Merchandise Associate Resume Example

Merchandise associates specialize in customer service and customer relationship management, and they use their extensive product knowledge and communication skills to help customers find what they need. If you’re applying for a position in this field, you’ll need to impress employers by creating a resume that highlights your knowledge and approachability. Use this merchandise associate resume example as a model while you draft and format your own profile. Start with a summary of your strongest qualifications, then create subheadings for your education, special skills, and relevant past positions. Focus on your key accomplishments in each role.

Merchandise Associate Advice 

If you’re looking for a future in retail, consider a position as a merchandise associate. Our merchandise associate resume examples have been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to create your own stand-out resume and win the job. Choose from multiple designs, and customize your resume however you like. Ready to take the next step in your career? Click on any of the resume examples below to get started.

Resume Tips for Merchandise Associate 

Taking the proper action when looking for jobs as a merchandise associate is vital to success. The economy is changing, so be sure to change with it. The following tips should help you get started.
1. Networks are more important than ever before. Knowing the right people can point you toward leads, or even secure a job for you. You can no longer simply put your resume out there and wait for opportunities to come to you.
2. Average job searches are getting longer. Not only should you ensure that you are staying optimistic, make sure that you think about what you will do for money while searching for a job.
3. Know what options you have. The fact of the matter is that you may not be able to find the kind of work you are looking for. In this situation, know what jobs will be relevant to your interests and may benefit you in the future.
4. Do your research. Each type of position has different hiring practices and qualifications. If you have a complete understanding of these aspects, you will have a huge advantage when applying for the jobs.
5. Take advantage of the resources available to you. There are many online databases of information, resume and application assessments, and networking outlets.

Merchandise Associate Job Seeking Tips 

Finding jobs as a merchandise associate also hinges greatly on your resume. Of course, your resume will be specific to the job you are applying for, but the following are just some simple tips that apply to every resume.
1. Know what the proper formatting is. Many employers that are reading resume will not tolerate poorly formatted documents. Research what is expected so you can ensure that your formatting is perfect.
2. Focus your resume on achievements. It may be tempting to fill your resume with job descriptions and list of previous responsibilities, but it is always better to include actions you have taken and ways you have benefited previous employers.
3. Prioritize your experiences. The experiences section is the most important. It should be the longest and include the most information. Do not make the leading sections too long, or it will take too much time to reach the experiences section.
4. Make your resume the proper length. Your resume should completely fill one page, and likely not extend to a second page. Using two pages is only acceptable when you have an especially long job history that is necessary to cover.
5. Review your resume after finishing. Besides catching typographical errors, it is important that you think about what your resume looks like at a glance. Analyze whether there are large, intimidating blocks of text or blank spaces that should be filled.

Related Resumes:

Merchandise Associate Resume

Company: Marshalls
Date Range: August 2011 to Current

Worked as a team member performing cashier duties, product assistance and cleaning.

Processed merchandise returns and exchanges.

Responsible for ringing up customers in a timely manner and guaranteeing high level of customer service.

Cross-trained and provided back-up for other customer service representatives when needed.

Merchandise Associate Resume

Company: Macy's
Date Range: 09/2013 to 12/2013

Prepare newly shipped merchandise for placement onto the sales floor.
Offer suggestions and assist co-workers; as well as following directions from
I was also assigned to building and putting together displays on the sales floor.
Providing great customer service to the customers at all times.


Date Range: 01/1985 to Current

Audit and maintain five hundred layaways on daily basis.
Worked directly with Management to achieve Higher sales.
Answered questions regarding the store and its merchandise.
Greeted customers and ascertained customers' needs.
Stocked shelves and supplies and organized displays.
Trained and served as a peer coach for new sales associates.

Merchandise Associate Resume

Company: Dillard's Department Store
Date Range: October 2011 to Current

Helped customers select products that best fit their personal needs. Maintained visually appealing and effective displays for the entire store.Exceeded personal sales goals for 4 quarters in a row. Educated customers on product and service offerings. Collaborated with customer service team members to give exceptional service throughout the entire shopping and purchasing experience.Offered exceptional customer service to differentiate and promote the company brand.Built and maintained effective relationships with peers and upper management.

Merchandise Associate Resume

Company: TJMaxx
Date Range: 04/2013 to 07/2013

-Received and processed cash, credit, and check payments for in-store purchases.
- Worked in the Jewelry Counter and Fitting room.
-Opened and closed the store.
-Demonstrated that customers come first by serving them with a sense of urgency in

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