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What to Include in a Controller Resume

Figuring out what to incorporate into your controller resume depends on numerous variables. For example, your education, any work experience you have, and your future professional goals can all impact what you put in your resume. Moreover, whether you're just now out of school or switching professions affects how your resume will be crafted. Despite all these different factors, as is obvious from the controller resume samples, there are a couple of essential segments that ought to be incorporated into any resume that you create. They include the following:
  • Summary Statement
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills

As you'll also see from the controller resume samples, there are different sorts of organization formats you can use to give structure to a resume.

While most resumes use a sequential, chronological organization, some use a functional organization. The chronological arrangement requires that everything inside of the resume be listed in reverse chronological order, but the functional organization is more adaptable and generally lists everything by order of importance rather than in any chronological order by date.

Candidates who acquired a formal education with the aims of one day becoming a controller can most likely adhere to the chronological organization. On the other hand, the individuals who did not set out to end up in a controller position, but rather who are transitioning to the vocation from another professional field, may find a functional resume more appropriate. That's because this latter resume type allows job applicants to showcase abilities from past professions that are relevant but that may not be part of a traditional controller career progression.

How to Write the Controller Resume Summary Statement

No matter which format you're using, start the resume with the summary statement. This header of sort should give the hiring manager a quick snapshot of who you are while also arousing their interest and encouraging them to read further.

To tackle this resume element, outline the most basic information that you need the business to know about your aptitudes, capabilities, and accomplishments. You'll also want to research what the company states it's looking for in applicants from its job posting. Figure out who and what the organization is searching for, and afterward give proficient insights about yourself that demonstrate you're the right candidate for the position. The following summary statements are the types you'll find in good controller resume samples:

En route controllers adept at monitoring aircrafts once they leave an airport's airspace. Experienced working at air route traffic control centers located throughout the country, including ones not located at airports. Specialize in assigning an airspace based on the geography and altitude of the area in which it is located.

Tower controllers excellent at directing the movement of vehicles on runways and taxiways. Adept at checking flight plans, giving pilots clearance for takeoff or landing, and directing the movement of aircraft and other traffic on the runways and other parts of the airport. Specialize in working from control towers where the traffic being controlled can be seen.

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How to Write the Controller Education Section

Start this segment by beginning with your highest level of education first. Usually, controllers have an associate, bachelor or master's degree in a field such as engineering, aviation, or other such disciplines. Some controllers may even have participated in the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA)Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program, which is thought to be valuable preparation for specialist positions.

Regardless of what type of higher education you've achieved, list the month and year of graduation, the degree awarded, the awarding university, and the location of the university.

In the event that you've taken any unique training courses or vocational courses specifically for a controller position, you may show it in this area too. For instance, most controllers need to take a FAA pre-work test and must go to a FAA Academy instructional class. In the event that you've officially finished these prerequisites, show them here.

Most controllers must additionally take the Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Test (AT-SAT), which is an 8-hour long test that is taken via computer. Make certain to incorporate your test results in this area as well as any other certifications or licenses you may have, such as aFirst Aid Certification.

How to Write the Controller Work Experience Section

Detail any pertinent work experience you have in this area. In the event that you have past work experience as a controller, list your employment obligations and highlight any achievements that you racked up.

In case you're just out of school and don't as of now have any past experience at work as a controller, list the employment that you have had and attempt to relate any transferrable aptitudes that you gained from them towards the position you're looking for. For instance, leadership and instruction skills that you obtained directing traffic for a school or other agency could assist you with a controller position. If you have no work experience, then list any community service or intern work you completed.

Action Verbs to Include in Your Controller Work Experience Section

Utilizing the proper action verbs can have an immense effect on how your resume is received. Exhibiting learning of industry language demonstrates your polished skill and knowledge of workplace obligations. Some of the action verbs you'll see in controller resume samples include the following:
  • Assess
  • Compute
  • Calculate
  • Direct
  • Instruct
  • Command
  • Predict
  • Forecast
  • Convey
  • Order
  • Charge
  • Guide
  • Lead
  • Point

How to Write the Controller Skills Section

List the most fundamental abilities that you need the employer to know you possess in this segment. It's a good idea to list your most noteworthy aptitudes that apply most to the position you're looking for first. To do this, reread the expected set of responsibilities from the job listing to locate some key abilities that the business is searching for from the listing.

Additionally, list both hard and soft skills. As is the case with great controller resume samples, you'll want to demonstrate that you have an extensive variety of balanced aptitudes.
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Should I Include References in my Controller Resume

Try not to incorporate references in your controller resume unless the application requests that you incorporate them. Odds are that the greater part of the references you would incorporate would be past employers at any rate, so that basically makes for repetitive data since you've already provided your work history in another area.

Circumstances where it may be perfect to incorporate a reference are ones in which you are associated with an industry master. Having a well-known industry master vouch for you can certainly make a great impression, so in these cases, don't hesitate to incorporate a reference. Make sure you obtain the individual's authorization first though to list him or her as a reference.

Controller Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

While there are certain segments you ought to ensure you incorporate into all resumes, there are additionally certain mistakes you ought to ensure you never make. Some of the following mistakes are examples of the type you won't see on any good controller resume samples:
  • Hobbies and other interest. Try not to list any individual data that doesn't relate to the employment you're looking for. In addition to the fact that this is pointless and unimportant, it also makes your resume look amateurish and like you've come up short on professional accomplishments to discuss.
  • Social networking accounts and profiles. Try not to furnish managers with connections to your Facebook profile, Twitter account or some other social networking and communication sites. Likewise, don't list any individual web spaces you have either unless they are committed to highlighting your career. Most bosses these days require you to provide an email address, but ensure you list a professional one rather than a person one.
  • School name abbreviations. Don't abbreviate the name of the college or university you received your degree from. While モMSUヤ might translate to モMurray State Universityヤ to you, it could also stand for モMontclair State Universityヤ or countless others. As you'll see in good controller resume samples, always write out the full name of the education institution you attended.
  • Providing false information. This mistake might seem obvious, but sometimes applicants accidentally provide false information on their resumes simply because they didn't check their dates of employment, graduation, and so on. If you can't remember the exact date of something, put down the month or season along with the year instead. Giving a broader expanse of time is better than falsifying information and then having the employer find out the information is incorrect when he or she inquires about it with your previous employer.
  • Extremely small font. While resumes are generally supposed to be one to two pages in length, this doesn't mean that you should decrease your font size in order to fit more on the page, which is why you won't see this practice in good controller resume samples. Don't go below a 10-point font because anything smaller becomes too difficult to read. Remember that employers are looking for well-formatted documents that allow them to easily discern what they need to know about applicants.

Job Prospects in the Controller Industry

    It's projected that controller job prospects will show little to no change from 2012 to 2022. Most employment opportunities that do come along will be because of the need to replace retiring workers. Although the FAA hasn't cut any jobs and doesn't anticipate cutting any, it doesn't predict that there will be any growth in the industry either since it has plenty of personnel in its capacity already. Budget constraints will also limit the amount of new controller to be hired, and the development of NextGen satellite-based systems will make it so that individual controllers can handle more air traffic than before
    Applicants who have completed an AT-CTI study program and are in their 20s or who already have previous controller experience will have an advantage when it comes to securing jobs in the industry. Additionally, those who are willing to travel, relocate, or live anywhere will also generally have an advantage.
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