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Jennifer Oliver

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Professional Summary

Interactive Application Support Manager who applies knowledge of software development to meet various business and financial needs. Adept at implementing client specifications and providing production support. Specialize in speedy resolution of application errors and attentive client service.

Core Qualifications
• Outstanding ability to provide application support from development to production
• Solid ability to work well with vendors on various projects or to troubleshoot issues
• Strong knowledge of SQL Server Express and similar database management systems
• Impressive ability to identify problems and offer preventative cost-saving solutions
• Familiar with Solaris Linux and similar POSIX-compliant computer operating systems
• Ability to work flexible hours
• Strong organizational skills
Application Support Manager
4/1/2004 - 7/1/2006

Oceanside Application Security Ltd.
New Parkland, CA

• Hired and trained technical support team.
• Resolved client issues and responded to service requests in a timely manner.
• Responded to calls and emails regarding application errors.

Application Support Manager
7/1/2006 - 9/1/2009

Paradise Manufacturing
New Parkland, CA

• Oversaw internal and external procedures for clients.
• Coordinated with tech team on more complex application issues.
• Maintained productive relationships with third-party vendors.

Application Support Manager
9/1/2009 - 11/1/2011

Tech Solutions Inc.
New Parkland, CA

• Prepared client presentations regarding various applications.
• Provided software upgrades and tested new software applications.
• Tracked revenue generation with monthly and quarterly reports.

Application Support Manager
1/1/2012 - Present
Waterfront Manufacturing
New Parkland, CA

• Prepared estimates of software life cycles to determine appropriate upgrade timetables.
• Recommended new software products after reviewing data on all applications.
• Performed troubleshoot on internal and client systems.

Bachelor of Science - Human Resources Management

University of California
New Parkland, CA

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