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(555) 432-1000,
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Professional Summary
I am a Battalion Chief with 26 years of experience coming up through the ranks in the Fire and Emergency Services with Schedule A, B, Amador, Local Government, Labor Representation, Administrative, ECC, Conservation Camp, Fire Station and Volunteer duties.
  • Guest services
  • Inventory control procedures
  • Merchandising expertise
  • Loss prevention
  • Cash register operations
  • Product promotions
CAL FIRE Supervision 4 CAL FIRE Incident Management 3 CAL FIRE Purchasing Certification (50k) CAL FIRE Fire Crew Captain Modules CAL FIRE ECC Modules 1-7 CFFJAC Journey Level Engineer CAL FIRE Basic Fire Control 1A-2B CAL FIRE Haz-Mat Incident Commander CSFM Fire Officer CSFM Fire Instructor 1 CSFM Fire Apparatus Driver Operator 1 CSFM Confined Space Awareness CSFM Firefighter 2 CSFM Fire Command 2E CSFM Firefighter 1 CSFM Fire Control 2 & 3 CSFM Fire Command 1A &1B
University of Phoenix , Expected in : Units. Business Administration - GPA : Units. Business Administration
Columbia College , Expected in Fire Science Certificate & Paramedic License : - GPA :
San Andreas, Expected in 1990 High School Diploma : - GPA :
, Expected in IS-00546a Continuity of Operations Awareness Course IS-00804 Emergency Support Function (ESF) #4 Firefighting : - GPA : MGT 416 Continuity of Government Operations MGT 433 Isolation and Quarantine for Rural Communities IS-00800a National Response Plan, an Introduction IS-700 National Incident Management System, an Introduction L962 All Hazards Planning Section Chief CA Licensed Paramedic (P16583)
Work History
- Battalion Chief Division Chief
, , -
Bickford Senior Living - Battalion Chief, Relief/Admin Assistant
, , 01/2012 -
  • Present -Filled role of Administrative Division Chief during vacancies in 2014 and 2015 For nearly two months in 2014 and three months in 2015 Coordinate FF/FAE/FC permanent and seasonal hiring -Supervise Personnel/Finance/Admin/Warehouse employees -Attend Executive Staff meetings and provide input and suggestions -Attend 2015 CAL FIRE Administrative Officer Conference -Unit DMV/DOT Random Pull drug/alcohol testing program coordinator -Participate in 2016 BC KSAPC review Planning Section Chief CALFIRE IMT #2 -Relief field coverage for 6 TCU Battalions -Unit Information Technology Coordinator -Unit IseLink Scheduling Software Coordinator -Battalion Chief Scheduler -Assist Unit Admin Officer with personnel/finance functions -Coordinating rewrite of Policy and Procedure Manuals -Approve timesheets and first come/first serve vacations -CalCard purchaser ($50k) and approver -CALFIRE and CALFIRE FIREFIGHTERS Funeral Family Liaison June 2010 CALFIRE/TCU, Battalion Chief, Emergency Command Center August 2012 -Resource Unit Leader CALFIRE Incident Management Team # 10 -Cadre member for CALFIRE Emergency Command Center Academy Chair of Unit Fire Danger Operating Plan Workgroup Unit Telecommunications Officer and IT/Network Supervisor Coordinate funding, development, and planned replacement of VESTA 9-1-1 Function as Coordinator/Manager of Tuolumne and Calaveras CAL-EMA Operational Area Coordinator Dispatch Center Responsible for management and coordination of the TCU ECC Direct contact for 30 local government agencies & Unit resources for communications issues Attend and participate in multiple meetings with cooperators and stakeholders Participate in monthly statewide Command and Control conference calls Manage and implement local, state, and federal agreements Maintain qualifications to act as IA Dispatcher and Expanded Supervisor As needed, respond to all types of emergency incidents as a Chief Officer Implement ICS, develop a plan, safely assign resources, investigate fire cause, and supervise all resources on incidents when the IC Implementation & review of Unit's first & consecutive Radio Operating Plans Coordinated all cellular phone purchases and implementation of programs Work closely with DGS Radio Techs and other support personnel Ensure that the CALFIRE EEO Policy is followed to provide a positive and fair working environment for all employees Coordinate with Training all