Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000,
Professional Summary
Highly motivated Sales Associate with extensive customer service and sales experience. Outgoing sales professional with track record of driving increased sales, improving buying experience and elevating company profile with target market.
  • Guest services
  • Inventory control procedures
  • Merchandising expertise
  • Loss prevention
  • Cash register operations
  • Product promotions
Work History
12/2019 to 11/2020 Cs2/network Support Superior Plus Energy Services | Somersworth, NH,
  • Diagnosed network problems involving combination of hardware, software, power and communications issues.
  • Supported users in setup and configuration of wireless bridge networks.
  • Remotely analyzed and diagnosed complex network faults for Type end-users, recommending and implementing corrective measures.
  • Improved overall user experience through support, training, troubleshooting, improvements and communication of system changes.
  • Diagnosed and executed resolution for all network and server issues.
  • Investigated and corrected problems with printers, copiers and other peripheral devices.
  • Answered and triaged requests for assistance in order to provide top-notch support.
  • Delivered network technology training to junior team members and end-users, enhancing knowledgebase and team productivity.
  • Helped employees with day-to-day work and complex problems by applying motivational and analytical strategies.
  • Documented daily activities, behaviors and incidents for permanent record.
  • Promoted community integration by providing extensive physical, emotional and social support.
  • Tracked and documented metrics, and evaluated trends.
  • Tested equipment and circuits using various tools such as standard hand tools and network diagnostic tools.
  • Monitored and analyzed system performance, such as network traffic, security and capacity.
  • Consulted with clients to identify business and technical requirements for proposed system modifications and technology purchases.
  • Evaluated hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability and compatibility with existing systems.
  • Maintained compliance with company standards to perform all maintenance activities.
  • Oversaw business telecommunication networks, including telephones, office equipment, internet, and cable.
  • Installed and maintained systems and analyzed users' needs.
  • Repaired cut cable of various sizes and worked with color-coded wires and cables.
  • Accurately read, understood, and carried out written instructions.
  • Installed, aligned, and balanced new equipment.
  • Accurately documented user support activities, such as system problems, corrective actions, resolution status and completed equipment installations.
  • Worked with users to diagnose and resolve network and device problems and implemented established technical or procedural solutions.
  • Followed standards and procedures to maintain safe work environment.
  • Employed wide variety of hand and power tools including hoists, drills, precision measuring instruments and electronic testing devices.
  • Diagnosed and resolved complex integrated customer issues for implementation, add-on, maintenance and support of voice, data, VoIP and CTI applications.
  • Coordinated installation of new users and relocations of existing users.
  • Worked closely with network administrators and server engineers to deliver quality service.
  • Analyzed user-generated trouble tickets to determine causes of problems and took appropriate action for resolution.
  • Responded to service requests during and after business hours.
  • Installed and configured new devices and system components.
  • Researched and recommended network and data communications hardware and software.
  • Set up networks and computers for business and residential customers.
  • Resolved problems, improved operations and provided exceptional service.
  • Developed and implemented performance improvement strategies and plans to promote continuous improvement.
  • Used coordination and planning skills to achieve results according to schedule.
  • Developed and maintained courteous and effective working relationships.
  • Completed all paperwork, recognizing any discrepancies and addressing them in a timely fashion.
  • Offered friendly and efficient service to all customers, handled challenging situations with ease.
  • Performed duties in accordance with all applicable standards, policies and regulatory guidelines to promote safe working environment.
  • Consulted with outside parties to resolve discrepancies and create effective solutions.
  • Handled over Number calls per shift signing up new customers, retrieving customer data, presenting relevant product information and cancelling services.
  • Cross-trained and provided back up for customer service managers.
  • Scored in top Number% of employees for successful Action.
  • Built long-term, loyal customer relations by providing top-notch service and detailed order, account and service information.
  • Quickly and accurately answered customer questions, suggested effective solutions and resolved issues to increase customer satisfaction Number%.
  • Effectively communicated with customers about account changes, new Type products or services and potential Type upgrades.
  • Entered customer interaction details in Software to track requests, document problems and record solutions offered.
  • Calculated correct order totals, updated accounts and maintained detailed records for inventory management.
