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Been through a lot, seen a lot and encountered a lot but nothing can stop me from saying everything happens for a reason! Having faith and keeping your head held high can get you anywhere you want to be. When it rains it pours this I know but we don't always have clouds in the sky. Bringing positivity, creativity, loyalty, determination, and a great personality to a great team. Out of the box thinking open point of view.

Experienced [Job Title] skilled at providing expert care for children between ages [Number] and [Number]. Knowledgeable about managing school schedules, extracurricular activities and entertainment to achieve optimal balance. Maintained parent objectives while being compassionate and caring with all children.

Committed [Job Title] devoted to giving children warm and nurturing environments. Skilled in organizing and leading educational activities, monitoring behavior and preparing healthy meals to meet nutrition requirements. Observant, caring and hardworking with focus on promoting development and wellbeing.

Successful at helping children grow and develop through hands-on activities, educational support and adequate rest. Knowledgeable about childhood development and strategies to enhance wellbeing. Well-versed in maintaining discipline and providing optimal support.

Kind and cheerful Childcare professional with [Number] years of experience nurturing and caring for children. Successful at directing playtime, enforcing positive behavior and applying behavior redirection and appropriate discipline to manage challenges. Proven track record of planning activities to keep children entertained long-term.

Reliable [Job Title] offering [Number] years of childcare experience. Strengths include preparing nutritious meals and snacks, planning positive activities and managing extra-curricular events.

Diligent and hardworking early childhood development student seeking childcare work. Experienced in working with [Number] year old kids in need of special assistance.

Versatile student proficient in managing childcare needs for busy families. Eager to step in and take on additional household tasks.

Compassionate [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience offering one-on-one care for children. Modeled appropriate behavior at all times around children while guiding safe and fun activities. Expert at guiding conversations with children about engaging topics, such as hobbies and interests.

Compassionate Babysitter with [Number] years of experience caring for children aged [Number]-[Number]. Develop fun, educational and productive projects for children. Creative professional with problem-solving abilities.

Personable childcare worker adept at keeping children safe, engaged and well behaved.

Skilled Babysitter seeking position of increased responsibility and long term career potential. Successful track record includes individual family support as well as group event childcare.

Passionate [Job Title] with extensive knowledge of childcare and development. Competent in guiding and managing activities with young children and those with special needs. Patient professional seeking to take next career step as [Job Title].

Energetic child caregiver with [Number] years of experience watching children and leading fun activities in home setting. Gifted at keeping organized while playing by teaching children to pick up items and making clean-up enjoyable. Well-versed in caring for [Type]-aged children.

Responsible [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience guiding children in [Type] setting. Inspired by leading fun activities to teach new skills and encourage development. Focused on respectfully enforcing rules for health and safety of children.

Dynamic, nonsmoking professional with expertise caring for children, preparing wholesome meals and [Area of expertise]. Flexible and willing to work nights, weekends and holidays. Provides educational and fun activities, homework assistance and [Task].

Responsible and compassionate [Job Title] offering [Number] years of experience in childcare for infants through age [Number]. Specializes in special needs children and premature infants. Certified in [Area of certification].

Industrious administrative team member with proven organizational, time management and multitasking abilities in [Type] settings. Consistently seek ways to increase office efficiency and boost team productivity with exceptional clerical support. Skillfully manage records and financial processes.

Professional and well-grounded office team member with superior clerical skills and [Industry] expertise. Successful at satisfying customer needs while meeting and exceeding business objectives. Smoothly handles all types of administrative tasks, including coordinating mail, records and travel arrangements.

Reliable [Job Title] skilled at coordinating supplies, records and schedules to keep office teams on-task and ready for daily demands. Proficient in using diverse software to produce professional spreadsheets, reports and correspondence. Positive, upbeat and service-oriented.

Efficient Office Assistant with [Number] years of experience answering high volume of incoming calls while handling in-person inquiries from clients and colleagues. Flexible and hardworking with drive to succeed.

