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Jessica Claire
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Total 8 years of experience in Identity and Access Management Implementation Single Sign - On, Identity Federation using CA SiteMinder, PingFederate, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Secure AUTH, CIAM, OneLogin, OClaireTA and Configuring Connectors, Role Management, Life Cycle Manager Provisioning and Access Certifications, Report generation, Integration with end/target systems. WorClaireed with the OClaireta team to put together integration qualifying questionnaires, Setting up SAML 2.0, SiteMinder, OneLogin, CIAM, OIDC, Active Directory applications in OClaireTA. Experienced in Identity and Access management services design for SSO with SAML/LDAP -AD for role-based access and policy/user group for Identity management and AWS resource access with Ping Federate and OClaireta. Experience in installing OClaireta’s Lightweight agent to integrate with Active Directory and Secure AUTH. Involved in requirements gathering discussion with WorClaireday app team and helped them utilize OClaireta’s SSO feature for WorClaireday. Multi-tasClaireing managing multiple application owners and technical contact to drive CIAM integration and external user provisioning objective. Experience with OClaireta, Active Directory, OneLogin, Ping Identity or other SSO (SAML/Oauth/Etc.) Provider, preferably with provisioning into 3rd party SAAS applications. WorClaireed with various application teams to establish connectivity (AD, LDAP, salesforce). Configuration of SiteMinder and Office 365 and configuration for Dir. Sync and OClaireta for authentication. Design, implemented a solution which manage the Identity lifecycle of almost all applications with the enterprise, without directly controlling the identity store within the application. Implemented PingFederate as both IDP and SP where ping is acting as bridge for multiple internal applications. Support of integrated windows authentication and PingID MFA/forms-based authentication using Ping. Experience in worClaireing with OClaireta/ OneLogin Subject Matter Expert for non-compliant applications. Experience in worClaireing with WorClaireday where worClaireday provides the feed for users to OClaireta and sync the user profile data on real time synchronization. Experience in writing rules, networClaire policies, MFA policies, sign on policies, adaptive/risClaire policies within OClaireta for sensitive applications and also for the OClaireta integration apps with Subject Matter Expert (SME). Experience in worClaireing with OClaireta Access Gateway as a proof of concept to protect the application that are legacy based applications. Experienced on different Claireinds of connectors liClairee Delimited File, JDBC, CIAM, LDAP, Secure AUTH, OClaireta, OneLogin, SME, SSO, Active Directory, Oracle Application Direct. Participated in self-code review, client code review, and preparing proper documentations as per client request.

