Ultrasound Technician Resume Example

An outstanding resume is a crucial part of your job search. As an ultrasound technician, it’s smart to emphasize your analytical skills and your machinery operation expertise. Begin with an excellent summary statement that introduces these abilities to your readers. In your skill section, consider listing problem solving, social perceptiveness, and active listening in addition to other critical capabilities. Treat your work history section as a platform to expand these relevant talents. Describe accomplishments related to your analytical skills. Whenever possible, include the exact names of all machinery you have operated to provide context. For more help, study the ultrasound technician resume example.

Ultrasound Technician Advice 

Build your ultrasound technician career with a great resume. The resume examples below highlight the vital role ultrasound technicians play in helping diagnose patients. Use these samples to help you draft your own resume.

Resume Tips for Ultrasound Technician 

Finding jobs as a ultrasound technician means being persistent and smart. Put your education, know-how and tech savvy to good use, and read a few tips to help your job hunt.
1. Develop a portfolio that showcases your work. For example, if you are a teacher, include lesson plan examples and certifications you’ve earned. Post the portfolio online on sites such as LinkedIn and your professional website.
2. Attend sessions to help with skills such as job interviewing. These mock interviews help you prepare for answering tough questions like few other activities do.
3. Develop a job search plan. It need not be exhaustive, just enough to give you a blueprint and to help you feel proactive about finding jobs as a ultrasound technician. You could set daily goals, but weekly goals help with a cumulative effect. For instance, one week, you might choose to devote your resources to officially applying for two jobs every day, while the next week, you’d focus on reaching out to one new person every day to expand your network.
4. Socialize. Whether it’s in a bowling league, at a coffee shop or elsewhere, it’s important for you to keep up other parts of your life to manage stress. Socializing also brings the added benefit of adding to your number of possible job connections.
5. Enrich yourself. Read one book a week in your field, or sign up for a workshop or class.

Ultrasound Technician Job Seeking Tips 

Your resume is what hooks hiring managers when you look for jobs as a ultrasound technician. To get managers to contact you, polish your resume and other application materials.
1. Write a section such as a “Summary of Qualifications” instead of an objective statement. Use the qualifications summary to supply an overview of your experience, credentials and successes. Only use the objective statement if you’re making a huge change that needs explanation up front.
2. Put the most important information up front. Fold your resume in half, and read over the top portion. Would it hook a hiring manager? If not, rearrange information until you have a blend that works.
3. Search for relevant keywords in the job description, and apply them to your resume if possible.
4. Tailor your resume to each job you apply for. One-size-fits-all resumes are risky and likely will not get you too far.
5. Double check the information in your resume and application to make sure they match. It’s easy to get a month here and there wrong, but it makes you look unprofessional.

Related Resumes:

Ultrasound Technician and Clinical Instructor Resume

Date Range: 03/1993 to 10/1997

Lead ultrasound technician performing all ultrasound, vascular and echocardiogram studies. Taught students from the Ultrasound Diagnostic School, St Petersburg, Florida and provided training during their clinical rotations. Was named hospital employee of the month.

Ultrasound Technician ~ Lead Resume

Date Range: 01/2004 to Current

Performs clinical assessment and general ultrasound on high patient volume daily.
Specializes in breast biopsies, aspirations and needle localization procedures.
Vascular studies include carotids and extremities.
Assists radiologist with sonohysterography
Assistant to the Imaging supervisor providing department support with staff, protocols for patients, quality assurance/control and ordering medical supplies.
Obtained ACR accreditation for facility in Abdomen, OB/GYN, and Breast.
Proficient on PACS system and GE Logic 7&9.

Ultrasound Technician Resume

Company: North Hills Hospital HCA
Date Range: 02/2012 to Current

Positions patients for optimal comfort before procedures.Operates ultrasound equipment to produce images of internal organs.Works in collaboration with radiologists, sonographers and other healthcare team members.Completes diagnostic-quality ultrasound exams under the direction of the radiologist.Develops and maintains effective relationships through effective and timely communication.Verifies type of radiology procedure prior to exams using the HIPAA guidelines for two identifiers.Sterilizes medical equipment after each procedure.Records patient histories and files supporting clinical data and diagnosis. Trains Ultrasound Students from Weatherford College.

Ultrasound Technician Resume

Company: Lake Health Systems
Date Range: July 2002 to April 2013

Selected equipment for use in ultrasound setup according to specifications of examination.
Operated ultrasound equipment to produce images of internal organs.
Worked in collaboration with radiologists, sonographers and other healthcare team members.
Completed diagnostic-quality ultrasound exams under the direction of the radiologist.
Responsible for evaluating and preparing test reports of the quality of sonograms
Perform the responsibilities of evaluating the performance of ultrasound to ensure that it functions as outlined in the technical manual

Ultrasound Technician Resume

Company: Hialeah Hospital
Date Range: Jan 2010 to Jan 2011

Observed and assisted sonographer with studies, by following physician.
orders.Prepared patients for examinations *Scanned patients under supervision *Observed pelvic, abdominal, ob/gyn and small parts examinations *Performed ultrasound evaluation's of the abdomen, pelvic, ob/gyn and small.

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