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Roseanne Campbell

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Professional Summary

Customer-friendly Beauty Manager who routinely interacts with customers and deals with various customer service issues in a professional manner. Adept at working in the retail cosmetics and beauty industry. Specialize in evaluating the effectiveness of various beauty products and stocking what customers prefer.

Core Qualifications
• Extensive experience working within beauty and cosmetics environments
• Ability to use database software applications to track stock and prepare spreadsheets
• Proficient in the application of various beauty products
• Ability to stand for long periods of time while working in fast-paced settings
• Good problem solving and communications skills
• Ability to work varying hours
Beauty Manager
8/1/2003 - 11/1/2006

New Parkland Department Store (Beauty Department)
New Parkland, CA

• Managed beauty department staff and prepared employee schedules.
• Hired and trained new staff members.
• Handled customer service issues and addressed any complaints.
• Reviewed and selected beauty products stocked in beauty department.
• Developed effective marketing strategies to attract more customers.
• Prepared monthly revenue and budget reports.
• Addressed customer inquiries.

Beauty Manager
3/1/2007 - Present

Elegant Style Hair & Nails
New Parkland, CA

• Designed beauty presentations and demonstrations to attract new customers
• Attended training seminars to learn new beauty techniques
• Ensured that all health safety and cleanliness standards were followed
• Routinely checked inventory of beauty supplies and placed product orders
• Set monthly goals and held regular staff members
• Interacted with customers on a regular basis to ensure customer satisfaction
• Performed and arranged cosmetic demonstrations.

Bachelor of Science - Business Management

University of California
New Parkland, CA

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