(555) 432-1000,
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Professional Profile
Having a good understanding of gas processing and the endless variations of client requirements, makes putting together flexible layouts with a library of predeveloped processing packages quicker than starting over each time. Conceptual designs are more accurate and usable for basing estimates and moving into detail design in short time frames. Experience from conceptual and product design while working at Wood Group Mustang, product design at URS Corporation, full EPC while working at Optimized Process Designs, and fabrication at Exterran's high pressure vessel shop in Columbus, TX has allowed for a unique and detailed understanding of how to optimize work processes and interdisciplinary communication from beginning to end of a project. Utilizing Cadworx 3D Plant to its fullest extent along with optimized database tools to help ensure data accuracy helps minimize engineering personnel, mistakes, and cost through the total life cycle of a project. Experience and expertise also makes the difference between efficiently and safely engineering, designing, and constructing a project versus getting bogged down during the engineering and design phases which will cause construction go over.
  • Guest services
  • Inventory control procedures
  • Merchandising expertise
  • Loss prevention
  • Cash register operations
  • Product promotions
St. Edward's University , Expected in 2005 Bachelor of Arts (BA) : Art - GPA : Art
Texas A&M University na , Expected in 2003 : Landscape Architecture - GPA : Landscape Architecture
Blinn College , Expected in 2000 : General Studies - GPA : General Studies
Relevant Experience
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. - Project & Plant Layout Engineer
San Marcos, TX, 11/2014 - 02/2016
  • 1 year 4 months).
  • Roles and Responsibilities -Product development of large scale Gas Processing equipment/systems to be used as a library of designs to minimize engineering costs and produce quick modifications to site layouts.
  • This includes all major variations of systems of a Natural Gas Processing plant including but not limited to Inlet Separation and filtration, Stabilization, Inlet compression, Amine sweetening and regeneration, Glycol dehydration and regeneration, Mol Sieve Dehydration, Cryogenic/Expander plant, Refrigeration system, NGL transfer, and Residue Gas compression.
  • Support varying project proposals by delivering man-hour estimates for engineering and construction, 3D Cadworx models for estimation of material/construction that include all major pipe routing, civil foundations, structural steel, buildings, and cable tray routing, and interfacing with senior department engineers to bring their information together into the model.
  • Optimize and automate digital engineering information flow from Senior Process Engineer (simulation and equipment information) into deliverables' such as Process Flow Diagrams and Piping and Instrument Diagrams utilizing Access Database and Cadworx Intelligent P&ID.
  • Optimize and automate digital engineering information from Cadworx Intelligent P&ID and Access Database into accurate deliverable's including Instrument lists, Line Lists, Valve Lists, Specialty Items, and Tie-In lists to be used for estimating projects and developed products.
  • Created piping material specifications based off of industry standards to accommodate varying interpolated temp/pressure ratings within the ANSI class ratings common to natural gas processing conditions seen in each product system.
  • Create optimized Cadworx piping specs from the piping material specification to be used in drawing spec driven intelligent P&IDs and 3D modeling.
  • Create Layouts for each processing equipment/systems to be in accordance with proper classification areas.
  • Utilize Isogen software to customize construction drawings from shop fab to field fab to produce functional drawings to the best ability of the software.
Altair - Plant Layout and Design Manager
Los Altos, CA, 11/2013 - 11/2014
  • Leads and manages a team of designers delivering design drawings and specifications and a product technology portfolio from custom and standard plant and equipment products across divisional and multi office process group comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to development, design and start-up of Plants and Process Equipment for Oil & Gas treating / production, Natural Gas Liquids, Fractionation, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Refining Off gas or Sulfur Recovery.
  • Prepare, manage and approve 3D designs and estimates from general instruction and/or preliminary sketches, diagrams, or schematics, including advanced drafting and drawings: plot plan / general arrangement, mechanical, piping, modular and off skid equipment, vessel, civil, structural, instrument and electrical drawings.
  • Coordinate with Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction providing the most optimum plant layout with respect to cost, specification requirements, schedule and constructability.
