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Jessica Claire
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Creative Mechanical Engineer/technician trained in full life cycle of PTO and clutch and driveshafts and hydraulic cylinders from fabrication to repairing to replacement to concept to production and assembly. Over 15 years of experience in machine shop. Stick and mig welding 20 years experience,torch cutting 20 years experience, can run a variety of different machinery. Great manual machinist, very strong back, very driven.

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Work Ethic
  • Critical Thinking
  • Friendly, Positive Attitude
  • Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Skills
Currently Jobless Looking, 04/2022 to Current
Nobody YetCity, STATE,
  • Currently jobless and looking for a opportunity I'm willing, humble, attentive, responsible, respectful
Flynts Auto Machine Shop, 08/2017 to 01/2022
David PickeringCity, STATE,
  • Calibrated and cleaned machines to optimize production cycles.
  • Utilized blueprints and instructions when operating and repairing machinery.
  • Assisted during machine installation and updating tasks.
  • Fed raw materials and parts into semi-automated machines.
  • Maintained activity logs and kept records of approved products and defective parts or machines.
  • Performed proper machine startup and shutdown procedures.
  • Inspected machines and parts using precision and measuring tools.
  • Controlled and adjusted machine settings according to production requirements.
  • Supervised equipment upgrades and modifications.
  • Discovered and fixed root causes of issues negatively impacting production performance.
  • Controlled material usage to keep costs low, proactively investigating and resolving discrepancies to minimize waste.
  • Increased line efficiency and reduced accidents through 5S program implementation.
  • Boosted productivity and efficiency for staff in solution implementation.
  • Assigned individual work plans and reviewed jobs to accomplish tasks within expected parameters.
  • Assigned tasks to employees and monitored productivity, performance and task completion.
  • Identified and helped resolve nonconforming product issues to support accurate order fulfillment.
  • Met or exceeded target for on-time customer shipments.
  • Inspected and tested machinery, equipment and component parts to identify defects, diagnose malfunctions and facilitate repairs.
  • Performed root cause analysis of problems, documented faults in tracking system and generated daily reports.
  • Set and installed vessels and exchangers.
  • Operated pressure pumps, air electrical equipment and mechanical equipment.
  • Orchestrated tooling changeovers, setups and repairs to minimize downtime and improve productivity.
  • Installed, fit, cleaned and repaired valves, caps, hoses, pumps and gaskets.
  • Operated pressure pumps according to manufacturer specifications and safety rules.
  • Cleaned, repaired and installed tank gaskets and internal and external valves.
  • Diagnosed mechanical problems and determined solutions to correct concerns.
  • Troubleshot, diagnosed and repaired engineering equipment.
  • Communicated development project objectives and tasks clearly and concisely to scientists, research and development team and management.
  • Generated and translated development concepts into deliverables ranging from workable models and prototypes to commercial equipment and processes.
  • Developed and supported mechanical system upgrades and met increasing production line demands.
  • Collaborated with consultants, engineers and technologists to develop and perform unique mechanical material characterization tests.
  • Worked independently and as team member to develop design concepts that met business and technical needs.
  • Wrote, executed and validated plans and summarized results for technical and business teams.
  • Applied mechanical engineering principles to evaluate research processes and generated innovative technical solutions.
  • Integrated test equipment and deployed and maintained production line systems.
  • Validated mechanical systems, solved problems identified and assisted in equipment startups.
  • Performed engineering calculations and pinpointed speeds, loads and complete data set for sizing system equipment.
  • Designed and maintained intricate fabrication and assembly drawings and 3D models of mechanical components utilizing AutoCAD's AME 3D modeling.
  • Integrated displays, switches, cables and connectors into HVAC and environmental control systems.
  • Determined impacts of proposed changes or revisions to designs as well as equipment modifications.
  • Coordinated [Type] project team in development of preliminary and final design documents for HVAC systems and fire protection systems.
  • Applied best techniques, procedures and theories to researching, analyzing and designing mechanical equipment and components.
  • Managed domestic and off-shore contract manufacturers and traveled overseas to inspect manufacturing onsite.
  • Worked with PV Module partners on new designs for mounting systems.
  • Compiled data for [Type] reports, disseminating to staff members and management team.
  • Designed automated visual inspection system for accepting [Type] products based on physical dimensions and geometry.
  • Debugged and troubleshot production tooling and equipment.
  • Inspected precision machine parts using micrometers, height gauges and optical comparators.
  • Investigated project sites to determine suitability and viability for expansion or repurposing.
  • Created standards, methods, processes and procedures for reviewing, evaluating and inspecting mechanical projects.
  • Coordinated multiple engineering task assignments within projects to comply with prescribed completion dates.
  • Conferred with team engineers to implement operating procedures and resolve system malfunctions.
  • Collaborated closely with procurement teams and suppliers on purchase and delivery of components and assemblies for [Type] product.
