Housekeeper Resume Example

A tidy hotel room is your chief responsibility, and the hotel you want to land a job at will be looking for experienced housekeepers that can work fast and meticulously. Housekeepers should not only be hard working, but also honest individuals who take pride in their work and are friendly and engaging with guests. Accordingly, your housekeeper resume should reflect your keen eye for detail and the ability to inspect rooms and pick up maintenance problems. See our housekeeper resume example for guidance on how to outline your experience in the hotel industry, detailing the exact duties you have performed in your previous roles.

Housekeeper Advice 

Quality housekeepers are always in demand. If you’re looking for a housekeeper position, you’ll need a professional resume. Our resume examples are designed to assist you with creating a resume that will help you land a housekeeper job in the hotel and hospitality industry. Use the pre-written text to build your resume, faster. Click on any of the resume examples below to get started.

Resume Tips for Housekeeper 

Find jobs as a housekeeper can be a challenge especially for jobseekers who don’t know what to do. Follow these tips to make the search easier:
1. Prepare yourself. You can prepare yourself by doing research, figuring out what industry you want to work in and coming up with a way to organize your search.
2. Focus on the skills you want to use. As you search for job openings, don’t be afraid to look outside of the industry that you have experience in. No matter what you do, make sure that the positions you apply for use skills that you want to use.
3. Follow up on your leads. Whether you had an interview or only just started communicating to a hiring manager, make sure you follow up on all of your leads. This will set you apart from your peers while showing the employers you are dedicated to finding a job.
4. Keep your eyes open for opportunities. Looking for postings on only one website isn’t enough. You have to look on multiple job positing sites, company websites, social media, in newspapers, at local libraries and talk to your network in order to find and apply to more opportunities.
5. Make achievable goals. The main goal of your job search is to find a job, but this can take a while. In order to keep yourself positive, you should make daily or weekly goals, such as sending out a certain number of resumes or attending so many job fairs.

Housekeeper Job Seeking Tips 

As you try to find jobs as a housekeeper, you will come to realize just how important your resume is. Use these five do and don’t tips as you build your resume:
1. Do try to create a resume that is either one full page or two full pages depending on how much experience you have.
2. Don’t create a generic resume, instead revamp your resume to make it appeal to specific potential employers.
3. Do make your resume reader friendly by using no more than two different fonts, creating standout headers and using bullet points.
4. Don’t included unimportant information about your hobbies, political views, religious affiliations, marital status, physical description, high school education or anything controversial.
5. Do use metrics as you describe your accomplishments and experience in order to create an engaging documents that wows the hiring managers.

Related Resumes:

Hotel Housekeeper Resume

Company: Hampton Inn and Suites
Date Range: May 2007 to June 2007

Demonstrated self motivation by setting personal sales objective and working additional hours to meet project goals
Performed housekeeping tasks by listening to the needs of supervisor to prevent the need for repetition

Hotel Housekeeper Resume

Company: Star Inn
Date Range: 06/2014 to 07/2014

Greeted and welcomed all hotel guests with a smile.
Vacuumed rugs and carpeted areas in offices, lobbies and corridors.
Polished glass surfaces and windows.
Dusted picture frames and wall hangings with a cloth.
Polished all metal hardware fixtures.
Removed waste paper and other trash from the premises to designated area.
Accepted accountability for all assigned building keys, master keys and access cards.
Changed bed linens and collected soiled linens for cleaning.
Disinfected and mopped bathrooms to keep them sanitary and clean.
Collected trash and moved garbage cans from kitchen areas to pick-up stations.
Returned emptied garbage receptacles to their proper locations.
Cleaned walls, windows, shades and curtains.
Used chemicals and other cleaning equipment in a proper, safe and responsible manner.
Cleaned and changed bedspreads, blankets and mattresses.
Verified that all storage areas and carts were clean and organized.
Swept and washed all hard surface floors.
Moved chairs, desks and beds around rooms to clean behind and underneath them.
Rotated linens in storerooms and replenished supplies when they were low.
Spot cleaned walls, carpets and light fixtures.
Transported cleaning products and equipment to and from the utility rooms.

Hotel /Housekeeper Resume

Company: Grand Falls
Date Range: 42928

Cleaned the bathroom's,made bed's,Dusted,Washed all the glass.When we were done with are work we went down to laundry help out by folding towels, Fitted sheets, Flat sheets, Blankets, Everything they need to get caught up.
Recommended, selected and helped locate merchandise based on customer needs and desires.
Regularly sought opportunities to up sell and add on additional merchandise.

Hotel Housekeeper Resume

Company: Dolce Hotel&Resorts
Date Range: May 2010 to September 2012

Emptied and cleaned all waste receptacles.Cleaned and returned vacant rooms to occupant-ready status.Stocked toilet tissue and paper towels, as well as other restroom supplies.Kept utility sink rooms in clean, neat and orderly condition.Supplied guests with extra towels and toiletries when requested.Removed trash and dirty linens from room attendant carts.Cleaned rooms to the satisfaction of all clients.

Hotel Housekeeper Resume

Company: Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem
Date Range: 42928

Provided professional and courteous service at all times.
Cleaned and maintained all public areas, storage areas and administrative areas, cleaned rooms on request.Ran supplies and service items to guestrooms as requested, dusted, vacuumed and overall maintained all public areas, hallways, restaurants, bars, rest areas and other spaces assigned.Polished metalwork and furniture.
Vacuumed floors, cleaned restrooms, removed trash, cleaned offices, refurnished areas with supplies as required, removed and disposed of trash, cleaned outside areas including porte cochere and other arrival areas, collected soiled linens for laundering and received and stores linen supplies in appropriate locations.
Attended monthly department meetings, completed projects as determined by executive housekeeper.

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