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Dynamic and performance-driven business professional with high integrity, strong work ethic and great leadership skills. Meticulous and resourceful Business Manager with proven success leading productive teams, controlling budgets, networking to drive growth initiatives and marketing to maximize brand outreach. Focused Operations Manager successful in contract negotiation and process improvement. Remains calm and poised even in high-pressure situations. In-depth knowledge of industry trends and shifts to offer valuable insights on opportunities for new growth and expansion. Flexible hard worker ready to learn and contribute to team success.

  • Verbal communication
  • Business development
  • Inspections
  • Service planning
  • Inventory organization
  • Workplace safety
  • Administering tests
  • Training program design
  • Program leadership
  • Issue and conflict resolution
  • Supervision and training
  • Policy/program development
  • Purchasing and planning
  • Financial document control
  • Data review
  • Negotiator
  • Sales planning and implementation
  • Recruiting and hiring
Education and Training
Parkland College Champaign, IL Expected in 04/2010 Associate of Applied Science : Auto Repair, Custom Painting - GPA :

Majored in auto collision repair, became auto certified, welder certified, took custom painting/airbrushing courses. Completed and passed all courses. Worked in classroom on off days to achieve a higher knowledge of the field.

LeRoy High School LeRoy , IL Expected in 03/2008 High School Diploma : - GPA :

Passed and graduated high school. Was apart of state wrestling team, and participated in after school functions and fundraisers. Was in Public School from Sophomore to Senior year. Was in Private School from 7th grade to Freshman. Was homeschooled Kindergarten to 6th grade. Was in a Private School for grade Pre-K.

B.A.V.C. Bloomington, IL Expected in : Mechanics - GPA :

Was a program I did JR and SR year of high school. Everyday before school I would go to a mechanic classroom, passed and graduated class, earned college credit hours in high school.

ToastMasters Bloomington, IL, Expected in : Public Speaking - GPA :

Was enrolled in ToastMasters from 5th grade to Senior year in high school. It was a public speaking class for the duration of summer, met three times a week. Focused on presentations and controlling body and brain in large public speech gatherings. I had to deliver a speech to a group of 100 plus, at the end of each year.

Builders Firstsource, Inc. - Assistant Operations Director
Panama City Beach, FL, 10/2021 - Current

Handled all day to day operations for 3 locations. Went over monthly statements for all departments on 3 locations. Maintained weekly DTRs for all departments. Worked on Automate for the dealerships CRM. Obtained and Passed all Virginia dealer sales tests. Revised the fixed ops Management pay to boost sales and service in their departments. Fixed Ops at Bob Huff Chevrolet hit new records of gross under the revised plan. Worked with CMS to maintain sales training, as well as monthly meetings with sales staff. Assisted with interviewing and hiring of employee team members with appropriate skills. Handled and produced pay plans for potential employees in all departments. Assisted in and handled the termination process of employees. Assigned tasks to associates to fit skill levels and maximize team performance. Developed lucrative relationships with clients to promote future business opportunities. Oversaw and approved purchases to monitor budget activities and spending. Signed Payroll checks as well as paid for bills at all locations. Increased and adjusted our pricing to be competitive and handle inflation of current market in January 2022. Went over warranty sales with F&I management and how to accumulate more. Monitored staff performance and addressed issues. Went over and Audited employee handbook. Pre planned to stay ahead of any event or staff movement. Enforced customer service standards and resolved customer problems to uphold quality service. Exercised good judgment and decision-making in escalating concerns and resolving issues. Determined marketing strategies by reviewing operating and financial statements and departmental sales records. Worked with and went to auctions with Used Car Manager. Maintained all GM Global tests and Ford Stars program. Worked with both GM and Ford Reps. Attended meetings on behalf of the dealership for both GM and Ford. Worked with GM financial to make our GM dealership 100% GM. Floor plan through GM. Had floor plan through Ally at the Ford Store. Went through multiple Floor Plan Audits Maintained and set up DRPs for Body shop. Worked with Ford 6 team to resolve Ford Warranty problems. Oversaw and help Coordinate the First Annual BroncoFest Event for Huff Ford. Had meetings and inspections with KPA for our VADA/OSHA regulation inspections at all locations. Handled legal contracts for having TV and playing music at dealerships. Worked with Owner to promote and be sure we are in compliance in all areas of business. Had numerous phone calls with our VADA Lawyer to be sure we are in compliance on state policy. Scheduled and maintained staff meetings for each location. Worked on negotiating part price items from other dealers. Worked on negotiating for a higher rate of labor pay for body shop with insurance companies. More than doubled the body shop profit, vs all of last year, on the current YTD. Trained in all departments and took tests for all department operations to expand my knowledge. Held meetings with, and kept morale high when dealership sold. Maintained all staff through the dealership buyout process.