  • Used consultative sales approach to understand customer needs and recommend relevant offerings.
  • Met all customer call guidelines including service levels, handle time and productivity.
  • Helped Number customers every Timeframe by approaching conversations with positive attitude and Action.
  • Responded to customer requests, offering excellent support and tailored recommendations to address needs.
  • Provided primary customer support to internal and external customers in fast-paced environment.
  • Collaborated with staff members to enhance customer service experience and exceed team goals through effective client satisfaction rates.
  • Managed timely and effective replacement of damaged or missing products.
  • Trained new personnel regarding company operations, policies and services.
  • Suggested new procedure to persuade cancelling customers to stay with company, resulting in Number% decrease in cancellations.
  • Responded to customer requests for products, services and company information.
  • Collaborated with sales team members to stay current on inventory levels, complete accurate orders and resolve item issues.
  • Followed-through on all critical inter-departmental escalations to increase customer retention rates.
  • Optimized customer support by establishing collaborative service environment.
  • Performed data entry with Software to record call notes, suggestions and questions.
  • Improved sales abilities and product knowledge on continuous basis to provide optimal service and achieve quotas.
  • Promptly responded to inquiries and requests from prospective customers.
  • Delivered excellent customer service, resulting in consistent Number% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Assessed caller accounts to determine Type benefits, identify service needs and resolve issues.
  • Handled Type customers in fast-paced Type setting in coordination with solid team of Number customer service associates.
  • Reached out to customers after completed sales to suggest additional service or product purchases and inquire about needs or concerns.
  • Reduced process inconsistencies and effectively trained team members on best practices and protocols.
  • Increased efficiency and performance by monitoring team member productivity and providing feedback.
  • Reviewed order data on Timeframe basis to verify transactions and shipping dates.
  • Resolved Type issues over phone with Number customers daily.
  • Maintained up-to-date knowledge of product and service changes.
  • Followed up with customers about resolved issues and completed Action and Action to maintain high standards of customer service.
  • Answered average of Number calls, emails and faxes per day, addressing customer inquiries, solving problems and providing product information.
  • Promoted available products and services to customers during service, account management and order calls.
  • Facilitated Type orders and completed accurate to meet aggressive deadlines.
  • Preserved revenue streams by utilizing strong communication and negotiation skills, offering refunds as last resort to maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Recommended Product or Service to customers, thoroughly explaining details.
  • Liaised with sales, marketing and management teams to develop solutions and accomplish shared objectives.
  • Fielded customer questions regarding available merchandise, sales, current prices and upcoming company changes.
  • Educated customers about billing, payment processing and support policies and procedures.
  • Facilitated inter-departmental communication to effectively provide customer support.
  • Investigated and resolved customer inquiries and complaints quickly.
  • Effective liaison between customers and internal departments.
  • Used company troubleshooting resolution tree to evaluate technical problems while leveraging personal expertise to find appropriate solutions.
  • Assisted customers by listening closely, finding solutions to problems and making recommendations based on extensive product knowledge.
  • Kept Type and Type areas clean, tidy and professional in appearance to maximize worker efficiency and promote customer engagement.
  • Developed highly empathetic client relationships and earned reputation for exceeding service standard goals.
  • Promoted superior experience by addressing customer concerns, demonstrating empathy and resolving problems swiftly.
  • Improved overall efficiency Number% by anticipating needs and providing outstanding support.
  • Provided excellent customer care by responding to requests, assisting with product selection and handling ordering functions.
  • Implemented and developed customer service training processes.
  • Provided accurate information about promotions, customer programs and products, helping drive high customer retention.
  • Enhanced productivity levels by anticipating needs and delivering outstanding support.
  • Created and maintained detailed database to develop promotional sales.
  • Described and explained details about Product or Service options to inform customers and guide purchasing decisions.
  • Directed incoming calls to internal personnel and departments, routing to best-qualified department.
  • Evaluated customer information to explore issues, develop potential solutions and maintain high-quality service.
  • Conferred with customers about concerns with products or services to resolve problems and drive sales.
  • Trained staff on operating procedures and company services.
  • Provided ongoing guest service, including Product or Service advice.
  • Assisted Number customers in average Timeframe by answering questions, responding to inquiries and handling telephone requests.
