Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Win your next customer service position with a stellar resume! Customer service representatives interact with customers to answer questions, handle complaints, and process orders. Retail customer service reps should list all past retail jobs since almost every role requires some customer service. Also, list the qualities that will make you a great fit for the position, including superb communication skills, conflict resolution and problem-solving. Most customer service representative positions don’t require a college degree but do include any specialized training you’ve received that could help you perform your job better. See our customer service representative resume example for more ideas.

Customer Service Representative Advice 

Searching for a job as a customer service representative? You’ll need to have experience, motivation, exceptional communications and customer service skills, and a stand-out resume. The resume examples we’ve compiled below are perfect for helping you build your customer service representative resume faster. Use the pre-written text or update to reflect your background and personal skills. Click on any of the resume examples below to get started.

Resume Tips for Customer Service Representative 

A successful hunt for employment takes strategy as well as knowledge. When seeking jobs as a customer service representative or anywhere else, keep in mind the following tips to streamline your search.
1. Check out job fairs. A job fair offers great opportunities to network and to meet with company representatives to learn more about the positions they offer.
2. Research companies. Read up on businesses in your industry on company websites and in business journals, and look for information and possible job posting locations at a public library.
3. Examine your options. Expand your employment opportunities by considering what new positions or fields your skillset and experience may apply to. By broadening the pool of potential employers, you increase your chances of finding jobs as a customer service representative.
4. Join a job club. A local job club made up of other employment seekers can help give you new ideas to try, as well as give you the moral support of meeting people in the same situation.
5. Prepare yourself. In the current economy, a job search can take some time. Plan ahead for contingencies, and don't lose confidence. The only way to succeed is to keep trying.

Customer Service Representative Job Seeking Tips 

Along with the above, a crucial component to any job search is the resume. No matter the industry or the career for which you're seeking jobs as a customer service representative, make a standout resume by observing the guidelines below.
1. Begin with an overview. Open your resume with a professional summary introducing yourself to an employer, with mention of your most pertinent experience and skills.
2. Format consistently. Keep to the same font throughout the resume, and use matching headers and bullet points. Consistent formatting makes the information easier to read, while unpredictable changes distract from the content.
3. Combine short sections. While breaking information into sections can make it more readable, avoid creating too small, sparse sections that may make you appear unqualified. For example, a single certification in its own section can seem lacking, and would look better included under skills.
4. List work experience in bullet points. The accomplishments and responsibilities of your previous positions should always be in distinct points, not bunched together in illegible clumps of paragraphs.
5. Leave off the references. Keep your resume succinct and on target. If references are requested with the initial application, include them on a separate page with its own header.

Related Resumes:

Customer Service Representative Resume

Company: Luxottica Retail North America
Date Range: 08/2016 to Current

The Customer Specialist provides telephone and email support for our clients customers.
We communicate effectively and professionally with customer via phone, email and potentially live chat.
Investigating and answering customer inquiries regarding orders, returns, policy and procedures, products and overall customer service.
Placing outbound telephone calls or composing emails to follow-up with customers who have issues or concerns.

Retail Customer Service Representative Resume

Company: Verizon Wireless
Date Range: Jan 2008 to Aug 2012

My responsibilities include providing exceptional customer Service to individuals visiting the Verizon Wireless Store, including greeting customers as well as assessing their needs.
Other duties include diagnosing and troubleshooting mobile broadband and phones, service activations, processing ESN (electronic serial number) changes and bill payments, responding to billing inquiries, equipment replacement, and processing price plan changes and upgrades.
Advocate the My Verizon Express to promote self serve options to empower our customers.

Retail, Customer Service Representative Resume

Company: Family Dollar Store
Date Range: June 2012 to August 2014

Worked the register
Pulled out U-boats out filled with new store stock
Responsible of getting out all the new and old stock
Make sure the store was well recovered
Made sure customers were satisfied with Family Dollar
Good customer service

Retail Customer Service Representative/ Sales Resume

Company: Verizon Wireless Store
Date Range: Current

Provide prompt, courteous and professional customer service by taking 100% direct action to ensure to meet and exceed all customer retention.
Demonstrated ability in the provision of Sales support services to maximize store revenue by 80%. Including establishment of client base, extensive customer servicing and telemarketing.
Handle sourcing of vendors, contract negotiation, purchasing, correspondence, account adjustments and experience in operational data procedures which include account research.
Assist in supervision of overall store environment including not limited to merchandising, customer escalations, cash management control.

Retail/Customer Service Representative Resume

Company: Soccer Stop
Date Range: Mar 2011 to May 2013

Assist customers and business clients in selecting wanted merchandise
Track inventory of store products
Place special orders
Maintain workplace cleanliness
Form proper displays to attract better revenue

800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST
Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST