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Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor
Home: (555) 432-1000 - Cell: - - -
  • Sharp [Job Title] with advanced understanding of [Area of expertise]. Dedicated to making real-world contributions by multi-tasking, managing projects and prioritizing customer needs. Strong knowledge of Microsoft technologies used in corporate environment.
  • Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes.
  • Results-focused, [Job title] with [Number] years of proven success in developing and leading cross-functional technical teams to execute and deliver major technology initiatives. Demonstrates expertise in VDI, desktop, remote access, thin clients, and video conferencing. Highly-effective communication facilitator and contributor to key partnerships, projects, and collective team objectives across, telecom, network, hosting, security, governance, and vendor management to achieve positive impact on all business outcomes.
  • Intelligent IT Manager with [Number]-year record of leadership experience in areas such as infrastructure development and management, application support and security optimization. Focused on satisfying customer needs through robust, innovative and forward-thinking solutions. Demonstrated success as operational leader, articulate communicator and practiced influencer. Collaborates across functions to outline and achieve project targets. Skilled in building solid business solutions based on methodologies and engineering principles. Complex problem-solver skilled in developing proposals, integrating technologies and managing projects.
  • Analytical IT Manager skilled driving efficiency and productivity through development, delivery and support of strategic plans. Dedicated to creating and delivering initiatives to guide organizational navigation of modern technology. Proven history of successfully translating technical requirements into business solutions. Strong proficiency in [Software] with passion for utilizing excellent communication to foster company rapport.
  • Goal-oriented technology leader and trusted business partner recognized for leveraging information security, applications, networking, operations and risk management to drive business growth. Strategic with consultative approach to identifying requirements and opportunities for organizational transformation. Interprets and communicates complex policies and procedures to others and applies significant tact and diplomacy. Committed to delivering exceptional service, excellence and application of ITIL and proven approaches that meet customer requirements and achieve process efficiencies.
  • Analytical and Methodical
  • Highly Professional
  • Organizational Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Positive and Upbeat
  • Problem Solving
  • Client communications
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Managing unexpected obstacles
  • Scrum methodology
  • Resource planning
  • Requirements gathering
  • Risk analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
06/2019 to Current
Senior IT Specialist Ibm Corporation North Atlanta, GA,


  • Analyzed user needs and software requirements to determine design feasibility.
  • Worked closely with systems analysts, engineers and programmers to understand limitations, develop capabilities and resolve software problems.
  • Recommended improvements to facilitate team and project workflow.
  • Established clear system performance standards and wrote specifications.
  • Identified opportunities for process improvements to decrease in support requests.
  • Collaborated with support team to assist client stakeholders with emergent technical issues and develop effective solutions.


  • Wrote user manuals and other documentation for roll-out in customer training sessions.


  • Programmed applications and tools using object-oriented languages with goals of code abstraction, stability and reuse.
  • Coordinated system installations, testing and code corrections.
  • Coordinated installation of software systems and collaborated with user experience team on design and implementation of new features.


  • Reviewed project requirements to identify customer expectations and resources needed to meet goals.
  • Established and maintained key relationships with business stakeholders to promote future opportunities.
  • Leveraged Agile methodologies to move development lifecycle rapidly through initial prototyping to enterprise-quality testing and final implementation.
  • Supervised [Number]-person team, discussed project roadblocks to drive issue resolution and promoted use of best practices.
  • Directed planning for each sprint as well as post-sprint reviews and retrospectives.
  • Trained and mentored development team members to cultivate cohesive team approach.
  • Guided change management tasks via [Software] system, monitoring each change for required approvals before pushing software patches.
  • Oversaw change management procedures on [Product or Service], applying related standards and verifying application of bug fixes and promotes.
  • Developed and managed project plans while providing status updates to management.
  • Maintained quality-focused performance benchmarks and schedules when directing project teams.
  • Prepared and presented technical proposals for clients.
  • Supervised team of developers in analysis and creation of [Type] software.
  • Worked alongside project leaders to gather requirements, develop scopes and oversee projects to achieve business visions.
  • Consistently worked to identify project risks, initiate risk mitigation and implement risk reduction action plans.
  • Led daily scrum stand-ups and Agile development sprint planning meetings for multiple, concurrent projects.
  • Managed multiple internal and outside scrum teams, ensuring effective collaboration and communication.
  • Worked with project owners and end users to prioritize feature development and enhancements based on critical paths and business needs.
  • Evaluated projects for issues, alleviating problems and distractions to meeting team goals.
  • Worked to gather customer requirements, clarify specifications and translate into product backlog.
  • Wrote reports outlining results to facilitate management decision making.
  • Recommended process and systems improvements such as changes to [Type] operations.
  • Utilized expertise in [Software] to produce [Description of results].
  • Improved [Area], [Area] and [Area] through [Action], [Action] and [Action].
  • Determined [Business Name] objectives by observing consumers, collecting feedback surveys and then analyzing information.
  • Supported [Job title] engagement in technical and administrative services, encompassing back-end workers, designers, planners and other personnel.
  • Delivered [Number] [Type] projects on time and within budget within [Timeframe], overcoming [Type] and [Type] obstacles and hurdles.
  • Identified needs of customers promptly and efficiently.
  • Enforced company policies, answered coworkers' questions and trained new personnel.
  • Identified operational and performance issues and worked with managers to resolve concerns.
  • Completed various reports and analyzed each report to decide where improvements could be made.
  • Coached team on company policies, procedures, and best practices to enhance operational efficiency, employee productivity and subsequently decrease labor costs.
  • Served as liaison between certain departments to implement new improvement plans and changes.
  • Analyzed operational performance to identify pain points and provided actionable solutions to management.
  • Documented new features and strategies as well as user stories and criteria for acceptance.
  • Delegated tasks to each team member, regularly assessing workloads to complete tasks on time and within project parameters.
  • Stayed current on emerging technologies and trends that could benefit production process.


