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Multimedia Designer Resume

multimedia designer

Mirage Entertainment | Los Angeles, California

Multimedia Designer @ Mirage Entertainment

Last Updated On September 19, 2013

Multimedia Designer Resume

multimedia designer

epoch media group texas | Houston, Texas

Multimedia Designer @ epoch media group texas

Last Updated On August 25, 2020

Senior Multimedia Designer Resume

senior multimedia designer

JAM Paper & Envelope | brooklyn, new york

Senior Multimedia Designer @ JAM Paper & Envelope

Last Updated On July 28, 2022

Multimedia Designer and Graphic Designer Resume

multimedia designer and graphic designer

Office of Academic Innovation | York, Pennsylvania

Multimedia Designer and Graphic Designer @ Office of Academic Innovation

Last Updated On September 16, 2016

Multimedia Production Designer Resume

multimedia production designer

THE DIGITAL NOODLE | oak creek, wisconsin

Multimedia Production Designer @ THE DIGITAL NOODLE

Last Updated On June 12, 2023


international multimedia journalist

Voice of America (VOA) | laurel, maryland


Last Updated On October 6, 2022

Multimedia Assistant Resume

multimedia assistant

Dining In Inc. | Charleston, South Carolina

Multimedia Assistant @ Dining In Inc.

Last Updated On November 11, 2021

Multimedia Sports Reporter Resume

multimedia sports reporter Birmingham News | Birmingham, Alabama

Multimedia Sports Reporter @ Birmingham News

Last Updated On June 9, 2016

Multimedia Fellowship Resume

multimedia fellowship

The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Multimedia Fellowship @ The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Last Updated On April 9, 2016

Multimedia Jewelry Maker Resume

multimedia jewelry maker

Earth2Kore | houston, texas

Multimedia Jewelry Maker @ Earth2Kore

Last Updated On January 3, 2023

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