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Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000,
A result oriented professional with over 13 years of experience in technical architecture, test system / fixture development, vendor interaction, team management & project management for various automotive, consumer electronics and medical customers Currently working with Denso as project / program lead for Ford CD4x clusters Worked with Panasonic automotive, Georgia for IVI testing as IT manager Worked with BOSE Corporation, MA for IVI testing (Navigation & tuner) for 2 year and have letter of appreciation Travelled to Germany & Paris for field testing of BOSE IVI Worked with Emerson Electric, St Louis for 1 year for development of NI based test systems for end-of-line testing and have letter of appreciation Travelled to Guadalajara, Mexico for production support and onsite coordination on behalf of Emerson Electric Proficient in swiftly ramping/ completing up projects with competent cross-functional skills and ensuring on time deliverables within pre-set cost parameters Adept in contributing to the design, development, testing, troubleshooting and debugging of the test system and embedded hardware Skilled in project planning, scheduling, progress tracking, reporting, risk and change management for complete project SDLC Track record of managing design and development of various test systems using NI LabVIEW, NI LabVIEW-RT, NI FPGA, NI CompactRIO and various NI tools Deft in providing implementation, post-implementation, application maintenance and enhancement support to the client with regard to the test system / fixture An effective communicator & negotiator with strong analytical and organizational abilities
  • Guest services
  • Inventory control procedures
  • Merchandising expertise
  • Loss prevention
  • Cash register operations
  • Product promotions
  • NI Sound and vibration toolkit was used to measure different signatures of different trains.
  • Octave analyses, FFT, filtering etc.
  • algorithms are applied to obtain different train signatures.
  • This data was then used by embedded team to predict the direction & speed of train to raise an alarm at un-manned railway crossing Responsible for: Filed visits to various un-manned railway crossing to collect signatures of different trains running at various speeds Offline analysis of data to identify train signature and train speed JANUARY 2005 - APRIL 2005 Project: In - Vehicle Data Acquisition System (IVDAS) Client Sanden Vikas Environment: LabVIEW & NI Hardware Role: Technical Architect & Coder Brief description of the project: The objective of this IVDAS project was to monitor how efficiently the air conditioning system of a car performed under different environmental conditions.
  • The test system had to be portable and easily carried by a tester.
  • A NI SCXI was selected for this purpose and was interfaced with a laptop using PCMCIA interface.
  • The test system comprised of 32 thermocouples, 8 velocity sensors, 1 RPM sensor & 6 pressure sensors.
  • User had complete flexibility to connect these sensors to different locations in a car and tag them in test software.
  • A custom signal conditioning board was designed to amplify weak signals, V/F conversion and also for signal conditioning other signals so that it can be interfaced with NI hardware The entire harnessing within the car was made rugged and user friendly.
  • Responsible for: Technical Architect Test Case design & Test Execution Installation & commissioning at clients facility Testing at different city locations with varied environment conditions OCTOBER 2004 - JANUARY 2005 Project: Compressor Leak Detection Test System Client LG Environment: LabVIEW & NI Hardware Role: Technical Architect & Coder Brief description of the project: The objective of this project was to design and develop a leak detector to identify any leakages in a compressor.
  • A test fixture was designed that will detect the compressor moving on a conveyor belt, lock its position, provide appropriate AC voltage to it and inject know pressure in it.
  • The system would then wait for some time to settle the gases in compressor and then monitor for any leakage for certain amount of time.
  • Many mechanical and electro-mechanical components were interfaced to our system such as solenoid valves, pressure gauge, pressure valves, hose pipes, conveyor belt.
  • A custom signal conditioning board was also designed Ease of operation, user friendliness, & superb reporting (Offline Analysis) are some of the highlighting features.
  • The automated system increased compressor production at least by 80%.
  • Responsible for: Team member Test Case design & Test Execution Installation & commissioning at clients facility AUGUST 2003 - JULY 2004 Project: 20 MHz Function Generator & Counter Client Aplab Environment: 8051 assembly programming & PADS Role: Team member Brief description of the project: This was an internal project to design and develop a 20 MHz function generator and counter.
