Nursing Aide And Assistant Resume Example

Because you work in a competitive industry, your resume must must pass extra scrutiny. If you want a standout resume, you need to emphasize both your administrative and medical skills. Ensure that both are mentioned in your summary statement to capture your reader’s interest. Use your skills section to showcase more of your talents in these two fields. In your work history section, outline your experience and detail your responsibilities in bullet points. Take a look at our nursing aide and assistant resume example for additional insights.

Nursing Aide And Assistant Advice 

Our nursing aide and assistant resume examples have been designed to help you create or improve your own resume. Becoming a nursing aide and assistant requires extensive training and clinical instruction. It also requires a solid resume, highlighting your background. That's where our resume examples come in. Use these resume examples as a starting point in building a resume that will help you get hired, faster.

Resume Tips for Nursing Aide And Assistant 

It’s natural to assume that landing jobs as a nursing aide and assistant will come quickly. However, it isn’t always that simple, especially in a post-Recession economy. These days, employers are taking their time to hire new people or replace old positions. Jobseekers can overcome the challenges of a lengthy job hunt by utilizing the following tools and techniques:
1. Establish a web presence. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, Twitter or a Facebook account, you pretty much don’t exist in the modern landscape. Employers need to have a sense of the type of person you are before they decide whether or not to interview you.
2. Focus on your dream job or company. It’s natural to apply to any and all openings when you’re desperate to land a job. However, you’ll be more productive with your time by targeting specific careers or companies. If you stay within a specific career field or company type, it helps to minimize the times you tailor your resume.
3. Network with those in your desired profession. Your connections may help you with job leads or give you insight into the local job market.
4. Enroll in additional skill training or online courses. Not all skills are learned on the job. Job training or online courses can help you gain new skills while you’re looking for your next job.
5. Utilize various job-hunting techniques. When it comes to techniques to land a job, it’s not a one size fits all. Be open to using various techniques because it can increase your prospects for jobs as a nursing aide and assistant.

Nursing Aide And Assistant Job Seeking Tips 

In the modern landscape, companies have been known to take their time with hiring a new candidate. Companies want their next employee to be the right fit for the company and the culture. The resume is among the factors that employers use to determine if you’re a good fit. When applying for jobs as a nursing aide and assistant, be sure that your resume highlights your skills and career level at first glance. Improve your resume and increase your chances to land an interview with these tips:
1. Include a profile statement at the top of your resume. The profile statement explains the value you bring to the company.
2. Utilize reader-friendly design elements, which include appropriate-size font between 10. 5 to 12 points, flush left text alignment and bullet points.
3. Incorporate target keywords. Companies often use a tracking system to scan through resumes. These systems are looking for keywords in your resume. You can identify the keywords in the job descriptions.
4. Focus on writing concisely. Achieve this by incorporating power verbs, such as “collaborated” instead of “worked. ”
5. Quantify your accomplishments when possible. Numbers tell a concrete story. For example, include the sales amount that you brought in or the number of subscribers to your e-mail marketing campaign.

Related Resumes:

Home Health Aide Resume

Company: Comfort Keepers
Date Range: May 2010 to September 2010

Assisted with ADLs.
Read and recorded temperature, pulse and respiration.
Assisted with transferring residents in and out of wheelchairs and adaptive equipment.
Provided transportation, assistance and companionship to clients.
Performed household tasks such as laundry, dusting, washing dishes and vaccuming.
Charted daily information on the residents such as mood changes, mobility activity, eating percentages, and daily inputs and outputs.
Recognized and reported abnormalities and/or changes in patients' health status to nursing staff.


Date Range: 04/2012 to 04/2013

Report any problems and changes in patient condition to hospice nurse.
Assist with medication that are normally self- administered.
Maintained records of patient care, condition and advancement.
Assist with ambulation and exercise.

Medication Aide/ Nursing Assistant Resume

Company: Spring Arbor Assisted Living
Date Range: 02/2013 to 11/2015

Document and review medication administration
Perform and document blood sugar monitoring and administered insulin per physician\'s order
Conduct controlled drug count at the beginning and end of shift

Medical Assistant/Caregiver Resume

Company: Happier in my Home
Date Range: 09/2015 to Current

Provide in home care to patients of different needs and ages.
Coordinate doctors appointments for patients.
Communicate patient needs and progress with family and physicians.
Encourage and assist patient with exercises given to patient by speech, physical, and occupational therapist, toilet/bathing training, along with patient transfer.

Certified Nursing Aide Resume

Company: Genesis Healthcare
Date Range: 11/2013 to Current

• Provide nursing care in the supervision of RN in line with resident care policies and procedures
• Maintain homelike setting for the residents
• Protect and support resident rights and assist the individuals to maintain independence
• Obtain samples, weights, and vital signs of patients
• Provide scheduled care to the patients
• Report to the RN and doctors regarding the status of patient
• Maintain a neat and clean ward environment

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