  • Serve as Lead Mechanical/ Piping Designer on equipment and plant modular designs, including off skid equipment, interconnecting piping, product handling, safety and utility systems.
  • Prepare Line Lists, Manual Valve Lists, and Drawing Lists.
  • Recommends modifications and changes for design improvement and simplification.
  • Produce, manage and oversee complex technical drawings and piping isometrics.
  • Prepare working drawings from conceptual layout to detailed finished product.
  • Participates in setting strategy/direction, planning, organizing, controlling, reporting and leading the process engineering and technology group.
  • Manages and adjust workloads and schedules to balance project requirements with available resources * Provides the technical and administrative support to team leaders and Project Managers to help them achieve their financial goals.
  • Coordinate CAD projects with other discipline personnel.
  • Prepare and assemble project deliverables.
Detroit Engineered Products Inc. (Dep) - Lead Piping Designer
Nashua, NH, 07/2008 - 11/2013
  • Create layout drawings, and isometric drawings as dictated by project requirements.
  • Review completed drawings for dimensional accuracy and compliance with OPD/Client specifications.
  • Maintain high quality of piping drawings and reliability of piping systems design.
  • Print and issue project drawings and insure all appropriate drawings have been issued per project requirements.
  • Provide follow-up to insure all piping systems/drawings have been completed.
  • Make site visits as required to verify dimensions, check piping constructability, provide support to OPD design/field crews and clients.
  • Manage, maintain, support, and customize Isogen software for OPD's design and fabrication needs.
  • Manage and maintain CADWorx databases, verify data accuracy, and create reports and queries.
  • Spec editing and creation.
  • Provide training and CAD support to piping designers.
  • Continue development of intelligent 3D CAD blocks and CAD user interface for project needs.
  • Communicate piping needs with CAD development/ programming personnel to create solutions to project specific hurdles.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of piping material databases.
  • Responsible for coaching, teaching, and effective supervision of assigned piping design personnel.
  • Train, provide support, go-bys, and create new and improved ways.
  • for designers to utilize CAD software to provide fabrication drawings to the shop (including the ablility to isogen bridles, level instruments and equipment trim).
Panjiva - Designer
Virtual, NV, 08/2007 - 07/2008
  • Design oil and gas production equipment and skids using CADWorx Plant.
  • My tasks included 3D designing and drafting of equipment (internals and parts), piping, and structural; asbuilt and new skids.
  • This included producing Isometric spool drawings using Cadworx's internal AutoIso function and the Isogen software.
  • I also programmed steel plate parts to be cut on a robotic plasma torch table.
  • I programmed all the of the plate parts for Exterran's line of production equipment and any custom jobs during my employment.
Panjiva - Piping Designer
Virtual, OK, 08/2006 - 08/2007
  • Supported Senior Piping Designers and Senior Process and Mechanical Engineers with Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams and Process Flow Diagrams.
  • Using engineer's sketches, equipment data sheets, piping specifications, flow diagrams and go-by's, I would draft Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams emphasizing consistency and readability.
  • I drafted all of the P&ID's from begging to end for a two train production platform and FPSO (including all utilities).
  • Included with the responsibilities of drafting the P&IDs, I was also responsible for maintaining the correct information in the P&ID database.
  • Bentley AutoPlant is the maker of the P&ID software that I used to maintain the database and P&IDs.
Bickford Senior Living - Piping CAD Drafter
Omaha, NE, 06/2006 - 01/2006
  • Job description: working directly with piping designers and engineers to scrub and draft from sketches Piping and Instrument Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams.
  • Tasks also included drafting ISOs from 2D piping plans and elevations and researching clients old P&IDs and piping plans to produce an accurate Flare system ISO.
  • All of the drafting was done using 3rd party software (Advantage) on AutoCAD 2004.
