr. Hansen is the Career Doctor permanently associated with Quintessential Careers where he serves as Webmaster of the entire Quintessential Careers network of career sites and as publisher Quintessential Careers Press which publishes career-related e-books and the exciting and informative quarterly career and job-hunting e-zine QuintZine.

He is a published career expert and has been for the last 15 years. And he has been an employer and consultant with hiring/firing decisions for the past 20 years.

He and Katharine Hansen co-wrote the very successful job-hunting book Dynamic Cover Letters published by Ten Speed Press -- and now in its THIRD edition. His latest book is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Choosing a College Major which is also available on Amazon as well as in your local bookstores and libraries. He is also author of many (200+) college job-search career-related magazine journal and e-zine articles.

Finally Dr. Hansen has been an employer and has firsthand experience in the hiring process. He also stays active in the field by reading magazine and journal articles and by talking with employers and recruiters on a regular basis.


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