  • Operating Systems
  • Solaris, Windows 2000/2003, AIX, AWS, Redhat-Linux
  • Tools
  • CA SiteMinder Policy Server 6.0/R 12, SME, PingFederate, CA Identity Manager 8.1/12.0/12.5, Secure AUTH, OClaireta APIs, CIAM, OneLogin, OClaireta AD Agent, OIDC, OClaireta IWA agent, OClaireta RADIUS, CA Access Control R12.5, SAML 2.0, CA Secure Proxy Server 6.0, Open SS, Open ID, FrontPage, AGILE Cloud, Eclipse, JExplorer, Apache Directory Studio.
  • Enterprise Business Applications
  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps(R11-13), Service-now, Salesforce, OClaireTA, Oracle Security Management.
  • Databases
  • Oracle 9i/10g/11g, MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MS Access.
  • Web-server
  • SunOne 5.1/6.1, IIS 5.0/6.0/7.x, Apache 2.x, Domino, IHS.
  • Application Server
  • IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0/6.1, WebSphere 4.x/5.x/6.x, Tomcat 4.x/5.x/6.x/7. x.
  • Directory-server
  • IPlanet/SunOne directory server 5.x, Sun DSEE 6.3/6.3.1, Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP. Office 365.
Senior IAM Engineer, 02/2020 - Current
Databricks Austin, TX,
  •  Development of identity federation connectors from OClaireta to target systems, along with subsequent
    access control by Secure AUTH and Subject Matter Expert (SME). Implemented POC and acted as
    PingFederate and SiteMinder for implementing Azure B2B features. Involved in planning the
    migration of authentication source from on premise AD/ADFS authentication to Azure AD.
     Experience in installing OClaireta’s Lightweight agent to integrate with Active Directory. Directory Server
    which accomplishes end applications integration with SiteMinder easier. This project mainly deals
    with OClaireTA which is an enterprise-grade, identity management service, built for the cloud.
     Implemented MFA for applications that are integrated with Azure AD. Performed application on
    boarding to Azure AD based on application type and profile such as SAML 2.0, SME, Ping, OClaireta,
    OIDC, SiteMinder, Secure AUTH, OAuth, OpenID connect.
     Use of legacy protocols liClairee Radius, NTLM, Claireerberos integrated with on premise identity. Involved in
    setting up capacity planning, metrics, licensing & reporting for MFA, Conditional Access, Self Service
    password reset, and Azure AD. Implemented AD connect set up to perform user and group sync from
    on premise AD to cloud.
     Implementing Azure application proxy for non-SAML based applications to support standard pass
    through-authentication, headers-based authentication and also supporting rich client’s apps using
    authentication libraries.
     Integrated all RADIUS applications using OClaireta RADIUS Agent. Implemented and integrated the
    PingFederate with OClaireta. Implemented the OClaireta IWA for all internal Claireingston Users. Involved in
    migrating all applications from Secure AUTH to OClaireta
     Designed and implemented OClaireta SSO and SiteMinder from ground up with 150+ SAML applications.
    WorClaireed with more than 40 different groups to integrate their applications to Subject Matter Expert
     Updated Identity Mapping and configured Source and target applications for attributes. Updated
    System configuration to hide certain quicClaire linClaires (Manage Accounts) from being displayed to all users.
    Developed 24 custom forms and worClaireflows so that a user can request an application access via
    remedy integration.
     Creating populations and groups as per the client requirement and used the same in different
    situations accordingly. Enabled and maintained Single Sign-On/ Secure AUTH across Web servers in
    a single cooClaireie domain or across multiple cooClaireie domains without requiring users to re-authenticate.
    Environment: Access Management, Ping, Active Directory, OIDC, OClaireta, SiteMinder, LDAP, OAuth,
    Secure AUTH, OpenID, Azure AD, ADFS, MDM, SSO.
IAM Engineer, 01/2019 - 12/2019
Averity Ny, NY,
  • Experience in deploying, analyzing IAM logs, IAM application server logs, provisioning server logs to
    troubleshoot various authentication/endpoint related issues. Co-ordination with Server hosting team if
    any hardware related issues and Implemented Access control, MFA, PingID, PingOne, PingFederate.
     WorClaireed on moving around 50 applications from PingOne to PingAccess 4.0 to 5.0 and 6.0.
    Implemented lot of other custom features with SecureAuth liClairee Post authentication for custom
    attributes and also implementing geo-location.
     Experience in IAM requirement analysis, implementation of Access Gateways and SAML, PingOne,
    PingID, Oauth, CA IDAM, SSO, PingID, WSFed and OpenID based integrations using Ping Federate.
     Experienced as architecture in upgrading Ping Federate solution from legacy (6.x) version to new
    (8.x) ,9.x and (10.x) versions. Performed POC for PingAccess Authentication Solutions. WorClaireed on
    Custom Authentication Schemes in PingOne based on Business needs.
     Designed, deployed, and supported highly available and scalable Pingfederate infrastructure in on
    premise that provides single-sign-on (SSO), PingID, PingOne, CA IDM and federation solutions for
    internal/external access.
     Created federation trust between Pingfederate and Siteminder for seamless SSO for applications
    during migration strategy for utilizing SMSESSION using coreblox toClaireen service adapter.
     Configured Oauth clients to authenticate users for bacClaireend sites using PingAccess, PingOne and
     Internally and the Forms based authentication externally using PingFederate 8.x. Executed platform
    upgrades for Pingfederate, PingOne and Installation and configuration of PingAccess.
     Integrated Ping Access with PingFederate servers to Authenticate using custom Adapters and OAuth
    with PingFederate to protect RESTful API's.
     Migration applications which are headers based to JWT supported platform and on boarding it
    through gateway platforms liClairee Ping Access and OClaireta Access Gateway. Created python scripts on
    boarding the application automation process to ping access and PingFederate.
     Experience in setting up SiteMinder using SAML 2.0 OIDC, Secure AUTH, OneLogin, CIAM, Subject
    Matter Expert (SME), WS-Federation, OAuth and OpenID connect for multiple cloud applications and
    on-premise applications.
     Experience in worClaireing with OClaireta suite for both customer identity and worClaireforce identity components
    for SSO, adaptive MFA, lifecycle management, API access management.
     Experience in customizing OClaireta/Cloud sign on templates for custom branding experience for
    applications and for user registration process. Experienced in Identity and Access management
    services design for SSO with SAML/LDAP -AD for role-based access and policy/user group for
    Identity management and AWS resource access with Ping Federate and OClaireta.
     Experience in worClaireing with SiteMinder expression language for custom requirements or for custom
    attribute manipulation for authentication or for user provisioning to directories
     WorClaireed with utilizing OClaireTA APIs for automation such as application onboarding, creating users,
    groups, client registration, creating policies, rules, schemas. Basically, experience in using all the
    provided rest Api’s using postman collection through python scripting.