  • I was a part of the team to design some portion of hardware and for coding in assembly Responsible for: 8051 assembly programming PADS Schematic Entry Search for components and create BOM Page 10 of 10.
Professional Experience
to Bickford Senior Living | , ,
  • NI LabVIEW Real Time NI TestStand NI Vision Visual Studio VC++ Python NI Hardware - cRIO, cDAQ, PXI, PCI, SCXI & USB based systems Third-party hardware integration (Agilent, Tektroniks, Fluke, HP etc.) Audio analyzer, frequency generator LabVIEW FPGA Report generation toolkit Database toolkit Internet toolkit Math script integration in LabVIEW CERTIFICATIONS / TRAINIGNGS: Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) Green Belt Certification NI TestStand Basics & Advanced From NI Project Management Professional Training (PMP).
07/2015 to Present Project Lead General Dynamics | , ,
  • Project:.
  • CD4.X Instrument Panel Clusters Brief description of the project:.
  • Denso is working on design and development of instrument panel clusters (IPC) for Ford motor company.
  • My roles and responsibilities involves complete program management of various CD4.X projects for North America, Europe and China clusters.
  • This includes interaction with Ford for new requirements and provide cost estimation, issue reporting and resolution, supplier team management in Denso, managing project / program schedules, manage testing, manage Q&A's and perform thorough reviews to ensure timely and quality delivery to customer.
12/2014 to 06/2015 Bickford Senior Living | , ,
  • Project: Audio Testing Of In-Vehicle-Infotainment Python, Enterprise Architect, VC++, QNX Role: IT Manager Brief description of the project: Panasonic is working on design and development of in-vehicle-infotainment.
  • My roles and responsibilities includes - ENG.6 (Isolation testing), ENG.7 (Software integration testing) & ENG.8 (System testing) of audio domain & selection of appropriate test instruments.
  • My responsibilities also includes onsite audio QA coordinator wherein I helped my offshore team members to setup test environment correctly and resolve any queries by communicating with various onsite team members.
  • I was also involved in VC++ coding to develop a audio tuning tool which communicates with radio using data socket communication to modify various audio curves, Gains and Q factors.
03/2014 to 11/2014 | , ,
  • Project: Vital Parameter Monitor - Breathe Analyzer Verification & Validation Role: Manager Verification & Validation Brief description of the project: Our client is Japan's leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment with major product like patient monitors, electroencephalographs, evoked potential and electromyography systems, electrocardiographs, defibrillators, and hematology analyzers Client wanted to develop new respiratory monitor by incorporating CO2 & SpO2 modules in existing monitor to make it highly integrated & cost competitive device.
  • Client mainly wanted to give facelift to the product complying it to the latest regulatory and statutory standards IGATE' s integrated VAVE (Value Analysis & Value Engineering) execution model is implemented for Product concept to realization including : Requirements review Re-engineering / re-design Prototype manufacturing Verification and Validation Conformance testing Documentation for regulatory submission Responsible for: Test plan creation, test case creation, manage test team of 30 working in 3 shifts (24*7 testing).
  • Create work instructions for smooth operation of various shifts Review various test cases for 16 different modules / programs Manage various system testing cycles, generate test reports and defect management using Redmine tool.
10/2013 to 03/2014 Controller Bickford Senior Living | Farmington, , USA
  • Project: Reliability Testing Of Various Beverage Dispensers Client LabVIEW graphical programming language Weibul ++ for reliability assessment and modelling NI Dynamic Signal Analyzer Cards NI Multi-Function Data Acquisition Card NI Thermocouple Measurement Cards NI Switch Card NI Counter / Timer Card Over 50 different sensors from 3rd party vendors.
