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Jessica Claire
  • Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • H: (555) 432-1000
  • C:
  • Date of Birth:
  • India:
  • :
  • single:
  • Builds, leads, and inspires incredible engineering organizations and creates innovative and inspirational environments where teams flourish and create innovative solutions making people's lives better
  • Identify and invent new technologies that can be incorporated into real-world products
  • Leverage strong operational and project management skills to grow revenue and reduce cost
  • Add tremendous value to my company, customers, employees and investors Passion for Innovation
  • Driven to make new products and services by a passion to add value and to improve people's lives - that's what motivates great engineers.
  • My passion is to create new technologies and deliver them to the marketplace through uniquely valued products and innovative solutions. Summary of Qualifications:
  • Proven industry leader with a strong ability to drive progress within cross-functional teams. Infectiously motivates, encourages, and mentors teams through collaboration.
  • Possesses a keen ability for recognizing profitable innovations, provides vision for technology growth and innovation along with a directed plan that mitigates risk while introducing disruptive technologies.
  • Passionate towards efficiency and continuous improvements - strives to produce products and services of unsurpassed quality, reliability, and value to my customers.
  • Experienced with Global product certifications and hazardous location area classifications: IECEx 60079, IEC 61508, cCSAus, ATEX, INMETRO, Eurasia Customs Union, China EX, Industry Canada, CE, Marine Directive Ship's Wheel, ABS, SIL-2 Class I Div. 1 Group ABCD, Class II Div. 1 Group EFG, Class III Equipment Group I/II, Zone 0/20 & Zone 1/21, IIC
  • Six Sigma Black Belt trained and calculated risk-taker with passion for surprising and delighting end customers and stakeholders. Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) and Product (EE, FW, ME) Platforming expertise.
  • Excellent project management, risk mitigation, and quality management skills including DFSS, SPC, Agile, SCRUM, Lean CI, QRPD, stage gate processes, DFMEA, PFMEA, 8D, A3, ISO 9001, and requirements validation mapping.
  • Obtained secret security clearance for BPA, DOE, and USACE - currently inactive.
  • Knowledge Areas:
  • Experienced system level designer and leader of electrical, software, mechanical, chemical, optical, embedded firmware, systems engineering, and control system design teams - with an in-depth and breadth of knowledge in EE/FW/SW/Control Systems.
  • Highly skilled at subdividing complex systems into manageable, testable, and verifiable constituents and discovering efficient design methodologies based on a strategic plan / product roadmap to leverage common design outputs (EE, ME, and FW platforming) to meet multiple future product requirements.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt trained and calculated risk-taker with passion for surprising and delighting end customers and stakeholders.
  • Global product certifications (FCC/IC, IECEx, SIL) and Security Architecture for IoT IAM ecosystems (identity access management for IoT devices).
  • Successfully built strong alliances with certifying bodies (UL, CSA, TUV, TRaC Global) to ensure timely, cost effective, and successful product launches
  • Microchip, Atmel, TI, Freescale, NXP, STMicro microcontrollers, Micrium OS-III real-time embedded system development, 2.4GHz wireless development (802.15.4), RF experience in maximizing range in electrically noisy industrial environments (WirelessHART, ISA100.11A), low-level device driver development, mixed-signal board layout, RS-232/485, ModBus RTU, OPC server, user interface development (GUI, HMI), DFSS, DFx (Design for Manufacture, Test, Safety, Compliance, Quality, Reliability), Intellution SCADA Developer.
  • Techniques: Scrum Master, XP Programming, Lean Principles, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, QRPD, Six Sigma.
  • Languages: C#, C, C++, Python, RESTFul APIs, MQTT, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Android, Visual Basic. Net, VB6, VBA, Perl, RSLogix/ControlLogix, x86 assembly.
  • Applications: Microsoft Visual Studio Developer .Net (2003-2018), Altium, Circuit Maker 2000, OrCAD, PADS, Subversion, Git/GitHub, Azure DevOps (including Key Vault, IoT Hub, DPS [device provisioning service]), MSVSS, SQL/SQLite, Minitab, Matlab, Eclipse, LabVIEW, Maple, Ethereal, ODBC, and Analog Design Systems (Tektronix), and Microsoft Office Professional.
  • Net, Image, Developer, System design
  • Visual Basic. Net, Inspection, OrCAD, Systems Development
  • Apple, Intel, Perl, Systems engineering
  • Approach, ISA, Philosophy, USB
  • Benefits, Java, Camera, User interface
  • Business case, JavaScript, Power generation, Validation
  • C, LabVIEW, Power supplies, Visual Basic
  • C++, Layout, PR, VBA
  • Calibration, Leadership, Processes, VB6
  • Color, Lean Manufacturing, Product development, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Com, Linux, Producing, Wiring
  • Controller, Director, Programming, X86 assembly
  • Conversion, Management skills, Project management
  • Cost reduction, Manufacturing processes, Python
  • DC, Maple, Quality
  • LCD, Market, RAM
  • Doors, Matlab, Reading
  • Eclipse, Mechanical, Real-time
  • Edge, Access, Research
  • Electrical design, C#, RTOS
  • Electrical Engineering, Microsoft Office Professional, Safety
  • Electrical systems, Office, Sales
  • Electronics, Windows, SCADA
  • Embedded System, 2000, Scanners
  • Flash, Minitab, Scheme
  • Frame, OCR, Scrum
  • GUI, Oct, Security clearance
  • Graphical user interface, ODBC, Six Sigma
  • Hub, Oil, SQL
  • Hydroelectric, OS, Strategic
Sr. Electronics Engineering Manager, 12/2016 to Current
Cardinal Health Houston, TX, India
  • At Allegion, we help keep people safe and secure where they live, work and visit.