  • Worked with domestic and international suppliers to fabricate both prototype and production parts.
  • Designed injection-molded plastic parts, machined parts and sheet metal parts in 3D CAD.
  • Reviewed proposed designs, analyzing drafts by integrating input from various technical disciplines.
  • Investigated component failures on [Type] systems to diagnose cause and determine corrective action.
  • Designed, tested and evaluated HVAC, fire protection, security and environmental controls.
  • Collaborated with design and test development engineers to resolve product and process issues.
  • Implemented remediation processes to alleviate equipment issues.
  • Prepared equipment operations manuals for distribution with consumer-facing products.
  • Developed engineering plans, specifications and bid documents for [Type] projects.
  • Created conceptual design drawings for use in manufacturing and fabrication.
  • Maintained technical fluency in required skills and knowledge sets, integrating newly developed techniques and technologies.
  • Participated in cross-functional teams with manufacturing, quality, marketing and procurement departments.
  • Defined functionality and operability requirements of pre-production designs to be used in manufacturing.
  • Performed fabrication process reviews to streamline production techniques and methods for proposed items.
  • Specified system components or direct modification of products to conform with engineering design and performance requirements.
Matt's Siding, 10/2014 to 04/2017
Matt SmithyCity, STATE,
  • Layered caulk and sealants to installed surfaces to fill gaps and cracks and act as bonding agent.
  • Loaded and unloaded ladders, walk boards, latter jacks and other large tools and equipment to prepare for job tasks.
  • Followed sequence indicated by numbers printed on pieces and interlocked pieces through tabs at edges to properly attach siding.
  • Read and interpreted specs, building plans, blueprints and sketches to successfully complete each task.
  • Conducted site surveys prior to installation to take measurements and determine needed materials for project completion.
  • Cut and trimmed material to shape to fit around windows and corners.
  • Applied precut siding and manually cut material to size and shape at work sites.
  • Used screws and nails to fasten wood or metal laths to surfaces.
  • Applied asbestos, aluminum, pulpwood fiber or plastic panels to building exteriors to provide decorative or insulative surfaces.
  • Operated saw blade in reverse to cut pieces of vinyl.
  • Obtained specifications and directed work for construction crews.
  • Trained and monitored employees to teach daily tasks and improve performance.
  • Kept production team moving forward for progress in daily site operations.
  • Reported project progress, site problems and labor status to supervisors.
  • Implemented onsite safety protocols and procedures and properly trained team members on prevention measures.
  • Prepared and planned worksites to help jobs run smoothly.
  • Created work crew schedules and delegated assignments.
  • Allocated material and labor resources to promote on-time and under-budget project completion.
  • Delegated duties to employees based on skillset.
  • Reviewed project blueprints and specifications to determine number of workers needed to complete jobs.
Dks Lounge and Bar, 12/2012 to 04/2014
Jeremy Delgado GarciaCity, STATE,
  • Secured personnel and premises by inspecting buildings and patrolling property.
  • Monitored access control systems and key code records for suspicious activities.
  • Warned persons of rule infractions or violations and evicted violators from premises.
  • Responded to medical emergencies before paramedic and law enforcement arrival.
  • Protected entrances by scanning individuals and bags via manual checks or x-ray machinery.
  • Supported criminal investigations through collaboration with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Addressed problems quickly and reported clear information while working under minimal supervision.
  • Investigated reported incidents to protect company assets.
  • Surveyed multiple CCTV feeds to closely monitor important areas on grounds.
  • Guarded restricted areas to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Immediately reported safety hazards for remediation response.
  • Checked footage and live feeds from surveillance cameras for trespassers and criminal activity.
  • Searched individuals and baggage for weapons and other prohibited items.
  • Monitored premises and recorded activity in daily officer reports.
  • Worked with local and federal law enforcement agents to apprehend suspicious individuals.
  • Enforced security regulations and escorted non-compliant individuals to private areas for processing.
  • Inspected parking lot to verify parking permits and ticketed or towed unauthorized vehicles.
  • Provided security presence for large events with thousands of attendees.
Lariscy Furniture, 03/2010 to 04/2012
Craig LariscyCity, STATE,
  • Followed precise instructions for error-free assembly and maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Lifted up to [Number] pounds and used team-lifting techniques and straps for heavier furniture.
  • Evaluated problems with assembled furniture and implemented skilled fixes for structural and cosmetic concerns.
  • Checked outbound furniture for damages and conformance with quality standards.
  • Assembled large volumes of furniture to keep up with demand.
  • Protected team members from injury and materials from damage by following strict safety practices.
  • Reported problems with assembly instructions or missing items to management.
  • Kept adequate supply of screws, bolts and other components to finish assemblies.
  • Trimmed component parts to achieve proper fit and function.
  • Inserted and positioned materials and clamped, spliced and fitted parts using hand and power tools.
