Gymnastics Instructor Resume Example

Been bending over backward trying to find a job? A resume can help. Gymnastics instructors teach amateur or professional athletes the skills they need to succeed. Be sure to list all of your coaching and athletic instruction experience on your resume, including any work you’ve done scouting new athletes. If you have a relevant college degree, like in sports management, be sure to include that information as well. Since one-on-one work is vital as a gymnastics instructor, mentioning soft skills such as stellar communication can set you apart from the competition. For more ideas, see our gymnastics instructor resume example.

Gymnastics Instructor Advice 

Ready to become a professional gymnastics instructor? It takes skill, experience, athletic ability and a solid resume. The resume examples below will help you create your own excellent resume more quickly and with less effort. Choose from a range of templates and designs. Click on any of the resume examples below to get started on a resume that will impress employers and help you get the job you want.

Resume Tips for Gymnastics Instructor 

Finding jobs as a gymnastics instructor can be easier if you have a strong job search skill set and a positive attitude. Follow these tips for making the search for your next career move effective and focused on obtaining your goals.
1. Create a job search plan by setting weekly goals of job applications, submitted resumes, and networking events. Organizing your search in a file on your computer or in a notebook will help you to maintain your goals and keep the right attitude.
2. Attend job fairs. Prepare by dressing professionally and being ready for on-the-spot interviews. Have your resume polished and bring enough of the documents to pass along to available hiring managers.
3. Practice your ‘elevator pitch’. This quick summary of your skill set and what you can offer a company can come in very useful at job fairs, networking events, and almost anywhere. You never know who you are going to meet and it is important to be prepared for that next big opportunity.
4. Polish your resume. Make sure it is formatted in a readable style and font and is error free. Word processing programs are not all-encompassing, so it is important to scrutinize your resume well before offering it to prospective employers.
5. Send out inquiry letters. This ‘cold call’ letter can be an excellent way to introduce yourself to a company you want to join for a long term career. It is best to get a name in leadership in the area you would like to work, if possible. The letter is much more likely to get noticed than one with a general greeting.

Gymnastics Instructor Job Seeking Tips 

It is very important for your resume to be top-notch to garner the attention of hiring managers. To help you find jobs as a gymnastics instructor, follow these resume tips.
1. When listing your experience, list job title before companies unless it is a very prominent name like Apple or Disney World.
2. Use action verbs in your job listings to describe your accomplishments. Words or phrases like “worked” and “duties included” are not dynamic enough to capture the attention of hiring managers.
3. If you have gaps in your resume, and performed any type of contract or freelance work, use these types of entries to help with “red flag” time gaps.
4. Be consistent with your parts of speech when describing your jobs. Don’t mix parts of speech and use action verbs to begin bullet points if using that type of format.
5. Insert industry keywords within the text of your resume. Software continues to be used to search resumes online for particular certifications, skill sets, and more to narrow down applicants for interviews.

Related Resumes:

Gymnastics Instructor Resume

Company: Wallingford Parks and Recreation Department – 6 Fairfield Boulevard, Wallingford Ct
Date Range: 01/1995 to 01/2002

Instructed the class: Foundation 101 of Gymnastics.
Worked with children ages two to sixteen improving gross motor skills expanding upon the foundations of child development.
Fostered a friendly, warm and exceptional customer experience.

Competitive Gymnastic Instructor Resume

Date Range: 11/2010 to Current

Experienced in teaching all levels of gymnastics from beginner to advanced level. Trained the gymnasts the right techniques and forms of gymnastics
Assist the head coach in coaching gymnasts and conduct practice sessions
Make note of any mistakes by gymnasts and correct them appropriately
Register entries for several local, state and national level competitions
Encourage the gymnasts to improve their level of performance
Monitor the gymnasts and make certain they follow their schedules routines and refine their techniques and performances
Draft the practice schedules and determine the gymnastic routines
Conduct exercise sessions to build up right stamina and flexibility

Gymnastics Instructor Resume

Company: Buehler YMCA - Palatine, IL
Date Range: July 2012 to Current

Organized activities that developed children's physical, emotional and social growth.
Gymnastics- moving around and conditioning before end of class.
Gymnastics- teach them new skills and to never give up or say that they cant they have to keep trying and believe in themself and they can do it. Once they can do the skill they were struggling on or gained a new skill, to see how happy and excited they are is the best feeling and it gives them more confidence in themselves.
Both jobs- Have children and toddlers interact with eachother and learn to work together and communicate with all children.
Redirected children to encourage safe environment, but have positive behaviors.
Gymnastics- We always go over the rules before each class and also hand out papers about safety and rules.
Gymnastics-Always express safety first but they are still able to have fun and enjoy themselves.
Childcare- Always watching children so they don't climb on things or put stuff in their mouth or go in places that are unsafe.
Physically and verbally interacted with children throughout the day.
Gymnastics- Talking about how their day went and when they are having trouble I physically help them and use positive encouragement.
Gymnastics- Showing children how to do the skill or we all do something together.

Gymnastics Instructor Resume

Company: Leaps-N-Bounders Gymnastics - Trevose, PA
Date Range: 4/1/2009

I teach gymnastics/tumbling classes where I am in charge of a class and take them through a lesson plan each week. When I am not teaching classes I am helping out at the front desk answering phones, taking payments, scheduling, and other general responsibilities of a receptionist. I also have days where I am responsible for opening and closing the gym.

Instructor Resume

Company: Suncoast Gymnastics Academy - Odessa, FL
Date Range: October 2010 to January 2013

While working at SunCoast Gymnastics, I taught classes that showed the basics of gymnastics to entry level gymnast and also taught skills that went with every level. I made sure my classes were fun and made myself approachable to concerning parents. I Created daily lesson plans for activities. I also physically and verbally interacted with children throughout the day. Also monitored children's play activities to verify safety and wellness, and continually encouraged children to be understanding and patient with others.

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