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Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000,
Professional Summary

Handyman with strong work ethic and 30 years of experience. Skilled in HVAC, deck, tiling and flooring repairs. Computer literate, personable team player highly experienced with power tools.

Self-motivated Handyman with excellent record of dependability and reliability. Extensively trained in blueprint reading, carpentry and electric construction. Exceptionally skilled in power and hand tool operation. Excellent maintenance management, leadership and tenant communication skills.

Efficient Handyman with extensive experience in major and minor building repairs. Adept at performing routine maintenance tasks and emergency repairs. Committed to providing a safe and functional environment for tenants.

Skilled manager/supervisor adept at troubleshooting with top-notch repair knowledge and technical expertise. Accustomed to reviewing highly technical documentation to assess scope and develop repair strategy. Focused, reliable and results-driven with good safety records and attention to detail.

Enthusiastic Handyman with over 30 years of experience in general property and yard maintenance. Physically fit, courteous and expert at finding solutions. Experienced in electrical wiring, basic plumbing and carpentry.

Committed Handyman with 31 years of experience, looking to obtain a position to utilize carpentry, roofing, plumbing and woodworking skills. Organized, efficient and works independently.

Expert Handyman with extensive knowledge of all the tools and use and their equipment repairs. Proven history of fast and effective labour work with best-in-class areas of expertise of knowledge. Dedicated to long-lasting and honest work.

Determined Maintenance Worker with skills performing routine operation checks on work equipment and always exercising safety measures to limit injuries. Hardworking employee with over 30 years of carrying out oral and written instructions effectively and efficiently. Uses constructive criticism to improve skills and job performance.

Energetic professional managing the task and that task with minimal oversight. Communicative individual and skilled in all skills and that skill. More than 30 years of experience in those positions.

Ambitious and hardworking Handyman known for handling maintenance and repair issues. Successfully performs electrical, painting, plumbing, HVAC and carpentry tasks. Friendly, experienced and has keen eye for detail.

Safety-minded Maintenance Worker tasked with troubleshooting, general plumbing and minor electrical work. Enthusiastic professional promoting excellent attendance record and willing to assist team members in completing assigned tasks.

Knowledgeable repair professional with excellent project management and documentation capabilities. Equipped with proper certifications necessary to complete every type and every type of work. Adaptable individual well-educated in facility maintenance, including electrical repair, installation and troubleshooting.

Attentive Handyman with over 30 years of experience performing repairs and maintenance in every type of environment. Well-versed in tool use and maintenance with training in area of expertise. Known for working quickly and producing long-lasting results.

Maintenance team member bringing a number + years of experience performing diverse maintenance and repair duties. Dedicated to maintaining optimal equipment functionality by managing routine and complex equipment and facility matters. Strong knowledge of hand and power tool operation and safety measures.

Detail-orientated Handyman offering 20 years of hands-on experience in landscaping and gardening. Well-versed in carpentry, plumbing and electrical projects. Trustworthy and diligent with focus on completing projects with quality and efficiency.

Experienced Handyman with 30 years of experience in commercial and residential maintenance. Outstanding skills in carpentry, plumbing and electrical repairs. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Friendly and always willing to go extra mile to deliver satisfaction.

Effective greyhound trainer with background tackling all types if repairs and types of routine maintenance. Lifts 90 pounds safely and effectively with strong adherence to safety protocols for all situations.

Proactive manager promoting talents in every skill other skills and that set of skill. Lifts 100 pounds and effectively manages job duties to meet expected deadlines.

Motivated greyhound proficient in Area of expertise and Area of expertise. Highly skilled in quickly interpreting blueprints, schematics and wiring diagrams. Confident individual with over 30

years of experience in greyhound industry.

Reliable Maintenance Worker skilled in safely operating floor polishers, moving heavy furniture and repairing roofs and ceilings. 30-year background ordering cleaning supplies, removing trash and recyclables and conducting restroom repairs.

General worker with experience performing variety of technical tasks relative to assigned areas of responsibility. Maintains cleanliness of work area, counting materials, merchandise and supplies in stock. Experienced in training new employees on responsibilities and company work ethics. Background in general maintenance, light construction, repair and custodial work.

Skilled Construction Worker with strong track record of success in maintenance, repair and general labor. Multitasks and works effectively in fast-paced, high-volume environments. Flexible work and shift schedule with expertise operating basic hand and power tools. Excellent work performance in individual and team roles combined with superior attendance record.

Dedicated Maintenance Supervisor offering 30 years of successful team management in maintenance-driven roles. Adept at scheduling facilities maintenance to minimizing downtime and safety hazards. Well-versed in equipment troubleshooting and repair with focus on quality and efficiency.