  • We specialize in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closer and exit devices, steel doors and frames to access control and workforce productivity systems.
  • I manage several teams consisting of electrical, software, systems, mechanical, and firmware managers and engineers totaling 39 engineers in various locations, These teams and I are responsible for RFID Access Control Card Readers, Credential Security Access Cards, Biometric Scanners, Power supplies for building access control, Magnetic Door Locks, Electronic Strikes, and corresponding Accessories for Allegion Americas engineering.
  • Recently launched StudentID with Apple.
  • Currently responsible for defining and implementing a Security Architecture to provide end-to-end secure communication channels from edge device to cloud as well as provide lifecycle key / secret management for an IoT IAM ecosystem.
Director of Electrical Engineering, 12/2006 to 12/2011
Sensata Technologies Attleboro, MA,
  • The success of my team through my leadership gave Tyco (parent company) the confidence to grow the Oil & Gas Industrial Safety business which was demonstrated by the acquisition of IST (PR Newswire) which was the single largest acquisition performed by Tyco in the amount of $329MM cash.
  • (NYSE:TYC).
  • Integrate iOS and Android applications to the solution of IIoT connectivity for portable gas detectors showing live reading values and location to assist with pipeline management for the Oil and Gas industries.
  • Expected launch date is approximately April 2017.
  • Stabilized the Electrical Engineering team after a drawn out multi-company acquisition.
  • Identified key-talent and creatively negotiated to retain and co-locate at world headquarters in Vancouver, WA within 3 months.
  • Worked as a technical manager actively leading the product development team through embedded electrical systems , firmware, and software designs for: AC and DC motor control applications, TFT and LCD display electronics, alternator control applications, proprietary communication protocol standards, wireless connectivity systems, eddy current braking systems, electrical hydraulic system controls, intuitive operator interface designs, on-going R&D projects, sustaining engineering and cost reduction projects.
  • Managed a team responsible for overseeing out-sourced electrical designs and UL compliance, safety testing and certification for all products.
  • Promoted to Senior Manager after the first year, Senior Manager IV after the second year, and Director after third year.
  • Key Results: Bowflex TC5500 - (See BFX TC5500) Designed new DC motor drive system with superior safety functions, implemented a communication protocol to be leveraged by all products simplifying design, test and validation.
  • This unit is controlled by an advanced graphical user interface with wireless heart rate as part of the control feedback loop.
  • (Est.
  • Sales: $90MM/year) Schwinn AC MPower Electronics - (See MPower) US patent-US8585561 for eddy current brake technology which measures user input power on an indoor cycle and displays results on a backlit LCD console.
  • This product utilizes 2.4 GHz wireless, USB performance tracking, bootloader capability, and advanced calibration routines to maintain accuracy within +/-1%.
  • (Est.
  • Sales: $60MM/year) Treadclimber Lineup Replacement - TC5, TC10, TC20 - (products launched in Oct.
  • 2011) Designed new DC motor drive system with superior safety functions, implemented a communication protocol (Est.
  • Sales: $90MM/year) Managed the electrical design of the Mobia - (see
  • This electrical and firmware design is a cost-reduced version of the TC5500 platform.
  • This allowed for two main benefits to Nautilus -24% cost reduction of the platform and short time to market (6 months).
  • (Est.
  • Sales: $75MM/year).
Electrical Design Engineer, 12/2004 to 12/2006
Blount International Inc City, STATE,
  • While at Blount, I demonstrated: strong management skills as the lead of research and development engineers, technical ability through successful completion of complex control systems, and an ability to improve productivity through initiating productivity enhancements demonstrating my passion for excellence.
  • Management Ability.
  • Led R&D Team to successful completion of high-speed part selection with redundant verification of accuracy within 99.95%.
  • This project success allowed Blount to create a business case with confidence that the newfound technology would improve their throughput by over 18% (addition of 38,000 ft of product/day) and decrease the need for inspection by 28% (savings of ~$10k /day).
  • Managed the design, development, implementation, test, verification and commissioning of capital equipment expenditure valued at $2.5 million.
  • This project expanded capacity for Blount's new China facility and after this success was replicated in three other factories in 2009.
  • Instituted and implemented a unifying critical data protection system which allowed file sharing and synchronization across Brazil, Canada, China, and US plant locations.
  • This system increased the integrity and recoverability of Blount's entire manufacturing processes by providing a mechanism for safeguarding and guaranteeing the integrity of the control code running the various processes.