01/2012 to 10/2012 Manager, Technical Architect | , ,
  • Brief description of the project: To perform reliability testing for two types of the beverage dispensing systems manufactured by Coca Cola The existing dispensers in the market from Coca Cola had high failure rate and resulted in higher service call rate (SCR) and loss in revenues to Coca Cola.
  • The scope of work was to find out reliability of each sub-component of these dispensers which would result in higher failures and eliminate them from design phase.
  • IGATE decided to perform accelerated life testing (ALT) wherein few dispenser samples were subjected to different stress factors over the span of 3 months.
  • Over 50 sensors were placed on various samples and the entire system was controlled and monitored using a PXI system from National Instruments LabVIEW graphical programming language was used for this project as the time to test was very critical for Coca Cola.
  • The user can pause the testing and resume it anytime The data is collected from 50+ sensors every 1 second for 3 months * 16 hours/day along with other vital parameters for debugging.
  • The file management was done smartly using "Technical Data File Management System (TDMS)" technology such that the raw data file size doesn't exceed 1 GB which was a major accomplishment Responsible for: Technical architecting the LabVIEW based test application Selection of various sensors and 3rd party hardware for interfacing with NI hardware Selection of appropriate test hardware from National Instruments Coordination with onsite engineer to bring-up the entire system, collect daily / weekly reports and issue handling Project: Adaptive Filter Implementation Using LabVIEW Client.
01/2010 to 12/2011 Team Lead Arthur J Gallagher & Co. | , , USA
  • Brief description of the project: The client had implemented adaptive filter algorithm in embedded C language for pressure and leak measurements.
  • However, the algorithm was not effective and wanted to find out best adaptive filter algorithm for his application.
  • Implementation of various adaptive filters in embedded system is time consuming activity and involves certain constraints The scope of work for Honeywell was to implement various adaptive filter algorithms in LabVIEW without using any toolkits or DLL's so that this algorithm can be easily converted to embedded C code for further evaluation LMS, NLMS & RLS adaptive filter algorithms were designed using LabVIEW.
  • These algorithms were also cross-verified using adaptive filter toolkit from NI and were found to produce exact results.
  • Since LabVIEW implemented algorithms were based on DSP techniques and formulae's, they were later converted to pseudo-code so that it is understood easily by C programmer.
  • From pseudo-code the embedded C code was written to be tested on actual target board Responsible for: Understand existing embedded C adaptive filter algorithms and its weakness Detailed study of various adaptive filter techniques and the algorithms involved Implementation of various standard adaptive filter algorithms in LabVIEW Benchmarking the various algorithms developed in LabVIEW with algorithms already available in market Project: Automated Test Fixture For Testing PCB's Client Schlumberger, Canada Environment: Test Automation Using TestStand & LabVIEW.
05/2008 to 05/2009 Team Lead | , ,
  • Brief description of the project: The client is a world leader in oil and gas sector.
  • Honeywell was designing a complete embedded system for controlling artificial lifts which are used in oil and gas industry.
  • This system was similar to an industrial computer comprising of five different PCB's (with FPGA, BGA components, 7 to 10 layered high speed and operating at speeds up to 800 MHz) to acquire and generate various signals required by artificial lifts.
  • For automated testing of these PCB's by customer's contract manufacturer, a test fixture comprising of customer required a NI TestStand and NI LabVIEW based application to test the various peripherals on-board.
  • The application should be fully configurable by user and also required graded user access.
  • The test system was to be designed such that it can be used engineering team as well as by their contract manufacturers for end-of-line.
  • The test framework was developed using NI TestStand and was fully configurable to accommodate testing of any other boards Gist of test cases that were executed on various boards: Memory tests (SDRAM, FeRAM, NVRAM, DDR RAM etc.) RTC and battery test Testing various interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, SPI, I2C, USB host, USB device, LAN and WAN ports at different baud rates and with user specified test data Stress testing of above interfaces Assigning MAC addresses for LAN & WAN ports Voltage measurements of various on-board power supplies Current measurements on various power rails Testing various PFI and digital lines Testing watchdog and reset circuitry Measurement and generation of digital pulses Testing of various on-board relays A XML report was generated at the end of test.