Talented [Job Title] specializing in administrative support within busy law offices. Committed to delivering high-quality results with little supervision.

Versatile [Job Title] adept at managing multiple projects with ease. Expert time management methods and [Skill] abilities. Bringing [Number] years of [Type] experience in [Type] business settings.

Dynamic Office Assistant with [Number] years of experience. Helpful and personable individual skilled at organization, [Software] and time management. Dedicated to punctuality and critical thinking.

Goal-oriented [Job Title] adept in identification and implementation of process improvements, including administrative workflow coordination and procedure documentation. Offering key strengths in time management and communications across all level of personnel, management and clientele.

Self-motivated Office Clerk with proven track record of managing administrative operations in [Industry] sector. Prioritize tasks, compile data for reports and perform [Task] with minimal oversight in busy settings. Proficient with [Software].

Self-motivated Office Clerk with proven track record of managing administrative operations in [Industry] sector. Prioritize tasks, compile data for reports and perform [Task] with minimal oversight in busy office settings. Proficient with [Software].

Highly-organized [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience in [Type] office support. Proficient in scheduling, records maintenance and correspondence. Well-versed in use of [Software] with strong knowledge of computer fundamentals.

Polite and attentive [Job Title] offering excellent customer service, organization and time management skills. Skilled in coordinating invoicing and billing activities.

Smart professional fluent in [Skill] and [Skill]. Energetic and knowledgeable in [Area of expertise]. Considered enterprising [Job Title] with ability to lead talented teams.

Detail-oriented Environmental Service Aide with extensive understanding of sanitation and infection control techniques. Self-sufficient and enthusiastic individual working quickly and effectively with little to no supervision. Used proper cleaning techniques, checked rooms for fire hazards and observed all housekeeping policies.

Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes.

Ambitious student pursuing [Area of study] degree eager to contribute developed knowledge in [Job Title] role. Skilled in [Skill] and [Skill] in [Type] settings. Adaptable and driven with strong work ethic and ability to thrive in team-based or individually motivated settings.

Hardworking and reliable [Job Title] with strong ability in [Task] and [Task]. Offering [Soft skill], [Soft skill] and [Soft skill]. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality.

Talented [Job Title] and team leader offering [Number] years of success in [Type] environments. Strategic thinker with [Area of expertise] proficiency. Offers proven ability to build effective teams and [Task]. Committed to identifying and leveraging opportunities for growth. Certified in [Area of certification].

Motivated to apply education and [Type] abilities to enhance [Type] operations. Eager to learn new skills and advance knowledge with hands-on experience. Proficient in [Software] and [Software] with advanced interpersonal abilities.