Adyen - General Manager
Milan, TN, 01/2021 - 10/2021

This is the 5th business I have helped open. Established clear performance goals and metrics for revenue, P&L, customer service and customer retention. Delivered exceptional client experiences through hands-on leadership of associates and managers. Designed sales and service strategies to improve revenue and retention. Managed shrink processes and inventory levels for corrective action planning to save costs. Complied with company policies and government regulations to prevent and detect rule violations and protect organization from fines and lawsuits. Developed employee handbook, detailed job descriptions and workflow plans to formalize operational systems and procedures. Enhanced operational performance by developing effective business strategies, systems and procedures. Directed safety operations and maintained clean work environment to adhere to FDA and OSHA requirements, as well as city and state regulations. Set up contracts with various venders, to assure low product cost and good quality. Monitored supplier operations to verify quality, delivery schedule and conformance to contract specifications. Strengthened product branding initiatives and maximized outreach by overseeing acquisitions, events and business development. Maximized time and manpower by consolidating data, payroll and accounting programs into centralized system. Integrated 5 systems into 1. Tracked weekly/monthly sales to generate reports for business development planning. Diminished financial discrepancies by monitoring quotes, production and material planning and bank reconciliations. Made cash logs for petty, and drawer cash to match up with bank documents. Ran all payroll through the TOAST Payroll program. Installed and set up the TOAST POS system for day to day ordering. Caught employee theft. Handled all the hiring and firing process. Set up HR standards for the company. Handled employee pay rates and salaries for managers. Handled Insurance audits. Maintained the bills and taxes (State, City, County) with Cirrus Consulting Group. Cirrus Consulting held all of our ELR, goals, and projections. Developed daily and monthly specials. Cut labor cost by almost 50% from starting date, to maximise profit. Put procedures in place for inventory, cleaning, financials, and marketing. Conducted all trade outs for betterment of the business. Handled all private party contracts. Worked any position that was needed to help maximise day to day operation to the betterment of the company. Worked with the Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce, as well as The Tourism Departments to maximise exposure of a new business. Processed all of the business licensing with compliance of city and state. Kept in depth records of employees for the compliance of city and state policies. handled all scheduling. Maintained Weekly reports for the ownership team, and numerous phone calls with the management team. Advised on all operations of the business. Maintained social media accounts. Negotiated multiple deals on behalf of the business. Passed Background Checks, and Drug tests. Held all keys for business.

Drivetime - Project Operations Manager
Memphis, TN, 05/2020 - 01/2021

Helped any way I could, to work with maintenance schedules, to keep systems running at peak levels. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date shop records. Evaluate quality of fabrications and performance of each team member daily. Inspected each part, that was ordered for repair, to be sure it is the correct part and not broken. Worked with Customer Pay & Insurance companies to complete jobs. Doing Insurance Estimates through CCC also Supplements. Worked with CRM AutoMate daily. Worked to expedite the Supplement process correctly, and focused attention for repair time for the body techs. Provided excellent service and attention to customers when face-to-face or through phone conversations. Developed functional solutions to part problems every day. Working with other Auto Dealerships & Auto Vendors to expedite repair process. Maintain a good workflow for myself & body techs daily. Order all needed parts to complete each job. Helped on down time with the auto repairs, estimates on tow ins, and organization of shop and materials. Built strong relations with vendors to optimize part cost and complete timely preconstruction. Held key for business. Worked with all insurance, help with our DRP relationships as well. Took extensive training with CCC. Covered other body shop office positions when people were out.

Drivetime - General Operations Manager
Lakewood, CO, 08/2019 - 07/2020

This is the 4th business I have helped open. Formalized operational systems and procedures by developing and introducing employee handbook, detailed job descriptions and work-flow plans. Designed sales and service strategies to improve revenue and retention. Encouraged, trained and disciplined employees to maximize performance. Book Live Entertainment and food vendors. Manage day to day operations. Established clear performance goals and metrics for revenue, P&L, customer service and customer retention. Handled all scheduling, and the hiring and firing process. Installed the TOAST POS system. Set up tax rates for city and state. Attended all meeting with the owners to achieve their goals for the brewery. Worked all positions needed. Ran Payroll with the help of the financial accountant. Held meeting with the financial accountant to cut costs and maximise profits. Negotiated deals on behalf of the company. Made private contracts for parties, and other business relationships. Maintained social media accounts. Held all keys to business.

