Salesperson Resume Example

As a salesperson, you’re likely up against a large number of applications. Thus, your resume is often your first—and potentially final—chance to make an impression. Experience is the number one factor to tout, along with tangible results. As it takes time for salespersons to ramp up and deliver break-even results, companies are reviewing and vetting candidates with great care. Tangible results are also pivotal; quantify these underneath each of the roles you’ve held. Similarly, if you have key domain experience for the job you’re applying to, make sure to bring this to light in your job summary. See our salesperson resume sample for more ideas.

Salesperson Advice 

An installation and repair salesperson should be knowledgeable, have excellent communication skills, and a great resume. With the resume examples below as a guide, you'll be closer than ever to getting hired for the salesperson job of your dreams. Just click on any of the resume example templates below and use them to create a resume that will stand out from the rest of the pile!

Resume Tips for Salesperson 

Anyone looking for jobs as a salesperson can make their work easier by letting a few simple principles guide their hunt. The tips below will help give your hunt for employment the structure it needs to succeed.
1. Take skill assessments. By comprehensively evaluating your aptitudes, you can get a clearer picture of what employment opportunities they open, as well as identify areas you'd like to improve.
2. Look up online job banks. But watch out for scams, and don't let yourself be taken advantage of. Be cautious of any site that charges a fee to post your resume or view its listings.
3. Contact a job center. Local job centers have counselors who can introduce you to their employment resources and point you to new directions to search.
4. Stay persistent. Follow up every lead with potential employers, and don't let any chance pass you by. Unless and until you get a hard rejection, keep asking.
5. Keep an open mind. There may be jobs you haven't even considered that you'd be perfect for. Don't rule out unlikely possibilities without making an attempt, since you have nothing to lose by trying.

Salesperson Job Seeking Tips 

Whether you're just entering the workforce, changing career paths or getting back into the swing of things, to get jobs as a salesperson you'll need a top-notch resume. Be sure to follow these do's and don'ts when putting together yours.
1. Do start with a summary. Three to six lines overviewing your professional character, including your most notable skills and experience, will introduce you to a potential employer, helping make you more memorable.
2. Don't go overboard with formatting. While you want your resume to stand out, overusing colors or fancy fonts can make for a resume that's difficult to read, so may not be read at all.
3. Do divide your attributes into sections. Putting your skills, certifications or other achievements into separate sections makes them more visible, ensuring they're not overlooked.
4. Don't repeat yourself. To keep your work experience section from becoming a long column of "responsible for," start every point with a different action word, and avoid repetitious phrasing.
5. Don't include references. The first stage of a job application usually doesn't require references. If they are requested initially, put the references on a separate page after the resume.

Related Resumes:

Salesperson Resume

Company: Alamo Toyota
Date Range: 01/2013 to 10/2013

Sold new and used cars and trucks to all kinds of customers. I worked at all three lots in town. Sometimes driving the customers to different lots to match the person with the vehical.

Installation & Sales Rep Resume

Company: Anderson Windows
Date Range: March 1999 to May 2001

I was trained as an expert widow installer and passed all required certifications required by Anderson to install their product.
I later moved into a sales position and handled many large scale projects.

Salesperson Resume

Company: The Shoe Box
Date Range: 10/2011 to 03/2012

Sold product and material. Also maintained inventory and organization within the store.

Retail Salesperson Resume

Company: Homebase
Date Range: November 1995 to March 2000

Assist customers with sales in retail plumbing dept.

Service writer/ service technician/salesperson Resume

Date Range: January 2016 - September 2016

Installed machinery, equipment and new and replacement parts.
Transferred tools, parts, equipment and supplies to and from work stations.
Referred to blueprints, repair manuals and parts catalogs to diagnose and repair equipment.
Maintained and repaired tools, equipment and machines.
Lubricated shafts, bearings and machinery gears.
Frequently diagnosed mechanical problems and determined how to correct them.
Followed a routine maintenance checklist.
Operated hand tools to adjust functional parts of devices and control instruments.
Recorded type and cost of maintenance and repair work.
Serviced systems for air handling, hydraulic, electrical, valves, circuits and pumps.
Evaluated service team members' performance each quarter.
Instructed team members on maintenance policies and procedures.
Maintained shop, company equipment and inventory.
Completed daily inventories of supplies and equipment.
Followed up on all outstanding service requests.

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