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John Dougherty

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Professional Summary

Committed Computer Science Professor inspiring and motivating students by providing a thorough understanding of a variety of computer concepts. Adept at explaining sometimes complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Specialize in effective communications with students faculty and department heads.

Core Qualifications
• Profound knowledge of computer science concepts including current technology trends
• Significant experience leading research teams and conducting independent research
• Adept at applying creative and productive teaching methods
• Proficient in the use of most current computer programs and software applications
• Strong motivational and problem solving abilities
• Impressive observational skills
Computer Science Professor
8/1/2004 - 3/1/2006

New Parkland University
New Parkland, CA

• Assisted with the planning and execution of tech-based research projects.
• Developed detailed lesson plans for each class and implemented new programs.
• Worked extensively with students by offering individual assistance as needed.
• Participated in curriculum planning decisions.

Computer Science Professor
3/1/2006 - 6/1/2013

New Parkland Community College
New Parkland, CA

• Provided instruction in the use of basic computer components and systems.
• Evaluated current course plans and sought approval for updates as necessary.
• Prepared assessments of student performances and assigned grades to completed work.

Computer Science Professor
9/1/2013 - Present

University of California
New Parkland, CA

• Attended periodic seminars and conferences to remain updated on technology trends.
• Implemented an updated grading system and provided feedback to each student.
• Provided instruction on various hardware and software programs.
• Worked with colleagues to update teaching modules.
• Oversaw student progress with class projects.
• Provided technical support to students.

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

University of California
New Parkland, CA

Master of Science - Computer Science
University of California
New Parkland, CA

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