Quality Assurance Specialist Resume Example

Quality assurance specialists have an array of duties and responsibilities. Different industries, or even different departments, dictate the job’s course. Given these parameters, how can you make a standout quality assurance specialist resume? Regardless of the field, it’s important to emphasize strong editing skills. Your resume should tell employers that you know what high quality looks like and that you have the tools and knowledge to reach the company’s goals. Share your professional accomplishments in your work history to prove you can detect problems and solve them. See the quality assurance specialist resume for more helpful tips.

Quality Assurance Specialist Advice 

If you’re looking for a job as a quality assurance specialist, you’ll need the right combination of experience, knowledge and drive. You’ll also need a well-crafted resume to get noticed. The resume examples below can help you do that. Simply click on any of the quality assurance specialist resume examples for a template that will make it fast and easy to create your own professional resume. Take the next step in your career today!

Resume Tips for Quality Assurance Specialist 

Finding jobs as a quality assurance specialist takes a combination of planning, organization and a positive attitude. Read more to learn techniques that will make your job search more efficient and productive.
1. Attend business support groups, job clubs and meet-ups to get the latest local information in your industry for job opportunities. These can not only open doors, but can also provide support and motivation in your job search.
2. Set up informational interviews. It is helpful to set up meetings with people who are currently working in similar positions and for employers you are interested in to give you real life experiences.
3. Make a list of all your contacts from friends, family, previous co-workers and even professors. They can help answer questions about your job search and may be aware of potential opportunities in your field of specialization.
4. Practice your “elevator speech. ” This approximately two minute presentation that describes your skills and career goals is an important tool to have at the ready. You never know who you are going to meet.
5. Be aware of the current salary ranges for positions in your field. You don’t want to undersell yourself, but you also don’t want to negotiate yourself out of a great job.

Quality Assurance Specialist Job Seeking Tips 

The importance of having an excellent resume cannot be understated. To help you find jobs as a quality assurance specialist, follow these tips to make your resume the best that it can be.
1. Format the information to convey the most impact. Typically, experience will be listed prior to education unless you are a recent graduate.
2. Quantify your accomplishments in your job descriptions. Using phrases like “managed a team of 10” or “increased division sales by 25 percent in 2 consecutive quarters” is very impressive to hiring managers.
3. It is not recommended to put an objective statement on your resume. These are no longer in favor and are many times not even read by hiring managers. Substitute for entries like branding statements that quickly showcase your skill sets and best qualities.
4. If it works for your situation, use consulting, freelancing gigs or volunteer work to fill in gaps in your resume that could be considered “red flags. ”
5. Ensure you have no errors on your resume. Get a second opinion if you are unsure. Potential employers frown on mistakes in resumes and it can make you appear unprofessional.

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