  • Woodworking
  • Stonework
  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Machinery repairs
  • Commercial construction
  • Preventive and reparative maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Safety and compliance
  • Carpentry
  • Hand tools
  • Contracted work
  • Construction management
  • Project estimation and bidding
  • New construction and renovation
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Appliance testing
  • HVAC systems
  • Blueprint literate
  • Landscaping
  • Drywalling
  • Plumbing
  • Residential construction
  • Electrical repairs
  • Powertool use
  • Electrical systems
  • Physically dexterous
  • Electrical installation and repair
  • Budgeting
  • Roofing
  • Blueprints and schematics
  • Repairing pipes and fixtures
Work History
03/2020 to Current Handyman Tilson Home Corporation | Georgetown, TX,
  • Provided facility inspection and maintenance to achieve superior levels of cleanliness and upkeep.
  • Used problem-solving skills to alleviate issues efficiently with minimal supervision and contacted handyman of problems requiring labour resolution.
  • Completed outdoor repair projects on time and under budget, resulting in 19% increase in new client referrals.
  • Checked for storm damage around property and contacted handyman with findings.
  • Tossed all outdoor debris, including yard clippings into receptacles to properly maintain grounds.
  • Closely monitored safety of house buildings during employeed repairs, effectively marking dangerous areas to prevent accidents.
  • Inspected fire extinguisher equipment to maintain safe environment for workers or residents.
  • Responded to maintenance requests in handyman property with great speed and efficiency.
  • Quickly responded to internal service calls regarding malfunctioning equipment and completed repairs effectively, improving overall employee satisfaction by 100%.
  • Cleaned and maintained both interior and exterior of building.
  • Worked with brooms to complete handyman jobs, ensuring functionality and quality of repairs.
  • Scheduled and completed preventive maintenance on Dollar General appliances to help clients cut costs and increase appliance lifetimes.
  • Reduced opportunities for theft and trespassers by securing all entrances and exits.
  • Completed over Number Type jobs, maintaining efficiency in high-stress situations.
  • Educated clients on how to maintain Type systems and appliances, upholding high standards of customer service.
  • Reviewed blueprints and specifications to identify most effective ways to approach Type and Type projects.
  • Inspected appliances such as Type and Type to make or plan repairs, order new ones or contact property managers.
  • Properly refurbished furniture and ordered new pieces when needed.
  • Finalized work on building systems by completing basic carpentry and other finish work.
  • Removed and repaired carpet and wood flooring.
  • Calibrated temperature and Type equipment settings to optimize performance
  • Kept tool, material and equipment inventory updated.
  • Studied system requirements to order components and parts and perform acceptance tests.
  • Reviewed technical documentation to complete equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Completed partial or full dismantling of equipment to quickly repair or replace defective components and restore functionality.
  • Conducted Timeframe inspections of Type equipment to promptly identify issues that could cause machinery malfunctions.
  • Conferred with contracted workers about needs and provided expertise in Type jobs and Tool use.
  • Followed all work orders and specifications to determine which machines and equipment required replacement, repair or maintenance.
  • Removed trash and cleaned Type and Type areas to keep buildings neat and organized for personnel and visitors.
  • Worked frequently with Type systems to complete knowledgeable inspections and skilled repairs.
  • Investigated Number problems per week and managed solutions accordingly.
  • Conducted repairs on Type and Type equipment, typically returning machines and tools to functionality within Number Timeframe.
  • Assessed operating conditions and adjusted settings to maximize performance and equipment longevity.
07/2012 to 03/2013 Coleman Coleman Furniture | City, STATE,
  • Monitored social media and online sources for industry trends.
  • Developed team communications and information for Coleman meetings.
  • Resolved warehouse problems, improved operations and provided exceptional client support.
  • Resolved conflicts and negotiated mutually beneficial agreements between parties.
  • Drove operational improvements which resulted in savings and improved profit margins.
  • Handled 100 calls per month to address customer inquiries and concerns.
  • Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time.
  • Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.
  • Led crew team in delivery of warehouse project, resulting in products of Coleman.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by resolving Product or Service issues.
  • Worked with employees, and customers to understand needs and provide Coleman Warehouse services.
  • Managed quality assurance program, including on-site evaluations, internal audits and customer surveys.
  • Transported Product or Service to customer locations in Timeftame required.
01/1992 to 01/2011 Greyhound Trainer Cowart Kennels | City, STATE,
  • Maintained team efficiency by strategically delegating daily activities, monitoring output and rewarding positive contributions.
  • Trained and guided team members to maintain high productivity and performance metrics.
  • Performed Timeframe reviews assessing each employee's performance and developed improvement plans.
  • Applied strong leadership talents and problem-solving skills to maintain team efficiency and organize workflows to meet any daily demand.
  • Improved operational planning and business frameworks to enhance resource utilization and reduce waste.
  • Boosted team member productivity by enhancing performance monitoring and instituting motivational approaches.
  • Provided management with feedback regarding employee performance and training needs.
  • Created and implemented aggressive action plan to address pressing cost control needs.