  • Coordinated testing and validation procedures through software development lifecycle.
  • Utilized established design patterns to expedite novel software creation and support consistent performance results.
  • Resolved customer issues by establishing workarounds and solutions to debug and create defect fixes.
  • Implemented unit and integration testing protocols to consistently deliver high quality, functional features with minimal defects.
  • Applied best practices of software development while staying abreast of advances in technology.
  • Oversaw [Software] development, deployment and testing.
  • Conducted full lifecycle software development in multiple software environments.
  • Developed product and technology roadmap and strategy from concept to launch.
  • Created technical workflows in wiki to support education and training of newly hired employees.
  • Directed troubleshooting for bugs and flaws discovered in both pre-release and final production software products.
  • Collected and integrated customer feedback into future development efforts, identifying consumer trouble spots for improvement.
  • Created, oversaw, and updated policies, information, standards, and guidelines on regular basis.
  • Evaluated business needs and issues to devise targeted solutions like [Result].
  • Explored new technologies and tools that quality assurance team could use for testing purposes.
  • Streamlined acquisition of reporting requirements and specifications to disseminate across multiple business lines and IT support teams.
  • Launched [Software] cloud solution by migrating [Type] servers to cloud system.
  • Worked successfully with diverse group of coworkers to accomplish goals and address issues related to our products and services.
  • Worked closely with team members to deliver project requirements, develop solutions and meet deadlines.
  • Prioritized and organized tasks to efficiently accomplish service goals.
  • Juggled multiple projects and tasks to ensure high quality and timely delivery.
  • Designed front-end and back-end solutions for test-driven development.
  • Streamlined Scrum and Kanban methodologies into development processes to standardize and accelerate operations.
  • Modified existing software systems to enhance performance and add new features.
  • Designed user-friendly software interfaces to simplify overall management.
  • Implemented and tested enhancement feature requests to improve product functionality and extend performance.
  • Documented technical specifications and project testing methods for future reference and other assignments.
  • Communicated with and gathered feedback from customers about progress updates and worked to resolve specific concerns.
  • Collected and defined customer requirements to produce product scopes.
  • Drafted detailed design objectives and developed architectural and system design documents.
  • Logged and implemented development tasks based on system requirements and documented approaches.
  • Recommended and executed plans to improve development tools and processes.
  • Developed production, test and beta websites using various software programs.
  • Oversaw deployment, configuration and documentation procedures for [Software].
  • Drafted whitepapers, user manuals, implementation documentation and support base entries to reduce customer tickets and customer service expenses.
  • Met with stakeholders, contractor product teams and customers throughout system development lifecycle.
  • Leveraged [Software] to design and implement development and testing tools.
  • Managed road map for [Type] product design and development.
  • Worked with clients to shape business intelligence strategy, architecture, processes and budgets.
  • Lent customized support based on website design, business targets and technology considerations.
  • Collaborated with internal technology teams and third-party partners to define, design and deliver on user stories and customer demand.
  • Informed project manager of milestone updates and provided detailed project reports.
  • Developed user interfaces and display formats per customer requests and client-provided parameters.
  • Created proof-of-concept prototype applications for demonstration and evaluation purposes.
  • Collaborated with product and engineering team members to define and develop new product concepts.
  • Developed proofs of concept for creative new solutions.
  • Delivered software solutions consistent with product roadmap, release plan milestones and key performance indicators.
  • Evaluated software development project plans and recommended adjustments.
  • Led working groups to develop mitigation strategies and prepare standard operating procedures.
  • Cooperated with project partners to create development software roadmap based on client specifications and user-guided design.
  • Identified issues in software processes and implemented optimization techniques resulting in productivity increase.
  • Recommended key updates to system software based on performance data, user feedback and integrated software enhancements.
  • Collaborated with user experience designers to create clean interfaces and simple, intuitive interactions and functions for software package.
  • Assessed technical architecture and framework and designed business applications to exceed client expectations.
  • Implemented cloud policies, managed technology requests and maintained service availability.
  • Designed and delivered mission-critical infrastructure to maintain consistent availability and performance.
  • Defined technical integration strategy and developed integration plans.
  • Provided exemplary helpdesk service and support to assist customers.
  • Provided excellent service and attention to customers when face-to-face or through phone conversations.
  • Motivated and encouraged team members to communicate more openly and constructively with each other.
  • Exceeded customer satisfaction by finding creative solutions to problems.