changes to employee qualifications in ROSS and the ERD requiring intimate knowledge of CALFIRE Policy 4039 and its application and use in ROSS and the ERD Oversee implementation of Unit overtime allotment based on bargaining unit agreements and policy; oversee ECC schedule; approve vacation schedule Knowledge of BU8 and BU7 MOU Work closely with state Telecom Analyst Work closely with HQ Tech Services-Lands and Vaults Supervise the Unit CAIRS, ePay, Travel, Fuel Card, Cell Phone, eCaTS, VESTA, Priority Trainee, ICS 209, eWaste, Rotational Overtime, HT, Pager, Radio Operating Plan, Portable Repeater, Portable RAWS, Hydroelectric EAP, WIMS, RAWS, NFDRS, FamWeb, Altaris CAD, ROSS, Crystal Reports, DI Logger, ARC Processor, ERD, Hired Equipment, and eFC-33 Administrators Approve and administrator ECC staff annual training Purchasing approver for ECC facility logistical needs Work with FEM to stay up to date with unit automotive status Stay abreast of local and region predicted weather and resource status Coordinate tours of ECC for local service clubs and VIPs Knowledge and use of Crystal reports; CAD; CAD to CAD; ROSS; Microsoft Word, Outlook, Publisher, Power Point, Excel; Norstar telephones; Vesta 911 equipment; Moducom; Sierra Region microwave intercom system; OF-294 Hired Equipment program (now HEMS); FAMWEB applications; Aircraft Flight Following (AFF) and SkyConnect automated flight following programs.
  • Develop and coordinate regular ECC staff meetings Oversee and coordinate communications administration, purchase, and repair Provide leadership and progressive discipline of ECC staff -Rewrite and/or develop ECC Policies and Procedures and Orientation Guide Compile statistics for insert into contracts, agreements, and other requests -Developing ECC Continuity of Operations Plan -Received approval to add 4th radio/Moducom position on Command Floor -Gained support from management to add 5th Fire Captain (LT) position Develop and enhance local government relationships Developed ECC staff expectations Develop and revise Unit policies regarding communications issues Participate in Fire Captain Resume Review process.
Bickford Senior Living -
, , 03/2008 -
- Resource Unit Leader Unit Duty Officer
, , 05/2010 -
- Unit ROSS/ERD Coordinator
, , -
  • Unit Fire Danger Operating Plan Workgroup -ECC Schedule/Overtime Coordinator -ECC Module 2 Cadre Develop ECC Orientation Manual and Duty Officer pass-down system Supervised BU7 Communications Operators Utilized Department's Progressive Discipline Policy on several occasions Intimate knowledge of CAD, CAD to CAD, ROSS, ERD, HB 4039, & NFDRS ECC Schedule Coordinator Performed other duties as a Fire Captain with CALFIRE Developed TCU Staffing Pattern Template.
- CDF Firefighters Representative
, , 12/2001 -
  • February 2011 -CDFFF Accident Investigation Team -CDFFF Family Liaison for funerals and serious accidents -Schedule A Workgroup, TCU Operations Workgroup (2007).
  • Chapter Director, Alternate Chapter Director, Rank and File Representative, and Treasurer; and Deputy DIII Vice President.
  • Employee representative and advocate in all areas.
Bickford Senior Living -
, , 02/2005 -
- Qualified Crew Strike Team Leader
, , 03/2008 -
  • Camp Saw Training Cadre -Developed and implemented Inmate Medical Training Program -Chief of Camp Fire Department, fire and life safety inspections, training crew.
Bickford Senior Living - Assistant IIPP/MSDS Coordinator
, , 12/2000 -
  • Performed all other duties of a FCB with CALFIRE including responding statewide to emergencies, driving long hours, arduous assignments, supervision and training of inmate fire crews, provide for safety and security of the crew and the public, grade projects including developing Coast to Crest trail, fuel breaks, and minor construction projects Received high marks and comments from both CALFIRE and CDCR Staff on my management and supervision of inmate firefighters June 2004 CALFIRE/TCU, Fire Captain A, Limited Term, Skull Creek October 2004 -Train and supervise Firefighter 1's Responsible for facility finances, maintenance, safety, and security of station Keep records and prepare reports such as monthly meal sheets, daily equipment reports, timesheets, etc.