Command Security Corp - Advisor/Manager
Flushing, NY, 01/2018 - Current

This is the 3rd business I have help open. Helped purchase the commercial property. Helped with contracts for future property purchasing. Help build the new building. Helped update the current building. Helped with all licensing process in compliance with city, state, and county. Helped develop operation. Kept cash logs, and processed bank information. Ran day to day operations. Developed daily and weekly specials to maximise customer flow. Implemented delivery systems to corner the market in a small town. Conducted catering contracts. Helped develop the land for future expansion. Ran social media accounts. Developed the menu design. Ran all marketing, helped with PR. Negotiated deals on behalf of the company. Preformed products runs for best possible prices, and maintained low food cost without hurting the quality. Helped with taxes. Handled all scheduling. Held all keys. Still help with consulting and system operation via telephone.

Gtech Services - Environmental Construction Crew Leader
Chelsea, MI, 02/2018 - 10/2018

Was 1 of 3 Crew Leaders. Went through environmental training for the State of Texas and Fed. Operated tractors and heavy/Light machinery. Was hired for the main job of redoing the air strips for Sheppard Air Force Base. Went through government contract worker certifications. Had access to airfield and radio when pilots were training. Was in charge of daily logs. Assisted in calibration of seeding/circumference machine. Was the first in the company to pass the math test of the calibration. Turned government/private cleared land back to cattle pasture over old uranium mines in southern Texas. Saved owner money by mechanically updating and fixing his work trucks, and semi trailers in down time. Organized, and inventoried the warehouse/workshop by myself.

Half Pint - Manager, Head Bartender, Trainer
City, STATE, 09/2017 - 06/2019

This is the 2nd business I helped open. I was there to help start the business. It is a Taproom with 55 taps. I had to open and close down taproom, Maintain 3 cash drawers, preform end of days and balance daily, make out deposits when needed, maintain liquor/paper good/bar inventory weekly, make a custom server ordering system and floor plan in system(TouchBistro), Maintain the 55 tap system in cleanliness and keg operation, handled all customer complaints and special needs with haste and a positive attitude, maintain bar/office/bathroom/patio cleanliness daily, maintained waste sheets, coordinated server sections, coordinated server cuts, trained new servers/bartenders/managers, worked with various distributors, managed special events, booked private parties, filled out contracts for event space, took deposits, worked with kitchen manager to provide guests with professional service and high standard. Advised on business operation. Negotiated deals on behalf of the company. Held keys to business.

Sidecare Brewery - General Operations Manager
City, STATE, 01/2017 - 09/2017

This is the 1st business I have helped open. Helped start and set up brewery, hired staff, implement a extensive training program, Worked with International Brewmaster(Joe Hayes) to set up a beer class to provide staff with craft beer knowledge, hired kitchen manager, maintain cash drawers and credit card slips, set up custom computer ordering system(TouchBistro), kept cash logs daily, kept credit card logs daily, helped with inventory, helped with food costs, made cuts to staff, coordinated local and out of town talent for live entertainment, coordinated server sections, made server/bartender/hosts/other manager schedules, made a schedule program for employees mobile phones(Sling), cleaned and performed final walk through daily, trained hosts, organized special events/layouts, helped with payroll, was upfront and direct with other management/owner/staff. I required perfection to achieve excellence in my staff. Negotiated deals on behalf of the company. Held keys to the business.

Texas Roadhouse - Server, Server Trainer, Bartender, Shift Manager
City, STATE, 12/2014 - 08/2019

My duties as a Shift Manager: opening and closing restaurant, coordinating server sections, maintaining cash and credit card slips daily, being professional and productive, being proactive in guest complaints and special needs, working with FOH and BOH to be sure everything is open and closed properly, be sure I am accessible for all employee and prompt to their and the restaurant needs, helped hire during interview process. Held P/L logs for daily waste. Inspected deliveries. Maintained employee time sheets and helped with employee scheduling. Attended weekly meetings with owner and managers to obtain goals, go over sales, cut costs, and stay ahead of the curve. Held key to business.

Attended trainings for HR procedures.

Duties as Bartender: making and mixing alcohol beverages, changing and maintaining keg/tap systems on a 10 tap pour, keep area clean and stocked, maintain cash drawer and credit card slips daily, provide exceptional customer service for regulars and new guests, train new bartenders.

Duties as a Server/Server Trainer: maintain section and guests appointed to me, maintain cash and credit card slips daily, maintain cleanliness in FOH and BOH sidework daily, train new servers, test new servers, be sure that my coworkers are set up for success in a team player environment.

