Delivery Driver Resume Example

Deliver a great resume when you apply for your next job! Delivery drivers pick up, transport, and drop off packages and small shipments within a local region or urban area, usually in a car or light truck of 26,000 pounds or less. Typically, delivery truck drivers transport merchandise from a distribution center to businesses and households. On your resume, list all your delivery experience, including the type of vehicle used. Also, include experience that could give you an edge over the competition, such as experience operating forklifts and possessing a valid Class B Commercial Driver’s license. For more ideas, see our delivery driver resume example.

Delivery Driver Advice 

Looking to get hired as a delivery driver? The delivery driver resume examples we've included below are designed to help you create your own resume. Choose from any of the templates below and use these resume examples as a model in creating your own professional resume. Get started today and take the next step toward getting the job you want.

Resume Tips for Delivery Driver 

Finding jobs as a delivery driver takes a broad skill set of job-seeking abilities and a positive attitude. Follow these tips to make your job search easier and to move forward with your career goals.
1. Be active on social media and focus your online presence. Utilize industry keywords in your profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get the attention of hiring managers.
2. Organize your job search well. Keeping track of your applications and sent resumes will help you to follow up at the right times. Employers look positively on good communication practices.
3. Get an entrepreneur mindset. Don’t be afraid to do consulting, contracting or freelancing work to fill in gaps in your resume while you are looking for that full-time job.
4. Maintain a positive attitude through persistence and creating weekly goals for applications. This attitude will show when you are networking and interviewing and be impressive to potential employers.
5. Join groups that can help you with reaching your career goals. Industry associations, job-hunter groups and online job boards are frequently partners for success in the job market.

Delivery Driver Job Seeking Tips 

It is vital to have a top-notch resume when you are looking for jobs as a delivery driver. Polish this very important document by following these do’s and don’ts to rise above your competition.
1. Do think about including a special section for a summary or profile that can place a sharp focus on your talents and qualifications. The integration of bullet points can be helpful and promote readability too.
2. Don’t use vague language like “duties included” or “responsible for” in your job descriptions. It is best to utilize action-oriented verbs to showcase your skill sets.
3. Do use numbers to quantify your accomplishments. Hiring managers can get a good sense of what you can contribute with phrases like “managed a team of 15” or “increased sales by 25 percent. ”
4. Do list sports activities if you are a college student or new graduate. This can show leadership and teamwork skills to potential employers, as well as a strong competitive drive.
5. Don’t include emails that are not professional in your contact information. This will not make your resume stand out and can be very off-putting to those who read your resume.

Related Resumes:

Delivery Driver Resume

Company: Best Buy
Date Range: 11/1994 to 04/2013

Evaluated scheduling and made needed adjustments to maximize efficiency for customers.
Loaded products weighing up to 300 pounds onto trailers for delivery.
Stacked and transported all overstock to storage areas.
Installed protective bracing, padding and strapping to prevent shifting and damage to items during transport.
Contacted customers prior to delivery to confirm and coordinate delivery times.

Delivery Driver Resume

Company: United Natural Foods INC - Iowa Ciity, IA
Date Range: January 2011 to Current

Evaluated operational records and made scheduling adjustments to maximize efficiency.Operated powered lift trucks, floor sweepers, pallet jacks and forklifts safely and with a 0% incident rate.Contacted customers prior to delivery to confirm and coordinate delivery times. Transport good and products to clients throughout the Midwest Region with overnight stays required.

Delivery Driver Resume

Company: STERICYCLE - Canton, MS
Date Range: Aug 2015 to Jun 2016

Managed assigned routes ensuring customers' waste was picked up in a timely and accurate manner.
Pick up and transport waste safely according to all federal, state, and local rules and regulations.
Planned daily schedule based on customers' needs by reviewing daily paperwork, e.g., manifest, route sheets, previous VCR, etc.
provided by the Transportation Manager/Supervisor or Dispatcher.
Prepared and loaded trucks to service select accounts for the day ensuring enough supplies are added.
Pick up specified waste from each customer site scheduled for the day.
Ensures that customers have packaged and prepared the waste according to all federal, state, and local rules and regulations before transporting.
Provide the highest level of customer service to assigned accounts on a daily basis, communicating any issues to Transportation Manager/Supervisor or Dispatcher for resolution.
This included, but is not limited to re-routes, adjustments in container sizes, training, etc.
Ensures waste, supplies, and material handling equipment are secured prior to operating vehicle on public highway.

Delivery Driver Resume

Company: Keystone Automotive operations
Date Range: 01/2015 to 03/2016

Delivered automotive and RV parts to customers in a safe and timely manner
Broke down pallets, skids, and boxes and loaded plus secured products for transport and delivery Escalated customer satisfaction to 100% by making timely and accurate deliveries based on their orders.
Maintain vehicle service, fueling and delivery records updated on respective inventories
Practice high quality customer care protocol and convey any complaints to the management immediately.

Delivery Driver Resume

Company: Fifth City Wine & Spirits | Clarksville , Tennessee
Date Range: 05/2013 to 12/2014

Lift and carry a 20+ pound case of product on a repetitive basis.
Possess a dependable vehicle, valid driver's license, proof of state registration and insurance, and an acceptable driving record.
Ensure timely delivery with the highest safety and quality standard.
Collect payment from customers.

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