Bickford Senior Living - Student worker
Rocky River, OH, 10/2004 - 11/2005
  • Job description: loading and firing electric and high fire gas kilns, making and mixing chemicals for glazes, maintaining kiln area and studio, assist in preparing and hanging shows in the gallery, and helping with any tasks that might need to be done, from painting to constructing pedestals and shelves.
  • I also worked directly with exhibiting artists to assure their satisfaction in how an exhibit was presented.
Bickford Senior Living - Student worker
Bourbonnais, IL, 10/2004 - 11/2005
  • Job description: loading and firing electric and high fire gas kilns, making and mixing chemicals for glazes, maintaining kiln area and studio, assist in preparing and hanging shows in the gallery, and helping with any tasks that might need to be done, from painting to constructing pedestals and shelves.
  • I also worked directly with exhibiting artists to assure their satisfaction in how an exhibit was presented.
Bickford Senior Living - Real Estate Investor, Manger, and Owner
Erie, PA, 07/2001 - Current
  • Job description: Maintained 6 rental units in Bryan, Texas for approxamatly two years and currently only 2 rental units.
  • I was also a full time student at Texas A&M, then St.
  • Edwards from 2001 to 2005.
  • This was my main source of income while I attended school.
, , 01/1998 - 01/2001
Bickford Senior Living -
Tinley Park, IL, 01/1996 - 01/1998
  • Maintained and cleaned golf cart fleet of 65 carts, irrigation maintenance, construction projects, land clearing, mowing, pool maintenance, and Golfer bag services.
  • Print Room Personnel Optimized Process Designs 94 - 95 Duties and Responsibilities: Working Blue line machine, folding and filing drawings, and odds and ends for the drafting room Projects Confidential Client 400K BPD Stabilization/Condensate Splitter (for specific purity Natural gasoline) and Fractionation Train, North East & Gulf coast locations Conceptual, 10% Cadworx 3D model Overall plant and pipe rack layout with 3D simulation sized equipment.
  • REPSOL/PDVSA (CICSA) 50MMSCFD CO2 & H2S Treating, Dew Point Control and Compression Facility, Venezuela.
  • 10% Estimate, 30% Cadworx 3D model Kurdistan Oil & Gas Ministry 200MMSCFD Cryogenic Gas Plant, Sarqala, Iraq.
  • Conceptual-10% Cadworx 3D model Kurdistan Oil & Gas Ministry Garmian 60MMSCFD Cryogenic Gas Plant & Dew Point Control Plant, Kurdistan.
  • FEED-20% Cadworx 3D model Standard 200MM & 60MM Full Gas Processing Plant Design Standard design for 200MM & 60MM Full Gas Processing Plant layout.
  • 30% Cadworx model.
  • Standard 200MM & 60MM Cryogenic Processing Kits Design Standard design for 200MM & 60MM Cryogenic Processing Kits with flexible process design parameters to suite varying compositions and multiple design cases.
  • 75% Cadworx model.
  • P&IDs Hazoped.
Bickford Senior Living -
, , -
  • Test well pad site layout to be used at multiple locations, 90% Cadworx 3D mode.
  • Multiple Prefab Cryogenic Gas Plant Kit Unit.
  • 200MMSCFD, 120MMSCFD, 60MMSCFD, as well as amine and stabilization plants.
  • All utilized in a Balance of Plant project or individually.
  • Core members included all disciplines to develop a modular unit useful for 90% of all gas plant and refinery offgas cryogenic projects.
Bickford Senior Living -
Greenwood, IN, -
  • 200 MMSCFD prefab cryogenic unit, amine unit, glycol, residue compression, stabilization, and utilities.
Bickford Senior Living -
Lincoln, NE, -
  • 200MMSCFD cryogenic gas plant, amine plant, residue compression, inlet compression, stabilization, truck loading, and all utilities.
  • Kenedy Gas Plant, Energy Transfer, Kenedy, TX.
  • 200 MMSCFD prefab cryogenic unit, amine unit, glycol, residue compressors, and utilities.
Bickford Senior Living -
, STATE, -
  • 150 MMSCFD cryogenic gas plant, Puraspec® H2S treating 163 MMSCFD dehydration unit, and 2 Taurus residue compressors.