  • Provided basic technical support for clients on wide range of Type company products.
  • Maintained accurate and current customer account data with manual forms processing and digital information updates.
  • Delivered exceptional customer service to every customer by leveraging extensive knowledge of products and services and creating welcoming, positive experiences.
  • Entered orders into Type computer database system.
  • Investigated and resolved accounting, service and delivery concerns.
  • Recorded actions taken, issues resolved and Type information to effectively manage customer accounts.
  • Maintained clean and well-organized production areas to avoid violations or unnecessary work delays due to hazards or inefficient layouts.
  • Identified individual employee's unique work styles and adapted management methods.
  • Mentored newly hired employees on Type equipment and Task and developed training manual for all Job titles to use for reference purposes.
  • Set overall vision and provided team leadership.
  • Positioned as primary liaison to streamline operations of multiple lines of business within organization.
  • Maintained compliance with company policies, objectives and communication goals.
  • Provided supportive link between external customers and internal operations.
  • Provided coaching and counseling to Number employees to encourage professional growth as well as meet short- and long-term goals.
  • Handled customer complaints, resolved issues and adjusted policies to meet changing needs.
12/2019 to 12/2019 Delivery Driver Hyatt Hotels Corp. | Fort Worth, TX,
  • Verified over Number daily deliveries against shipping instructions before delivering to customers.
  • Inspected truck equipment and supplies and reported problems and safety hazards to supervisors following each shift.
  • Completed on-time deliveries by choosing best and most efficient routes.
  • Communicated customer complaints, requests and feedback to company management for swift resolution.
  • Completed rush deliveries on tight timetables to satisfy customer needs.
  • Fostered positive working relationships with customers by responding to questions and concerns.
  • Completed pre and post-trip safety inspections, recording and reporting any defects and malfunctions.
  • Kept detailed records of sales, payments and completed or in-progress deliveries.
  • Operated vehicle safely in highly congested areas with no traffic violations.
  • Boosted revenues by upselling and cross-selling products to new and established customers.
  • Performed walk around on delivery vehicle before beginning shift to verify correct and safe operating order.
  • Updated dispatchers frequently to convey changes such as route issues or weather delays potentially impacting delivery schedules.
  • Accurately recorded delivery, payment and route information using Software.
  • Oversaw product loading to keep items balanced, work efficient and items secure for safe delivery.
  • Contacted customers prior to delivery to confirm and coordinate delivery times.
  • Loaded truck and properly secured items to prevent damage for over Number deliveries.
  • Kept and studied detailed mileage and fuel reports to decrease overall fuel costs by Number%.
  • Maintained accurate financial records by collecting and documenting timely and past-due customer payments.
  • Created and submitted delivery and DOT logs.
  • Interacted with customers to determine needs and opportunities for additional sales.
  • Stayed in constant communication with dispatching team to quickly respond to delivery updates.
  • Served customers promptly by efficiently collecting and delivering as many as Number orders per hour.
  • Planned efficient routes to deliver multiple orders per trip and achieve strong performance ratings.
  • Verified orders prior to completing deliveries to avoid customer complaints.
  • Anticipated customers' questions and complaints and skillfully handled any concerns.
  • Logged hours, mileage and order-related activities with company's app to maintain detailed records.
  • Kept delivery vehicle clean and neat to maintain company's professional reputation.
  • Met promised delivery times consistently by using GPS software to spot and avoid traffic delays.
  • Handled money with high accuracy, including issuing processing payments, issuing receipts and maintaining control of submitted cash.
  • Partnered with multiple local restaurants to handle delivery needs across Location.
  • Secured food to prevent loss and maintain freshness during transport.
  • Drove as many as Number miles over Timeframe and consistently achieved high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Safely loaded and unloaded Number pounds of Type and Type hazardous material without incident.
  • Conferred with dispatch to relay delays, receive route and adjust plans to meet daily targets.
  • Successfully avoided time delivery delays by carefully planning best routes.
  • Completed routine maintenance on truck to keep in working order, including fueling and recharging batteries.
  • Maintained organized, clean and professional vehicle to protect company reputation with customers.
  • Complied with all truck driving rules as well as company policies and procedures regarding safe vehicle operations.