  • Received overall "Outstanding" on final performance evaluation from BC Performed all other duties of a CALFIRE Fire Captain including drive and operate fire apparatus in all kinds of conditions on all types of emergency and non-emergency incidents.
- Fire Apparatus Engineer
, , 02/2005 -
  • South Santa Clara County Fire District Schedule A program.
  • Perform Advanced Life Support on ALS Engine.
Bickford Senior Living - Assistant QA/QI Coordinator -Assistant EMS Training Coordinator
, , 01/1991 -
  • Developed several EMS CE approved programs including "Bugs and Gas-Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "Differential Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction", and others CALFIRE Funeral Officer for FC Stephens' Funeral Act as company officer and lead with a crew of FAE's and FF1's Prepare and present fire prevention programs to the public Participate in annual Christmas gift giving to needy children Train paid and volunteer staff in EMS, CPR, and AED use and engine company drills Perform rescue, ventilation, extinguishment, and overhaul as part of a highly skilled and technically very proficient crew Use of extrication equipment including the "Jaws of Life" spreaders, cutters, rams, air bags, and other mechanical methods; low angle rescue Perform all the other duties of a CALFIRE Fire Apparatus Engineer including driving, operating, and maintaining type one and three engines, water tenders, and support vehicles; respond to all types of incidents acting as IC for multi-company, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional incidents; complete reports; investigate fire cause; safely and aggressively attack fires and mitigate all other emergencies in a cost effective and efficient means while protecting the lives, property, and natural resources of the SSCCFD and CALFIRE.
  • Also LT FAE in TCU June-October 2000 at Arnold Station -Also LT FAE in MMU August-October 1996 at Mariposa Station.
, , 01/2000 - 12/2000
, , 01/2000 -
  • Perform BLS and ALS throughout Calaveras County Complete patient care reports, billing, & restock paperwork after incidents Ensure the safety of personnel and the public Drive and operate an ALS ambulance throughout Calaveras County Coordinate with on-scene first responders for the most effective treatment and transport of patients March 1997 Copperopolis Fire Protection District, Firefighter/EMT.
, , 06/2000 -
  • Single person staffed engine -Department EMS Training Officer and CE Provider Assistant Fire Training Officer Initiated District's first AED Program, Pre-planning Program, Mapping Program, and Regionally Approved Continuing Education Provider Perform all the duties of a firefighter/engineer including driving, operating, and maintaining type one, two, and three fire engines, type one water tender, and other support equipment; stretch, connect, and operate fire hoses of different sizes, perform rescue, ventilation, extinguishment, and overhaul; perform BLS, incident command, fire cause determination, and other duties Also volunteer firefighter 10/95-9/04 performing all the same duties.
Common Spirit - Emergency Dept. Technician
, , 10/1994 -
Bickford Senior Living - Quality Assurance/Improvement Administrator
, , 08/1998 -
  • Perform Basic Life Support, Phlebotomy, and EKG's -Developed and taught EMS topics at Base Station Meetings -Safety Committee member Hospital ombudsman/patient liaison.
  • Assist MD's and RN's in patient care and other basic/advanced procedures.
  • November 1991 Tuolumne & Calaveras County Fire Dept., Paid Call Firefighter.
  • March 1997 -Part of CAL Fire's Amador Plan.
Bickford Senior Living -
, , 01/1991 - 01/1993
Bickford Senior Living -
, , 01/1994 - 01/1997
  • Mono Village, Sonora, and Twain Harte Station -Performed all duties as CALFIRE Firefighter 1 on a paid per call basis.
  • June 1991 CALFIRE/TCU, Firefighter 1, Copperopolis Station.
, , 08/1996 -
  • Participated in Smokey Bear/VIP Team Teaching over 600 hours -Assist in training new FF1 and CFPD Volunteer Firefighters.
  • Fight fires as member of a highly trained and efficient company, stretch and connect hose, extinguish fires, overhaul/mop-up, ventilation, extrication, assist company officer with all inspections and maintenance per HB 6805, use hand tools and chainsaws; clean and inspect hose, tools, and other equipment; perform minor paperwork, assist Captain with shopping, meal cost, budgeting.
NA - FF/Training Officer/Fire Equipment Officer
, , 09/1990 -
San Andreas Ambulance, EMT & EMT-Paramedic - Volunteer Training Officer/Company Officer
, , 09/1995 -
  • Train Volunteer Firefighters in basic firefighting operations and EMS Perform duties similar to a Firefighter 1 and Fire Apparatus Engineer As County Fire FEO, organize, track, order, repair, or replace equipment for 3 County Fire Companies and 13 affiliated Fire Districts COMMENDATIONS/AWARDS: CDF Firefighters Political Action Committee Award, 2013 CDF Firefighters Family Liaison Award, 2012 Certificate of Appreciation and Plaque from CDF ICT10, 2012 Certificate of Appreciation from CDF ICT5, 2004 Columbia College Dean's List 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000 Mountain Valley EMS Agency First Responder of the Year, 1999 Exemplary Performance letter from Calaveras County Sheriff, 1999 Commendation from CDF/Calaveras County Fire Warden, 1993 Lion's Club/Calaveras Enterprise Community Service Award, 1992 Sheepranch Fire Company Firefighter of the Year 1991, 1992, 1993.
NA - CSFM Regional Instructor Orientation Medical Unit Leader
, , -
  • 491 National Fire Danger Rating System S-490 Advanced Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations S-440 All Hazards Planning Section Chief S-430 All Hazards OPS/Branch Director S-420 Command and General Staff S-404 Safety Officer I-400 Advanced ICS I-359.
- Supply Unit Leader
, , -
- Facilities Unit Leader
, , -
- Demobilization Unit Leader
, , -
- Resource Unit Leader
, , -
  • RX-341 Prescribed Fire Plan Prep S-339 All Risk Division/Group Supe S-330 Strike Team/TF Leader All Risk I-300 Intermediate ICS S-290 J-254 Base Camp Manager I-253 Receiving and Distribution Mgr S-252 Ordering Manager C-234 Firing Procedures and Methods S-215 Fire Ops in WUI S-212/Level B Sawyer I-200 Introduction to ICS S-190 PER 308 Rural Isolation and Quarantine for Public Health and Healthcare Professionals MGT 331 Preparing the States : Implementing Continuity of Operations Planning.
Santa's Express Director TCU Fire Captain Sue Arrouzet Toy Drive Calaveras Coordinator American Cancer Society Relay For Life TCU CALFIRE Team Captain Volunteer Firefighter CDF Firefighters Chapter and District Officer Assistant Little League Baseball Coach Volunteer in Prevention/Team Teaching Fundraising for Local Schools Community Ed. on Department/Programs (Board of Supervisors, Boy Scouts, etc.) MDA Fill the Boot Exceptional References Listed Below Denis Laughon Fire Captain, Retired
Additional Information
  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Santa's Express Director TCU Fire Captain Sue Arrouzet Toy Drive Calaveras Coordinator American Cancer Society Relay For Life TCU CALFIRE Team Captain Volunteer Firefighter CDF Firefighters Chapter and District Officer Assistant Little League Baseball Coach Volunteer in Prevention/Team Teaching Fundraising for Local Schools Community Ed. on Department/Programs (Board of Supervisors, Boy Scouts, etc.) MDA Fill the Boot Exceptional References Listed Below Denis Laughon Fire Captain, Retired

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Resume Overview

School Attended
  • University of Phoenix
  • Columbia College
Job Titles Held:
  • Battalion Chief Division Chief
  • Battalion Chief, Relief/Admin Assistant
  • Resource Unit Leader Unit Duty Officer
  • Unit ROSS/ERD Coordinator
  • CDF Firefighters Representative
  • Qualified Crew Strike Team Leader
  • Assistant IIPP/MSDS Coordinator
  • Fire Apparatus Engineer
  • Assistant QA/QI Coordinator -Assistant EMS Training Coordinator
  • Emergency Dept. Technician
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement Administrator
  • FF/Training Officer/Fire Equipment Officer
  • Volunteer Training Officer/Company Officer
  • CSFM Regional Instructor Orientation Medical Unit Leader
  • Supply Unit Leader
  • Facilities Unit Leader
  • Demobilization Unit Leader
  • Resource Unit Leader
  • Fire Science Certificate & Paramedic License
  • High School Diploma
  • IS-00546a Continuity of Operations Awareness Course IS-00804 Emergency Support Function (ESF) #4 Firefighting

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