Baxters American Grille - Head Server/Head Trainer
City, STATE, 07/2012 - 11/2014

Sister Company to Biaggi's. Was informed to help with the new business by the Owner of Biaggi's. Maintained section and side work, kept daily cash/credit slips, trained new employees during a 5 star restaurant training, maintained cleanliness, perfect uniforms, worked private events, managed private events, team player atmosphere, was the server requested by a lot of Important local regulars(heads of State Farm, Owners of Insurance companies, and other business owners), Handled private wine lockers of important gusts, provided professional customer service, extensive knowledge of menu, extensive knowledge of bar, went to meetings, served famous people and famous athletes. Took extensive customer service training.

Commerce Bank - Personal Banker, Business Banker Specialist
City, STATE, 07/2012 - 12/2014

I took extensive training classes, maintained personal/business accounts, performed personal and business loans, home equity loans, auto loans, maintained cash drawer daily, worked after hours on paper work and phone calls to be sure deadlines were met, was notary, worked with various banking departments to provide customer satisfaction, trained new tellers/bankers, maintained and exceeded my monthly goals, traveled from city to city for work, maintained travel logs, used multiple computer systems, performed audits, filled in when others could not do their job, was recognized by bank regional manager, volunteered for holiday events for the community, helped set up teller/banker goals for them to achieve, had monthly and yearly reviews with my manager, opened and closed bank/vaults, kept up on codes and combos, maintained keys and key cards for various access, was Downtown Bloomington/Normal Business Banker Specialist, went to quarterly trainings. Took extensive business finance classes, to help business owners with financial structure. Was cooperative with federal agents during a robbery investigation of the bank. Had weekly/monthly meetings with various departments. Went through extensive HR and bank policy trainings every quarter. Passed both Federal Background Checks, and Drug tests. Held Keys and Codes to all bank branches, safety deposit, and vaults.

Fostech Electrical - Cell Phone Tower Climber/Crew Chief
City, STATE, 09/2011 - 07/2012

Traveled southern USA, subcontracted for Verizon and AT&T, maintained and updated cell phone tower lighting/signal systems, OSHA certified, Comtrain Trained and certified, had 2 crews I worked with, preformed vehicle repair, light and heavy machinery, and electrical hand. Held employee time logs. Helped Owner with any additional help he needed for electrical design and install both residential and commercial. Worked state to state. Had company truck, company card and held all keys. Saved owner money by preforming all vehicle maintenance and repairs. Passed background and drug tests. Maintained work money records.

Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano - Head Server/Server Trainer
City, STATE, 12/2010 - 08/2011

Instructed new staff members on food handling procedures and service techniques. Trained new servers in a 5 star restaurant atmosphere, maintained section, kept cash and credit card logs daily, help open and close the restaurant, worked wine tastings, worked private events, worked high end government dinners, served famous athletes and celebrities, help the team reach and maintained maximum potential every shift. Took extensive training for professional server. Was awarded Best Server by the community of Champaign IL.

Securitas - Security Officer
City, STATE, 06/2008 - 12/2010

Guarded restricted areas to prevent unauthorized entry. Patrolled and secured industrial and commercial premises to prevent intrusion. Followed established security and safety procedures and posted orders to include enforcement of company rules, policies and regulations. Documented security-related situations and submitted in-depth reports to superiors. Worked 3rd shifts to help pay for college. Trained new guards, and worked at various locations in various towns. Passed both Federal Background Checks, and Drug tests. Held keys and codes to various job sites.

Hutton Auto Care - Automotive Technician
City, STATE, 08/2006 - 08/2010

Performed maintenance inspections, tune-ups, oil changes and other key services. Completed simple and advanced (with owner guidance)repairs according to specifications for systems such as brakes, exhaust, motor, and electrical. Worked on weekends, and days I did not have class to help pay for college. Held Keys to business. Worked with owner and his family on financial structure and payment processing. Handled calls when needed.

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Parkland College
  • LeRoy High School
  • B.A.V.C.
  • ToastMasters

Job Titles Held:

  • Assistant Operations Director
  • General Manager
  • Project Operations Manager
  • General Operations Manager
  • Advisor/Manager
  • Environmental Construction Crew Leader
  • Manager, Head Bartender, Trainer
  • General Operations Manager
  • Server, Server Trainer, Bartender, Shift Manager
  • Head Server/Head Trainer
  • Personal Banker, Business Banker Specialist
  • Cell Phone Tower Climber/Crew Chief
  • Head Server/Server Trainer
  • Security Officer
  • Automotive Technician


  • Associate of Applied Science
  • High School Diploma
  • Some College (No Degree)

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