Inside Sales Resume Example

Similar to a winning sales pitch, a convincing and compelling inside sales resume will sell a potential employer on the idea that you’re the best candidate for the job. That means that, first and foremost, you need a carefully crafted job summary on the top of your resume that grabs an employer’s attention and conveys your unique value in four to six lines. Consider including years of experience, two to three of your primary skill sets, an area of specialization, and any valuable personality traits in this section. And for more tips, have a look at the inside sales resume example on this page.

Inside Sales Advice 

Looking for an inside sales job? Inside sales positions are available for qualified professionals with drive, a history of success, and a great resume. The resume examples below are designed to highlight the top skills and attributes employers are looking for in an inside sales pro. These resume examples will help you craft an attention-grabbing resume that will help you win the job, faster! Get started by clicking on any of the templates below.

Resume Tips for Inside Sales 

Finding jobs as a inside sales takes great job-seeking skills and a positive attitude, but some employers are also checking your social media presence to make sure you match their needs. These social media tips can help you reach your employment goals in any market.
1. Make sure to let people know that you are looking for a job. Use your social media accounts to post what kind of job you are looking for to increase your chances at getting a job. Use hashtags and provide a link to your online resume.
2. Utilize more than just LinkedIn for your job search. Even Facebook can provide you possible job leads. Look for Facebook groups that serve as job boards.
3. Interact with professionals in your field online by following their blogs and other social media accounts. You can comment on their posts or share their content to increase visibility to other professionals in the same field.
4. Link your resume when you send out a tweet on Twitter. Make sure your resume is also on your LinkedIn profile. Last, but not least, make sure that you have a PDF of your resume ready to send with job applications.
5. Have a friend who is proficient at editing proofread your resume as well as all of your public posts on social media. Misspelled words and typos can keep you from landing a great job.

Inside Sales Job Seeking Tips 

When it comes to hunting for jobs as a inside sales, you will need a captivating resume in order to make a great first impression. Make sure it highlights your qualifications and reflects your current goals and skills with these tips.
1. List your qualifications and education as bullet points on your resume. This allows potential employers to quickly and easily access that information. It also helps to keep the resume short.
2. Do not include your high school on your resume unless you have recently graduated from high school. This also applies to any sports you might have played. If it isn’t recent, leave it out.
3. List your previous employment in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job. This will give your employer the most current look at your skill set and accomplishments.
4. Make sure your resume is not typed in justified text blocks. Format it so that it’s flush left to avoid the odd spacing that justifying will leave.
5. Your resume should concentrate on your accomplishments and not a list your previous duties. Include any new skills you have recently learned, goals you reached or awards you received. This shows your potential new boss that you are progress-oriented and ready to learn new skills.

Related Resumes:

Inside Electrical Sales / Maintenance Resume

Company: Crescent Ace Hardware
Date Range: 07/2008 - 02/2014

Department manager for Electrical and Lawn and Garden sections.
Inside Sales for the entire store.
Electrical consultations.
Building Maintenance including LED upgrades to all outside lighting, Maintaining florescent lights in store, Neon Signs, and Back-up power.

Inside/Outside Sales Resume

Company: Century Maintenance Supply
Date Range: Jan 1993 to Jun 2000

I originally worked in the warehouse as an order picker which involved preparation of an order delivery. My duties expanded into shipping and receiving, inside sales, operations, and inventory control. By learning all aspects of this business provided me with an excellent product knowledge needed in outside sales.

Inside sales Resume

Company: Wilson Supply
Date Range: Current

4 years experience in sales of pipe, valves, fittings, and supplies used in the oil and gas industries.


Company: AWC Inc
Date Range: 09/2015 to 12/2016

Answering customer inquiries, sending quotes and entering orders for multiple accounts.
Repairing and installing pneumatic valves for Desiccant dryers in industrial and shop settings.
Assisted in warehouse pulling orders when needed.
Utility/Warehouse/Shipping and Receiving Emerson Process Management - Baton Rouge, LA Responsibilities Inventory flow, shipping and receiving.
Ordering inventory and adjusting Accomplishments Our lead times have been reduced and inventory misplacement has shrunk.
Logged detailed and thorough records of maintenance performed.
Referenced in-depth knowledge of PLC and Control Systems, especially in relation to test stations and lab safety systems.
Generated PM schedules and procedures.
Changed filters on all HVAC equipment.
Worked closely with equipment maintenance engineers and technicians.
Worked closely with equipment maintenance engineers and technicians.
Submitted work orders to the manager on duty.

Inside Sales Resume

Company: Lighting Inc.
Date Range: 03/2012 - Current

Focused on inside sales along with occasional outside sales.
Have helped with any area from the warehouse to purchasing.
Help customers with energy saving solutions.
Am responsible for handling all PSO Rebate applications.

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