  • Determined quickest and safest routes for delivery by using effective planning and organizational skills.
  • Collected $Amount in payments for completed deliveries and services daily.
  • Assigned and recorded job Numbers for Number jobs per shift.
  • Mapped out destinations ahead of time to ascertain quickest and safest routes for delivery.
  • Loaded and unloaded Number delivery vans per shift.
  • Reviewed routes and expected delivery time frames to determine order of deliveries.
  • Refilled truck after completing deliveries to return in ready-to-use condition.
  • Coordinated efficient routes for optimal delivery scheduling and maximum daily performance.
  • Inspected load security and checked for any damages.
  • Used GPS system to plan travel routes in accordance with bulk cargo transportation laws.
  • Managed daily transportation of materials, freight and goods using trucks with capacities of more than Number tons.
  • Recorded each delivery using proper paperwork before leaving warehouse.
  • Actively listened to customers, handled concerns quickly and escalated major issues to supervisor.
  • Maintained consistent on-time delivery record with Number% of all orders arriving ahead of schedule.
  • Updated routes based on weather and road conditions in real time to decrease delivery times by Number%.
  • Oversaw daily route covering Number Location-area retail stores.
  • Documented mileage, deliveries, pickups, customer issues and damages.
  • Planned delivery routes and most efficient methods of distribution.
  • Received, unpackaged and stored incoming food deliveries.
  • Maintained high customer satisfaction levels by preparing orders accurately.
  • Promoted customer satisfaction by preparing food according to standard recipes with modifications based on individual customer requirements.
  • Used downtimes to prepare ingredients and restock supplies for expected busy periods.
  • Cleaned and sanitized dishes and utensils, consistently keeping adequate supplies on hand for expected customer loads.
  • Set up kitchen every morning, including turning on equipment, cutting ingredients and stocking workstations.
  • Prevented food spoilage by monitoring dates, rotating stock and following proper storage procedures.
  • Maintained clean, trash-free workspaces to maximize productivity and safety.
  • Recommended changes to help increase team productivity and align menu more closely with customer preferences.
  • Frosted and iced cakes, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, sweet rolls and coffee cakes.
  • Inspected equipment such as refrigerators and warming lamps every Timeframe to check compliance with safe operating levels.
  • Learned Job title and Job title work tasks in order to provide skilled backup for diverse roles.
  • Checked and logged food temperatures every Timeframe.
  • Kept work areas neat, clean and in full compliance with company standards and applicable health codes.
  • Organized, arranged, and re-stocked various stations, including buffet, salad bar, and service areas.
  • Utilized culinary and cutlery tools to prepare various foods for cooking or cold dish presentations.
  • Maintained composure and work quality while under stress.
  • Recorded, monitored, and maintained optimal and required food temperatures through kitchen, restaurant, and storage areas.
  • Lifted and carried materials weighing up to Number pounds.
  • Distributed food to wait staff quickly during busy peak periods to drive customer satisfaction.
  • Prepared cooking supplies, ingredients and workstations during opening and closing procedures to maximize efficiency.
  • Measured, mixed and cooked ingredients properly in alignment with nutritional restrictions.
  • Cleaned and sanitized all work surfaces between preparation of various foods, avoiding cross-contamination while maintaining food safety guidelines.
  • Kept workstation and equipment clean, organized, sanitized and sufficiently stocked.
  • Planned and organized food preparation activities, including Duty and Duty.
  • Adhered to Type procedures in preparing food items.
  • Pushed, pulled and transported objects weighing up to Number pounds.
  • Prepared and expedited food orders to support waitstaff and other team members.
  • Maintained high personal grooming standards and uniform presentation.
  • Used proper handling and preservation methods while packaging and storing food products.
  • Followed food preparation and storage guidelines established by Health Department.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction by quickly delivering orders.
  • Transferred supplies and equipment between storage and work areas to expedite food preparation.
  • Coordinated food handling in alignment with sanitation standards.
  • Washed, peeled and cut fruits and vegetables in advance to save time on food preparation.
12/2018 to 01/2019 Manager Taco Bell | City, STATE,
Expected in 05/2011 GED | General Studies Lincoln Center, Billings, MT, GPA:

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