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Project Manager/Electrical Estimator Resume

project manager/electrical estimator

PCS Energy, LLC | st louis, missouri

Project Manager/Electrical Estimator @ PCS Energy, LLC

Last Updated On February 24, 2023

Electrical Estimator/Project Manager Resume

electrical estimator/project manager

Mark Adams Electric Inc. | Happy Valley, Oregon

Electrical Estimator/Project Manager @ Mark Adams Electric Inc.

Last Updated On March 3, 2021

Project Manager/Electrical Estimator Resume

project manager/electrical estimator

Advantage Contractors | denver, colorado

Project Manager/Electrical Estimator @ Advantage Contractors

Last Updated On July 21, 2022

Electrical Estimator/Project Manager Team Leader Resume

electrical estimator/project manager team leader

Harrington Electric Co. | chardon, ohio

Electrical Estimator/Project Manager Team Leader @ Harrington Electric Co.

Last Updated On May 3, 2023

Senior Project Estimator - Electrical/Telecom Resume

senior project estimator - electrical/telecom

LB Electric | Bayonne, New Jersey

Senior Project Estimator - Electrical/Telecom @ LB Electric

Last Updated On October 14, 2020

Lead Electrical Estimator/General Manager Resume

lead electrical estimator/general manager

Night Owl Electric | concord, north carolina

Lead Electrical Estimator/General Manager @ Night Owl Electric

Last Updated On September 23, 2022

Estimator / Project Manager Resume

estimator / project manager

Bergen Construction | Wauconda, Illinois

Estimator / Project Manager @ Bergen Construction

Last Updated On February 12, 2022

Office/Project Manager and Estimator Resume

office/project manager and estimator

Leonard Building Company, LLC0

Office/Project Manager and Estimator @ Leonard Building Company, LLC

Last Updated On June 8, 2022

Project Manager and Estimator Resume

project manager and estimator

Osage Piping and Fabricating | harrisburg, pennsylvania

Project Manager and Estimator @ Osage Piping and Fabricating

Last Updated On September 26, 2022

Senior Project Manager/Project Estimator Resume

senior project manager/project estimator

BrandSafway Solutions, LLC. | hermitage, tennessee

Senior Project Manager/Project Estimator @ BrandSafway Solutions, LLC.

Last Updated On September 29, 2022

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