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Gary Peluso

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Professional Summary

Experienced school security guard studied in the field of personal and school property ensuring safety through professional monitoring of areas with an authoritative presence looking for new opportunities with a growing organization.

Core Qualifications
  • Extensive hands-on experience providing security in a range of environments including public and private schools colleges and administrative offices
  • Even tempered demeanor combined with training enhances ability to minimize stressful situations
  • Understanding of school student behavior and safety protocols provides foundation for making critical decisions
School Security Guard
2/1/2006 - Present

Christopher Wright School of Aviation
Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Actively involved in the development of school safety protocols
  • Responded to emergency situations and calls
  • Patrolled interior and exterior grounds looking for vandalism unsafe conditions suspicious activity and truant students
  • Investigated incidences prepared detailed reports and when necessary acted as liaison with local hospitals and law and fire officials
  • Regularly reviewed disciplinary programs for results and recommended improvements

School Security Guard
9/1/2001 - 12/1/2005

High School of Science & Design
Elgin, Illinois

  • Screened school visitors issued passes and kept visitor log
  • Monitored heavy activity areas such as cafeteria and playgrounds
  • Recorded suspicious and presence of unauthorized persons to appropriate parties
  • Examined doors gates and windows to ensure sufficient security
  • Managed daily logs of shift acitivity
  • Provided security for during and after school events as well as open houses and public meetings

High School Diploma

Winters High School
Chicago, Illinois

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