  • Exercise and outdoor activities
  • Meal and snack preparation
  • Age-appropriate routines
  • Bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Puzzle and game play
  • Follows directions
  • Keeping children safe
  • Giving medicines as appropriate
  • Discipline understanding
  • Personable nature
  • Responsible driver
  • Reading skills
  • Housekeeping abilities
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Lesson plan development
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Early childhood knowledge
  • Sanitation understanding
  • Creative arts talent
  • Screen time rules
  • Reliability
  • Contract development and management
  • Issue and conflict resolution
  • Planning and coordination
  • Team management
  • Communications
  • Customer service
  • Relationship development
  • Insurance billing
  • Supervision
  • Problem resolution
Education and Training
Peru State Peru , NE Expected in : Preveterinary Studies - GPA :
Centennial Public Utica , NE Expected in 05/2013 High School Diploma : - GPA :
Breckenridge Grand Vacations - Babysitter
Breckenridge, CO, 01/2013 - Current
  • Helped prepare meals, snacks and refreshments for children, accounting for individual dietary needs and restrictions.
  • Provided children with nurturing, safe environments to promote emotional, social and intellectual growth.
  • Recorded information about behavior, food served and medications administered.
  • Led children in tidying up, handwashing and [Task] to teach responsibility.
  • Safely transported children to range of extracurricular activities, including dance, [Type] and [Type].
  • Enforced rules to teach manners and maintain safe environment.
  • Read variety of books to children to promote language development skills.
  • Coordinated after-school activities and transportation for [Number] children for practices and events.
  • Researched food allergies to better understand and provide higher level of care and oversight for individuals with such conditions.
  • Helped older kids complete homework, school projects and chores.
  • Fostered learning relationships with children by creating educational and productive games and projects.
  • Cooked nutritious meals for family of [Number] each [Timeframe] to promote healthy diet.
  • Accompanied families on vacations to [Location] and [Location] to provide full-time care to children.
  • Organized and planned age-appropriate lessons involving reading, crafts, music and movement.
  • Maintained daily records of children's behavior, sleeping schedules, meals and activities.
  • Assisted younger children with learning how to accomplish small, age-appropriate jobs.
  • Assisted children by checking homework, quizzing on various subjects and helping with [Task].
  • Cared for up to [Number] children ranging in age from [Number] to [Number].
  • Cut snack foods into bite-sized pieces before serving to young children and monitored closely during snack time to prevent choking.
  • Helped with bathing, dressing, teeth brushing and diapering to promote healthy personal hygiene and good oral health.
  • Cleaned toys, play equipment, dishes and other surfaces to keep facility sanitary.
  • Accompanied children on outings to approved locations as well as after-school activities.
  • Provided healthy and nutritious snacks and meals according to individual needs.
  • Kept parents' contact information, emergency services phone number and child’s health history on hand in case of emergency situations.
  • Cleaned and tidied living room and [Location] after activities.
  • Improved group and individual behavior with positive management strategies.
  • Developed lasting, professional relationships with families by encouraging open communication and delivering positive feedback.
  • Monitored indoor and outdoor playtime by guiding activities while watching for dangers.
  • Assisted children with bathing and potty training to instill good hygiene from young age.
  • Balanced schedules to provide optimal rest, play and educational periods.
  • Observed and monitored play to identify developmental strengths and target areas for enrichment activities.
  • Discussed new developments, misbehavior and concerns with parents or guardians.
  • Planned fun excursions to enhance physical abilities and expose children to stimulating, educational activities.
  • Calculated amount owed for services and collected payment from parents.
  • Minimized TV and mobile device time by engaging children with games and reading books.
  • Discussed household rules, children's progress and routines with parents to foster stable and structured environment.
  • Helped children complete homework and special assignments daily to support academic performance.
  • Secured indoor and outdoor premises to protect children under care.
  • Monitored children's safety and well-being to prevent accidents and falls.
  • Built relationships with children by regularly discussing school, friends and favorite activities.
  • Monitored playtime to prevent overuse of technology, television or other detrimental influences.
  • Developed and implemented lesson plans based on ages and abilities of class children.
  • Cared for children aged [Number]-[Number], including tasks such as feeding, dressing and directing activities.
  • Delivered exceptional care to groups of children between ages [Number] and [Number].
  • Devised activities helping promote physical and mental development.
Alterra Mountain Co - Server
Denver, CO, 10/2018 - 03/2020
  • Satisfied customers by keeping drinks topped off and anticipating needs such as condiments and extra napkins.
  • Operated POS terminals to input orders, split bills and calculate totals.
  • Educated guests on daily specials and menu offerings such as appetizers, entrees and desserts.
  • Partnered with team members to efficiently serve food and beverages.
