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Jessica Steele

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Professional Summary

Observant Bank Branch Manager with outstanding knowledge of bank operations. Especially adept at handling cash transactions interacting with individual and business clients and seeking amicable solutions to problems. Specialize in achieving production goals and maintaining solid customer relations.

Core Qualifications
• Excels at safely and effectively tracking cash deposits
• Solid knowledge of credit and financing policies and procedures
• Familiar with state and federal banking regulations
• Profound ability to interact with new and existing customers
• Ability to generate new business.
• Good people skills.
Bank Branch Manager
3/1/2007 - 10/1/2012

Main Street Bank
New Parkland, CA

• Tracked all deposits and approved client loans and line of credit requests.
• Established production goals and motivated staff to reach and exceed such goals.
• Provided client support as needed and worked to resolve client matters.
• Performed periodic internal audits of banking procedures.
• Ensured confidentiality with all banking transactions.

Bank Branch Manager
10/1/2012 - Present

New Parkland Savings and Loan
New Parkland, CA

• Oversaw daily operations and addressed any staffing issues
• Approved loan applications and financing requests
• Trained and supervised new hires
• Analyzed market trends and used data to set office goals
• Verified information on loan applications prior to making a decision on approval
• Ensured efficient branch operations
• Prepared staff schedules.

Associate's Degree - Finance

University of California
New Parkland, CA

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration
University of California
New Parkland, CA

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