Education and Training
Bachelor of Science: Computer Engineering, Expected in
Portland State University - ,
GPA: 3.71
Activities and Honors
Tau Beta Pi - (OR-Beta) - Engineering Honor Society Eta Kappa Nu - (Iota Theta) - Electrical Engineering Honor Society
  • Improved design efficiencies: created a product development platform approach to satisfy current new product development requests as well as future products on the various product roadmaps.
  • Determining which elements of a given design that should be platformed, defining their interfaces, and deploying them as direct reuse platformed elements.
  • These platform elements have been leveraged to shorten future product development efforts by upwards of 70%.
  • Improved product quality: Created an automated functional test scheme that exercises a product under development for 100% of its known use cases and functional requirements.
  • This assures that a newly launched product will perform as intended and expected per the product requirements document.
  • Additionally, I've instituted a product "launch monitor" process that captures any and all customer feedback for the first 12 months of a newly launched product to determine where testing was missed or incorrectly executed such that a complaint could come in.
  • Product test plans are then updated to account for the customer feedback so that future designs will incorporate an tests to ensure continuous improving quality.
  • Improved employee engagement: actively engaged members of my team has risen by 31% based on Gallup Engagement Surveys.
  • This was accomplished through my intense focus on learning about each individual on my team - Strengths based coaching, learning who each person is, what gets in "the zone", assigning them specific tasks that leverages their strengths, and surrounding them with like-minded, quality focused team mates.
  • Sr.
  • R&D Engineering Manager - Gas and Flame Detection R&D, Scott Safety / a Tyco Int.
  • Co.
  • (acquired by 3M Inc.), Monroe, NC - [2012 - 2017].
  • Stabilized the Gas and Flame Detection team, Life Safety Products and provided framework to maintain a priority focus on technical project dependencies deploying an Agile / XP-style / Scrum project management style to holistically make Tyco Gas and Flame / Scott Safety - Monroe a cross-functionally true 'gas and flame detection' company.
  • Identified technical leaders within the team and areas of core competencies and area for necessary growth.
  • Hired key talent necessary to develop new, innovative technologies in Gas Detection.
  • Team had grown from 7 to 18 engineers from various Electrical, Software, Mechanical, Firmware, Optical, and Controls disciplines.
  • Built strong working relationships with regulatory approval agencies to reduce the "element of surprise" during the complex and ambiguous certification process.
  • There have been measurable benefits and successes with several approval agencies in terms of reducing certification time, controlling cost, and openly managing risk for approvals through this core initiative.
  • Established open, regular communications between Engineering and Operations to facilitate more smooth and complete detailed product knowledge transfer to manufacturing and Operations.
  • Organized Tyco-wide initiative to leverage software "best practices" teams in CA, FL, NC, CN, Ireland, India, and Shanghai to commonize development tools and leverage synergies from individual team outputs.
  • Restructured engineering organization from product-centric to functional-centric to successfully managed $7MM USD annual budget.
  • Chairperson for the Tyco / JCI Architectural Review Committee ensuring products launch with in-depth reviews on security, open source and external software license awareness, data privacy, and IIoT compatibility with Tyco / JCI's vision for a completely connected, cloud-based service model to invent a future of AI life-saving technologies.
  • Key Results:.
  • Launched the Meridian Universal Gas Detection platform in March 2014 (Meridian Universal Gas Detector).
  • This platform consists of 64 different transmitter SKUs, 3 optional wireless communication expansion cards and 60 different sensor types in addition to a set of universal accessories, all of which obtained global regulatory approvals.
  • Product is ATEX approved satisfying IECEx 60079 and Safety Integrity Level (SIL-2) IEC 61508.
  • Drove team growth to be collaborative, highly functional, and increased problem-solving capability as demonstrated by strong data driven decisions.
  • Team resulted in 4 USPTO applications - 3 of which have converted to patents.
  • Currently designing and developing a highly funded and Tyco-supported sensor technology that stands to revolutionize the Industrial Gas Detection Market place.
  • (Early 2017) (Est.
  • Sales: $, Led Quality Team through technical design and implementation of vision inspection system utilizing XP project management and QRPD (Quality Rapid Product Development) skills.
  • Technical Ability.
  • Designed a high-speed (1,200 parts per minute) temperature sensor using RGB color sensor technology with Black Body radiation correlation and interpolation algorithms.
  • This embedded system was distributed company-wide (9 plants) and has a process improvement and quality value (est.
  • 25+ million) during the first three years not including additional gains from competitive marketing advantage.
  • Designed a robotic vision system to verify product quality which removed the need for 100% human inspection.
  • The system utilizes SPC (statistical process control) on a key product quality characteristic.
  • Designed an electrical embedded control system responsible for machine operator life-safety while running a 75-Ton high-speed (600 RPM) Bruderer punch press.
  • Productivity Enhancement Ability.
  • Developed a software toolset to increase electrical and control system design efficiency.
  • This tool set accepted an I/O map csv input file and generated a series of databases, generic C++ code to memory map the I/O and imported the resultant code into a revision control system.
  • Once compiled the test host ran a series of predefined test conditions and generate a report indicating successes and failures.

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