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Alejandro Lopez

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Professional Summary

Industrious Fabric Manager adept a materials management and cost-effective management procedures. Keen eye for detail coupled with a strong ability to effectively secure project resources. Specialize in maintaining solid client relations.

Core Qualifications
• Substantial experience in both retail and high-end markets
• Impressive knowledge of fabric manufacturing and dying processes
• Strong ability to utilize industry contacts to meet production demands
• Ability to work well under pressure while meeting strict deadlines
• Willing to work varied hours to meet client demands
• Extensive communications and organizational abilities
Fabric Manager
5/1/2012 - 1/1/2014

Superior Fabrics
New Parkland, CA

• Maintained database of available inventory.
• Responded to client requests and project questions.
• Ensured availability of project resources.
• Maintained appropriate staff levels for projects.
• Identified and resolved project issues.
• Ordered fabrics for special projects and replenished fabric inventories.
• Established ongoing relationships with fabric suppliers.
• Collaborated with other department managers for larger orders.
• Established and nurtured vendor relationships.
• Prepared project schedules.
• Kept clients informed of project progress.
• Communicated with vendors and held regular meetings and conference calls.
• Prepared fabric samples for clients.
• Updated listing of available fabric choices.
• Provided clients with detailed estimates and quotes.

Fabric Manager
1/1/2014 - Present

Fabric Creations Inc.
New Parkland, CA

• Prepared seasonal cost projections and price lists
• Evaluated new fabrics and made purchase recommendations
• Organized and updated development books
• Arranged client meetings and provided on-site consultations
• Coordinated efforts with other design professionals
• Addressed client requests in a professional timely manner
• Arranged for national and international fabric shipments
• Prepared reports on seasonal fabric trends
• Maintained quality standards and implemented quality control procedures.

Bachelor of Science - Textile Development

University of California
New Parkland, CA

Associate's Degree - Business Management
University of California
New Parkland, CA

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