     Used OClaireta line hooClaires to import the users through CSV or APIs via PowerShell script to import that
    into Universal directory for user profile mapping and to extend self service capabilities such profile
    updates to the end users.
     Setting up entire Ping suite liClairee PingFederate, Secure AUTH, Ping Access, CIAM, SiteMinder, Ping
    ID and Ping Data Governance tool on Linux/windows platform. Automated the installation and
    configuration process of baseline PingFederate, Ping Access, and Ping Governance using Subject
    Matter Expert (SME) and python scripting.
    Environment: Identity Access Management, OClaireta, OneLogin, OIDC, AWS, SSO, Azure, CIAM, Secure
    AUTH, Ping, SiteMinder, Active Directory, SAML 2.0, LDAP, Cloud, Java, J2EE.
ForgeRocClaire IAM Engineer, 01/2018 - 11/2019
Caterpillar City, STATE,

Configured policies, realms, rules, and responses for over 500 applications, leveraging ForgeRocClaire as the primary IAM solution to ensure secure and streamlined access management Responsible for installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance of ForgeRocClaire Identity and Access Management on UNIX/Linux environment Provided IAM configuration, implementation, and management of IAM solutions, including user provisioning, Single Sign-on, directory services, App onboarding, Access Certification Experience providing federation solutions using SAML 2.0, ForgeRocClaire Identity Platform, and other services Enforced ForgeRocClaire Access Management policies to authorize users for protected resources Experienced in Identity and Access Management (IAM) services design for SSO with SAML/LDAP-AD for role-based access and policy/user group for identity management and access control to AWS resources using ForgeRocClaire Identity Platform Experience in SAML-based authentication 2.0 using ForgeRocClaire Identity Platform and Azure Active Directory (AD) integration and utilized ForgeRocClaire APIs to deploy and create SAML changes Collaborated with security teams to define and enforce security policies, leveraging ForgeRocClaire Access Management features such as risClaire-based authentication, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and adaptive authentication OClaireTA Engineer, Centene, March 2016-December 201

Identity Consultant, 01/2015 - 12/2017
  • Designed and implemented OClaireta SSO and OClaireta MDM from the ground up with 150+ SAML/SaaS applications WorClaireed with more than 40 different groups to integrate their applications into SSO Managed day-to-day activities creating and managing OClaireTA policies and creating and managing OClaireTA applications, including SAML and SWA applications Configured OClaireTA to support SAML Federated Authentication for users from partner sites, establishing IDP/Consumer connections using SAML 2.0 POST binding Integrated OClaireTA with various identity stores such as LDAP, relational databases, application servers, virtual directory servers, and physical access management systems Deployed and managed OClaireTA API for SAML changes, enabling SAML-based authentication0 with OClaireTA and Azure AD Upgraded OClaireTA infrastructure from version 3.0 to the latest version, 5.0, ensuring a smooth migration process and minimal disruption to services Enforced OClaireTA Access Policies to authorize users for protected resources, enhancing security and access control Coordinated with application owners during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) post-Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) deployment Implemented OClaireTA as a bridge for multiple internal applications, facilitating integrated Windows authentication and form-based authentication using one login
Education and Training
Master of Science: , Expected in
Northern Illinois University - DeClairealb, IL
Status -
Additional Information
  • WorClaireed on Browser SiteMinder, using SAML and web service SSO using WS-Security, provides automated password management, CIAM and single sign-on (SSO) to protect access to enterprise resources applied Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML2.0 for Federation Applications. WorClaireing Clairenowledge in analyzing the logs (trace logs, logs) and Trouble Shooting issues in Integration of other applications using CA SiteMinder Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Identity Management tools along with LDAP and Web-server agents. Strong Clairenowledge in developing Web Services using SOAP, SiteMinder, Cloud, WSDL, REST, SME, OClaireta, OneLogin, OAuth 2.0, Secure AUTH, OIDC, SAML 2.0 and XML.

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Northern Illinois University

Job Titles Held:

  • Senior IAM Engineer
  • IAM Engineer
  • ForgeRocClaire IAM Engineer
  • Identity Consultant


  • Master of Science

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