  • A software feature was provided include or exclude low level diagnostic information.
  • NI PXI system with various NI modules such - power supply module, multiplexer module, DMM module, multifunction data acquisition card and serial module were used for testing DUT's.
  • The application software was capable to test up to 8 DUT's sequentially.
  • A mechanically enclosure was used to house various DUT's along with custom interface card that does the required signal conditioning between DUT and PXI.
  • Responsible for: Technical architecting the LabVIEW and TestStand based test application Coding in LabVIEW Test Automation framework development using NI TestStand Customizing the XML schema for custom report generation Single point of contact with customer Project: Design and development of various test systems to test for testing A/C drive Client.
02/2007 to 04/2008 Team Lead Tyler Technologies | , , USA Mexico
  • Brief description of the project: The objective of the A/C drive test system was to find drive characteristics and efficiency by loading it with different torques.
  • A brake type dynamometer was used to determine drive performance A test application was written using LabVIEW programming language and the dynamometer was controlled through using NI GPIB card.
  • This test application also controlled Power analyzer and scope-corder.
  • Any glitches in drive output were captured using scope corder and saved to PC using LabVIEW.
  • Efficiency, power measurements, drive currents etc.
  • were measured for each AC drive during production stage in Mexico using the power analyzer.
  • LabVIEW application logged readings from power analyzer using GPIB interface In 10 minutes the tester would test an AC drive at 2 different speeds and 4 different torques and generate a report in MS Excel along with waveforms images and other vital data for analysis by technician in case there is any failure.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) calculations were also computed and displayed to user to help them identify the areas which generated maximum failures and improve on those areas Responsible for: Design and development of test system Coding in LabVIEW Onsite project coordinator Manage contract manufacture activities located in Mexico Installation and commissioning of test system at contract manufacturer facility in Mexico Project: Verification & Validation of In-Vehicle Infotainment System.
to Client Tyler Technologies | City, , USA
  • RDS simulator, GPS simulator and various home-grown tools.
  • DOORS was used for requirement management.
  • TrackWeb was used to Bug entry and resolution.
09/2005 to 11/2005 Team Lead | , ,
  • Brief description of the project: Bose Corporation was designing and developing a high end infotainment system for use in Ferrari and Maserati cars.
  • I was involved in verification & validation of navigation and tuner modules.
  • I was attributed as "Navigation Expert" by client and leaded the navigation test team writing test procedures and working closely with developers in areas to improvise the system I also worked for validation of tuner section (AM/ FM / XM) in different locales - North America, European and Japan locale using various real world signals as well as simulators.
  • Responsible for: Navigation & tuner module testing Field testing at various locations in USA, Germany & Paris Project: Proof-Of-Concept for Indian Railways Client Indian Railways Environment: LabVIEW & NI Hardware.
Education and Training
Expected in Dip. Masters Of Business Administration (MBA) | , , GPA:
Expected in Bachelors Of Engineering | Electronics & Telecommunications , , GPA:
Electronics & Telecommunications
Expected in B.E) *Diploma | Web Centric From National Institute Of Information Technology, , GPA:
Architect, Audio, Automation, Benchmarking, C, competitive, Hardware, Concept, Client, Data Acquisition, Database, debugging, delivery, designing, DSP, Documentation, DOORS, embedded C, embedded system, engineer, XML, File Management, GPS, hematology, HP, LabVIEW, LAN, MAC, managing, market, Math, Memory, access, MS Excel, monitors, Enterprise, Navigation, oil, developer, PCI, peripherals, power supplies, power supply, program management, Coding, programmer, programming, Project Management, Python, QNX, quality, QA, radio, RAM, Real Time, Re-engineering, reporting, requirement, FM, script, SPC, Statistical Process Control, Switch, TDMS, team management, technician, type, USB, Validation, Vision, VC++, Visual Studio, WAN, written

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