  • Assembled machinery from component parts, following prescribed instructions to support correct configurations.
  • Fabricated machine parts using lathes, mills and various other powered equipment.
  • Read and interpreted schematics and drawings for accurate results.
Ogeechee Unlimited Construction, 12/2008 to 02/2010
Brock LeeCity, STATE,
  • Inspected, tested and measured materials for conformance to specifications and regulatory requirements.
  • Repaired malfunctions, reassembled items and performed final tests.
  • Worked closely with team members to deliver project requirements, develop solutions and meet deadlines.
  • Measured and marked cutting lines on wood and raw materials.
  • Checked wood and other materials to assess for damaged or defective items before starting projects to accurately determine projects scales and quotes.
  • Maintained high levels of cleanliness and organization, resulting in [Number] days on job sites without safety incidents.
  • Completed framing of [Number] homes over [Timeframe].
  • Accurately interpreted and read blueprints to determine supplies and timelines for over [Number] projects.
  • Checked daily work orders to accurately prepare materials and supplies for [Number] projects over timeframe.
  • Maintained [Number]% customer satisfaction rate by maintaining quality while working quickly.
  • Collaborated with [Job title] to check timelines and inventories and complete [Number] projects on-time and within budgets.
  • Kept detailed reports of daily progress to determine costs, inventories and timelines for over [Number] projects.
  • Took accurate measurements to calculate size and amount of materials needed for project completion.
  • Consistently constructed square and level projects.
  • Worked independently on projects and tasks within carpentry team.
  • Maintained clean and organized workplace to optimize performance, efficiency and safety.
  • Communicated with teammates and supervisors frequently to understand requirements and complete projects on time.
  • Installed pre-fabricated concrete blocks or poured and finished concrete to assemble sturdy structures.
  • Anchored and braced forms and other structures in place using nails, bolts, anchor rods, steel cables, planks, wedges and timbers.
  • Removed damaged or defective parts or sections of structures and repaired or replaced using hand tools.
  • Completed [Type] projects by assembling forms and building strong structures.
  • Measured and marked cutting lines on materials using rulers, pencils, chalk and marking gauges.
  • Measured materials carefully before beginning project tasks to decrease waste by [Number]%.
  • Laid concrete, built batter boards, used excavators and placed reinforced steel accurately for over civil infrastructure projects.
  • Repaired and maintained properties, renovating flooring, walls and ceilings, installing fixtures and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Adhered to project blueprints and requirements to deliver quality work.
  • Utilized various tools, equipment, materials and forming systems to complete construction tasks.
  • Safely operated power saws, planers, jointers, routers and pneumatic equipment for [Number] days without accident.
  • Selected lumber based on particular species, characteristics, size, applications and applicable adhesives.
  • Cut, shaped and smoothed lumber and other materials using [Type] and [Type] tools.
  • Built [Type] structure on previously poured foundation.
  • Reviewed and analyzed blueprints and other technical drawings to establish full understanding of project requirements.
  • Worked effectively with clients to establish project scope and requirements, drafting and amending blueprints to reflect specifications.
  • Conducted thorough inspections of project locations to identify code issues and initiate needed repairs or maintenance.
  • Carved and assembled furniture, cabinets and shelves and installed in designated areas.
  • Fabricated [Type], [Type] and [Type] structures using both raw and pre-constructed materials.
  • Installed new [Type] system and performed general maintenance.
  • Constructed custom wall storage units for residential home office areas with [Number]% customer satisfaction.
Browns Construction and Remodeling, 02/2005 to 02/2008
Jaren BrownCity, STATE,
  • Applied superior abilities in plumbing, carpentry and finishing to complete high-quality work for over [Number] projects.
  • Maintained [Number]% customer satisfaction by finishing projects with skill and adding professional details for best-in-class work.
  • Read and interpreted [Number] design drawings and specifications to develop and exceed design objectives and goals.
  • Performed demanding physical work over extended periods and modeled positive attitude.
  • Displayed high standards for quality workmanship and routinely double-checked work.
  • Loaded materials and tools into vehicles and unloaded upon arrival at jobsites.
  • Understood how to operate and maintain job site equipment safely and for maximum productivity.
  • Assisted with diverse construction challenges to help team and customer.
  • Gained independent working skills and guided and mentored less experienced team members.
  • Learned and mastered skilled trade specialties under guidance of expert mentors.
  • Executed construction tasks from detailed written and oral instructions.
  • Worked productively as lead or helping team member and drove customer satisfaction.
  • Corrected issues and installed new fixtures, wiring, circuits and motors.
Education and Training
GED: , Expected in 02/2017 to Southwest Georgia Technical College - Thomasville, GA

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Southwest Georgia Technical College

Job Titles Held:

  • Currently Jobless Looking
  • Flynts Auto Machine Shop
  • Matt's Siding
  • Dks Lounge and Bar
  • Lariscy Furniture
  • Ogeechee Unlimited Construction
  • Browns Construction and Remodeling


  • GED

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