Shift Manager Resume Example

Landing a shift manager position requires a terrific resume that highlights your experience running the daily operation of food and beverage establishments. Since shift managers manage staff and provide customer service to ensure that patrons are satisfied with their dining experience, highlighting these skills on your resume is crucial. Shift managers are typically also responsible for ensuring the establishment’s profitability, so detail your financial accomplishments when possible. Highlight skills like staff training and development, and hiring and recruiting to rise to the top of the short list of candidates. For more ideas and important words, use our shift manager resume example.

Shift Manager Advice 

Shift managers play an important role in the everyday operations of a restaurant. To get hired as a shift manager, you'll need some restaurant experience and a solid resume. available in your area for qualified people. That's why we've created these shift manager resume examples. These examples should give you a good head start in building a resume that will help you get hired, faster. If you're looking to create a better resume, click on the resume examples to get started right away.

Resume Tips for Shift Manager 

Hunting for the next job is a different animal than it once was. There are important steps you can take that will help you significantly. This quick guide highlights some of the best practices for finding jobs as a shift manager, or anywhere else.
1. Shake hands. Networking is by far the most important part of your hunt. Meeting people face-to-face will enable you to make much stronger impressions that are more likely to get you hired.
2. Create opportunities. Starting a business can be risky, but there are other avenues of self-employment. Independent contracting is on the rise, so don’t exclude these jobs from your field of view.
3. Network. It might feel redundant to list this twice, but it really is that important. Strong impressions are excellent, but overlooking social media is a mistake. Use it to find contacts and create an online image that will help employers see you with their search tools.
4. Don’t give up. The market is improving, but it can still take longer to get hired than it did a decade or two ago, even with the numerous jobs as a shift manager. Try to stay positive and avoid discouragement. If you stay persistent, you will find something.
5. Get professional help. There are many tools, both online and not, that can assist you. Relying solely on them is a mistake, but so is ignoring them. Make use of every resource you can find and your efforts will be rewarded.

Shift Manager Job Seeking Tips 

Finding the next job is a start, but you still have to get hired. No matter how perfect you may be for a position, if you can’t make the hiring manager see it, you won’t get the job. These resume tips can help you through the hiring process so you can end the search and enjoy the possibilites from new jobs as a shift manager.
1. Use a summary. Mission statements were all the rage a few years ago, but they have mostly become obsolete. The purpose of the resume is apparent. Instead, use a summary to build yourself up a little bit and get the manager more interested in the rest of the document.
2. List your jobs in reverse chronological order. You may have heard that a resume should be listed by order of importance. This is true, but the employer gets to dictate that importance. They are interested in your most recent work, so put it first.
3. Stay succinct. If you find a particular section is getting wordy, use bullet points to break the text apart. If that isn’t enough, try moving relevant points to another section or under another heading.
4. Leave the references off of the page. An employer can reasonably assume that you will provide references if asked. Use this space on your resume for something more compelling.
5. Don’t forget soft skills. Everyone remembers to list their certifications and job-specific skills, but personality related advantages are important too. Good soft skills to list might include communication skills or organizational expertise.

Related Resumes:

Waiter, Bar Tender, Shift Manager Resume

Company: Bella Donna Italian Resturant
Date Range: 04/2013 - 03/2014

Consistently provided professional, friendly and engaging service.
Skillfully promoted items on beverage lists and restaurant specials.
Followed all safety and sanitation policies when handling food and beverage to uphold proper health standards.
Displayed enthusiasm and knowledge about the restaurant's menu and products.
Addressed diner complaints with kitchen staff and served replacement menu items promptly.
Quickly recorded transactions in MICROS system to deliver prompt service.
Routinely cleaned work areas, glassware and silverware throughout each shift.
Immediately reported accidents, injuries or unsafe work conditions to manager.
Inventoried and restocked items throughout day.
Provided friendly and attentive service.
Bussed, cleared, cleaned and set tables in a quiet and efficient manner.

Bartender/Shift Manager Resume

Company: V Bar
Date Range: 05/2014 to Current

Verified that guests at the bar were of legal age.
Greeted guests in a timely and professional manner.
Waited on multiple customers at the bar and throughout the bar area.
Received beverage orders from wait staff and delivered beverages to guests.
Maintained full knowledge of beverage lists and promotions.
Poured drinks using standard pour according to specifications.
Ensured liquor was secured at the end of shifts.
Processed orders on a computerized Point of Sale system.
Managed bar revenues, ensuring that all patrons were billed and all cash properly accounted for.
Closed out cash register and prepared cashier report.
Cleaned shelving, mixers, cups, blenders and soda guns.
Cleaned and changed ashtrays and emptied trash cans as necessary.
Served each guest courteously, quickly and efficiently.

Shift Manager Resume

Company: Sapor Cafe and Bar
Date Range: Apr 2002 to Current

Assisted customers with understanding a global, international menu containing many unfamiliar ingredients
Managed coworkers, ensuring daily tasks are performed and customers receive a consistent experience
Trained new employees, providing guidance and instruction
Ensured a pleasant dining experience
Worked as a team to create ideas for a positive work environment as well as a successful restaurant
Responsible for cash register and balancing credit receipts

Bartender, Server, QA, Shift manager Resume

Company: Chili's Grill and Bar
Date Range: 09/2006 to Current

Facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance for the bar area.
Assist managers with ordering and inventory.
Maintain proper levels of prepped items for the bar on a day to day basis.
Ensure guests are delivered an outstanding experience every time the visit.
Perform management duties when acting as shift manager. These duties include but are not limited to: table visits, solving guest concerns, promoting teamwork and a smoothly run shift.

Server/Shift Manager Resume

Company: Mercury Bar West
Date Range: February 2012 to Current

Answered questions about menu selections and made recommendations when requested.Appropriately suggested additional items to customers to increase restaurant sales.Promptly served all food courses and alcoholic beverages to guests.Effectively communicated with kitchen staff regarding customer allergies, dietary needs and other special requests.Regularly checked on guests to ensure satisfaction with each food course and beverages.Effectively used items in stock to decrease waste and profit loss. In charge of Scheduling Staff/ Voids/Compts/ Checked in deliveries and signed off on products received.

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