  • Prepared salads and appetizers to back up kitchen staff.
  • Restocked nonperishables and other items, including condiments and napkins from inventory to keep pantry well-supplied.
  • Checked patrons' identification to monitor minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Recommended daily specials, wine selections and desserts to guide patrons toward more profitable items.
  • Assisted individuals in selecting meal options, including entrees and desserts and recommended alternative items for those with food allergies and gluten intolerances.
  • Arranged each place setting attractively using clean, chip-free plates and utensils.
  • Managed closing duties, including restocking items and reconciling cash drawer.
  • Promoted desserts, appetizers and specialty drinks.
  • Cleaned dining area between guests with efficient sweeping, glass washing and spill removal.
  • Completed opening and closing checklists, including emptying trash, safeguarding alcohol and polishing silverware.
  • Upsold customers and optimized table-turns, outperforming wait staff average sales up to [Number]%.
  • Served average of [Number] patrons daily at [Type] restaurant with exceptional service.
  • Updated repeat customers on menu changes and new food and beverage offerings to maintain quality service relationships.
  • Attended to new customers quickly to inquire about drinks and start off dining experience with prompt beverage service.
  • Processed customers' payments and provided receipts.
  • Presented patrons with menus and specials promptly after seating, following up to address questions before taking orders.
  • Operated and maintained cleaning equipment and tools, including dishwasher, hand wash stations, pot-scrubbing station and trash compactor.
  • Washed buffet, restaurant and banquet items, including silverware, dishes, cooking utensils, equipment and displays.
  • Circulated within assigned areas to assess and address customer needs, effectively prioritizing tasks during peak hours.
  • Maintained polite and professional demeanor to patrons to encourage inquiries and order placements.
  • Greeted newly seated guests quickly and efficiently.
  • Prepared and served cold, hot and [Type] beverages to guests.
  • Checked on guests to verify satisfaction with meals and suggested additional items to increase restaurant sales.
  • Checked with guests to get feedback on food served, resolve issues, bring additional items and refill beverages.
  • Maintained knowledge of current menu items, garnishes, ingredients and preparation methods.
  • Sent orders to kitchen staff by [Action].
  • Carefully transferred orders from kitchen and bar areas to tables and cleared plates as patrons finished food and beverage items.
  • Addressed any concerns or complaints quickly to improve service and escalated more advanced issues to management for resolution.
  • Plated food and assessed plate presentation to maintain highest standard of food quality.
  • Requested photo identification from patrons ordering alcoholic beverages to verify legal age of consumption.
  • Reviewed identification for patrons before serving alcoholic drinks.
  • Assisted kitchen staff with food counts by determining number of items required for complete service.
  • Communicated effectively with patrons to establish preferences and dietary restrictions and make food and beverage recommendations.
  • Confirmed customers' ages for alcohol service and discontinued service to intoxicated guests.
  • Prepared both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as specified by patrons, consistently delivering to tables or bar without spillage.
  • Rearranged tables and chairs, located or rolled extra silverware and [Action] to prepare for large groups.
  • Served plated dinners, buffet-style dinners and passed hors d'oeuvres for parties of [Number] to [Number].
  • Answered phone inquiries, scheduled and confirmed reservations.
  • Completed thorough and accurate opening and closing duties to facilitate smooth restaurant operations.
  • Welcomed guests with personable attitude and smile, offering to bring beverage orders while reviewing menu options.
  • Communicated with event coordinators to verify appropriate and adequate accommodations for larger parties.
  • Calculated charges, issued table checks and collected payments from customers.
  • Applied safe food handling and optimal cleaning strategies to protect customers and maintain proper sanitation.
  • Explained menu options to guests, offered suggestions and took orders for food and beverages.
  • Walked through dining room during service to monitor guest satisfaction and advise servers and bussing staff of specific service needs.
Picklemans - Sandwich Designer
City, STATE, 02/2017 - 10/2018
  • Collaborated with others to discuss new [Type] opportunities.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by finding creative solutions to problems.
  • Earned reputation for good attendance and hard work.
  • Collaborated in development of [Type] procedures.
  • Improved operations by working with team members and customers to find workable solutions.
  • Provided excellent service and attention to customers when face-to-face or through phone conversations.
  • Achieved cost-savings by developing functional solutions to [Type] problems.
  • Worked closely with team members to deliver project requirements, develop solutions and meet deadlines.
  • Answered [Number] calls per [Timeframe] to answer customer questions.
  • Recognized by management for providing exceptional customer service.
  • Handled all delegated tasks, including [Task] and [Task].
  • Delivered [Product or Service] to customer locations.

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  • Server
  • Sandwich Designer


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