  • Cross-trained existing employees in order to maximize team performance.
  • Developed and implemented productivity initiatives, in addition to coordinating itinerary and scheduling appointments.
  • Prepared quotes for new products and services and composed budgets.
  • Reduced workflow inconsistencies by recruiting and hiring capable staff members.
  • Prepared and recommended long-range plans for development of a greyhound department.
  • Achieved 99% average completion rate on all assignments without loss of materials and assets, demonstrating innovative and practical problem-solving skills in high-stress environment.
  • Oversaw and optimized work of 20 trainers performing high-quality greyhound work.
  • Hired, trained and mentored staff to maximize effectiveness.
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction by closely monitored team member performance and assessing problematic practices.
  • Set and managed schedules to give proper coverage to required areas and meet customer service demands.
  • Trained new employees in specific job requirements.
  • Analyzed and interpreted store trends with Software to facilitate planning.
  • Devised, deployed and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels 110%.
  • Achieved or exceeded financial goals on regular basis by controlling expenses, optimizing schedules and regulating inventory usage.
  • Expanded cross-functional organizational capacity by collaborating with 2 departments about 6 functions and 9 common goals.
  • Increased sales by $ that by establishing goals, overseeing performance and Act
  • Greyhound leadership
  • Buisness
  • Trainer
  • Manager
  • Supervisors
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives.
  • Conducted scheduled and impromptu evaluations to assess work performance.
  • Achieved $1,000,000,000 and multi-millions with clear focus on continuous improvement and strategically capitalizing on current market trends.
  • Served as Subject Matter Expert and main point of contact for Cowart Kennels.
  • Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, target current business conditions and forecast needs.
  • Evaluated suppliers to assess quality, timeliness and compliance of deliveries, maintain tight cost controls and maximize business operational efficiency.
  • Recorded inventory sales into organization's weekly income report.
  • Monitored and supported progress of plant production orders by managing shop capacity and loading functions at 5 facilities.
  • Reviewed performance data to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels.
  • Executed regular process updates to reduce discrepancies and enhance scheduling across these calendars and programs.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with all customers and suppliers through food produce and branch of farm.
  • Oversaw and improved Product or Service deliveries worth more than $ 120,090 per year through efficient coordination of food produce and equipment.
  • Adjusted job assignments and schedules to keep pace with dynamic business needs, factoring in processes, employee knowledge and customer demands.
  • Audited team performance and compliance with trainers and employee standards.
  • Supervised 59 of employees in Cowart Kennel's Greyhound Farm
  • Reconciled daily sales transactions to balance and log day-to-day revenue with typewriter.
  • Implemented greyhound programs for all tasks, achieving the best results.
  • Recruited and developed 100 employees for greyhound department.
  • Evaluated data in greyhounds and greyhound equipment reports to proactively adjust and enhance our greyhound operations.
  • Increased operational efficiency by developing improved filing systems for confidential client records and reports.
  • Raised property accuracy and accountability by creating new automated tracking method.
  • Interviewed and hired strong candidates for team openings, using newspapers, job boards and social media to find applicants.
  • Controlled costs and optimized spending via restructuring of budgets for labor, capital assets, inventory purchasing, and technology upgrades.
  • Set, enforced and optimized internal policies to maintain efficiency and responsiveness to demands.
  • Conducted monthly inventories of raw materials and components on work floor.
  • Maintained current knowledge of all facets of operations.
  • Compiled data on all types and these types of metrics to report information to greyhound responders, discussing trends and methods for improving store results.
  • Assessed financial statements and inventory reports to evaluate performance, develop targeted improvements and implement changes resulting in ownership satisfaction.
  • Demonstrated new products, procedures and techniques to employees.
  • Maximized performance by monitoring daily activities and mentoring team of 100 associates.
  • Completed Timeframe payroll for dozens of employees with Software and other'sSoftware.
  • Evaluated employees' strengths and assigned tasks based upon experience and training.
  • Directed staff of personnel and managed budget totaling $ 750,000 annually.
  • Performed supplier risk management assessments to evaluate the right program for planning use by senior management.
  • Identified and qualified customer needs and negotiated and closed profitable projects with high success rate.
  • Raised performance in areas of sales, management and operations by identifying and targeting areas in need of improvement.
  • Enhanced greyhound initiatives while managing effective marketing campaigns.
  • Facilitated change management activities for department and staff of 1 individual.
  • Established and maintained positive work environment to enhance retention and productivity.
  • Led team of 4 direct reports managing over 4 employees.
Expected in 01/1998 Diploma | Science Education Esrella Mt. Elementary, Rainbow Valley, Arizona, GPA:
Expected in 01/2003 Highschool Diploma | Theater Arts Estrella Mt. Highschool, Avondale, AZ, GPA:
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Salesforce

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School Attended
  • Esrella Mt. Elementary
  • Estrella Mt. Highschool
Job Titles Held:
  • Handyman
  • Coleman
  • Greyhound Trainer
  • Diploma
  • Highschool Diploma