  • Demonstrated leadership by making improvements to work processes and helping to train others.
  • Demonstrated self-reliance by meeting and exceeding workflow needs.
  • Participated in quality assurance and continuous improvement studies, documenting standard operating procedures and policies and recommending adjustments to streamline workflow.
  • Analyzed business requirements, including evaluation of systems specifications for client websites.
  • Met with development team to interpret data and analysis provided in [Type] reports.
  • Gathered and organized data to analyze current industry trends.
  • Analyzed and tracked data to prepare forecasts and identify trends.
  • Defined appropriate metrics and measurements to drive results.
  • Explained technical concepts to non-technical staff members in easy to understand language and concepts.
  • Maintained customer expectations with open consultations and frequent communication.
  • Monitored work progress for quality, speed and successful integration, implementation and enhancement.
  • Recommended methods for continuous improvements after assessing performance against actual goals.
  • Gathered detailed use cases and requirements through regular on-site visits, virtual meetings and customer advisory board sessions.
  • Partnered with software development team to design custom applications and trackers to meet client needs.
  • Collaborated with design team to come up with product look.
  • Oversaw team resources and allocated assignments.
  • Managed pre-production and production product deployments.
  • Kept project teams on-task with proactive control of budgets, schedules and scopes.
  • Updated project plans based on changing objectives, specifications and staff availability.
  • Defined scopes, managed resources and oversaw schedules in line with stakeholder and project owner specifications.
  • Secured continuous project scope alignment with business objectives and made modifications to enhance effectiveness toward intended result.
  • Developed comprehensive [Software] solutions for [Number] clients.
  • Participated in daily Scrum meetings to update on project progress.
  • Trained and mentored highly effective teams to meet corporate service standards.
  • Developed new analytics tool to allow senior management to understand impact of each project.
  • Executed critical path scheduling for [Product or service] development in order to meet delivery schedules and budget.
  • Completed [Task] with efficiency and accuracy, resulting in [Result].
  • Completed ongoing quality checks on [Type] products, closely following strict quality assurance guidelines.
  • Leads large complex projects serving as a resource to the project or product manager, monitoring/reporting progress for budget tracking and scheduling, and recommending actions. Experience following the Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) process for assigned projects; Collaborate with stakeholders, application development, support staff, and end-users to identify and document business requirements and functional specifications; Collaborate with agile product teams (project/product manager, QA, developers, UI/UX designers, and architects) to translate requirements into user stories and acceptance criteria, and provide SME support as these stories are designed, developed, and tested.
  • Oversees and manages the operational aspects of ongoing projects and serves as liaison between project management and planning, project team, and line management. Reviews status of projects and budgets; manages schedules and prepares status reports. Assesses project issues and develops resolutions to meet productivity, quality, and client-satisfaction goals and objectives. Develops mechanisms for monitoring project progress and for intervention and problem solving with project managers, line managers, and clients. Responsible for the successful delivery of projects within the chronic portfolio. Follows the HHS EPLC framework. Follows formal change management process as appropriate. Creates and disseminates appropriate project communication. Contributes to the development of new concepts, techniques, and standards. Considered expert in field within the organization. Able to communicate effectively and clearly present technical approaches and findings. Develops solutions to complex problems, which require the regular use of ingenuity and innovation. Ensures solutions are consistent with organization objectives.
  • Azure Architect - Enterprise; Works with senior managers and executives to provide vision and strategic direction for those functional areas that support the defined business disciplines within the enterprise, and to provide insight into selecting the enterprise applications (such as ERP products) that set the direction and establish an approach for a technical solution. Manages enterprise development, implementation, integration, testing and follow-on support. While considering the needs of specific business areas, as well as those of the enterprise, provides expertise on technology and industry trends that will affect enterprise solution sets, including technical platforms and network architectures.
  • Explained advantages and disadvantages of available financial products to customers to maximize satisfaction.
  • Made proactive adjustments to portfolios due to market trends.
06/2016 to Current
IT Specialist Baycare Health System, Inc Lakeland, FL,
  • Provided customer service and issue resolution to increase QA satisfaction levels.
  • Assumed responsibilities of store manager during supervisor's absence.
07/2012 to 10/2018
Senior IT Specialist Ibm Corporation Arlington, VA,
Education and Training
Expected in 05/2005
Bachelor of Science: Computer Science
American University - Washington, DC
  • Certified User Experienced Analyst, Human Factors International - 2011
Native/ Bilingual

Person with Disability - Schedule A


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