  • Armstrong Dew Point Plant, Enterprise Products, Yoakum, TX 4 dew point skids, compressor, and tanks to existing plant.
  • Mont Belvieu Fractionator, Targa, Mont Belvieu, TX 100 MBPD fractionator, 150 GPM amine unit, 28 GPM dehydration unit, and propane COS treating unit.
  • Blacks Fork II Cryogenic Gas Plant, QEP, Granger, WY 350 MMSCFD cryogenic gas plant, 420 MMSCFD Puraspec® treating, 420 MMSCFD dehydration unit, and 2 Titan residue compressors.
Ironhorse 2 Cryogenic Gas Plant, QEP, Unita Co -
City, STATE, -
  • TXP-2, 400 MMSCFD cryogenic gas plant, 400 GPM liquid product treater, and 2 each Mars residue compressors.
  • Blacks Fork Fractionator, QEP, Granger, WY 10 MBPD fractionator refrigeration system truck loading facilities.
  • Yoakum 900MMCFD Cryogenic Gas Plant, Enterprise Products, Yoakum, Texas Fabricated and installed the following: 3- 310 MMSCFD cryogenic gas plants, 3 amine units, 3- 327 MMSCFD TEG dehydration units, 3- 327 MMSCFD mole sieve dehydration units, and 7 Mars residue compressors.
Houston Central Gas Plant -
City, STATE, -
  • sour gas stabilizer unit skid with storage tank in existing plant Armstrong Gas Plant Revamp, Enterprise Products, Yoakum, TX Provided fabrication, demolition, and installation of 2 plate fin exchangers, 1 reboiler, and 1 depropanizer unit.
  • Jennings and Orange Pump Stations, Enterprise Products, Orange, TX and Jennings, Louisiana 4 LNG pipeline pumps, with bi-directional flow manifolds Echo Springs Cryogenic Gas Plant TXP4, Williams, Carbon Co., Wyoming 350 MMSCFD cryogenic gas plant, 1800 GPM amine plant, 400 MMSCFD dehydration unit, 1 Titan residue compressor, and 1 Mars residue compressor.
  • Saint Jo Cryogenic Gas Plant, Copano, Montague Co., TX 100 MMSCFD refrigerated expander gas plant, 1200 GPM amine plant, molecular sieve dehydration unit, 1- 4000 HP inlet compressor, 1- 3750 HP residue compressor, 2- 1750 HP refrigeration compressors.
  • Slug Catcher, Exterran, Columbia Transportable Harp style slug catcher.
Pittsburg Gas Plant Stabilizer Addition -
City, STATE, -
  • Addition to existing plant and flare study FPSO Deep Producer, Expro, Offshore Production module PINAUA, El Paso Corp., Brazil Off Shore production platform.
3D, 3D modeling, administrative support, AutoCAD, automate, Balance, bi, cable, CAD, coaching, CNC, Client, clients, databases, Database, Database Applications, designing, dimensions, direction, drafting, editing, engineer, estimating, filing, financial, firing, functional, Drawing, HP, IDs, instruction, irrigation, ISO, layout, Leadership, Mars, Mechanical, Access Database, Acess, Microsoft Excel, office, Natural, Natural Gas, Enterprise, Oil, organizing, painting, Personnel, process design, process engineering, Process Engineer, Processes, Process Equipment, Procurement, Product Development, producing, Producer, programming, proposals, quality, quick, reporting, researching, robotic, routing, safety, schematics, simulation, specification, strategy, supervision, systems design, Taurus, teaching, user interface, utilities

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  • St. Edward's University
  • Texas A&M University na
  • Blinn College

Job Titles Held:

  • Project & Plant Layout Engineer
  • Plant Layout and Design Manager
  • Lead Piping Designer
  • Designer
  • Piping Designer
  • Piping CAD Drafter
  • Student worker
  • Student worker
  • Real Estate Investor, Manger, and Owner


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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