Food Service Specialist Resume Example

Food service specialists are those who bring their skills and experience to the kitchens of restaurants and the counters of cafeterias and take-out facilities. They also work for retirement homes, hospitals, hotels, and institutions that serve safe, clean, delicious food to grand numbers of people. If you want your resume to stand out in this field, you need to convince employers that you care about details and you listen and respond to customer needs. This food service specialist resume example can help you choose the right words and subheadings as you present your message and make your case to employers.

Food Service Specialist Advice 

Food service specialist positions are available in restaurants, hotels, schools and pretty much anywhere food is served. To get hired for one of these jobs, you’ll need a professional resume. Create your food service specialist resume using our easy resume examples below. Choose from multiple template options, and edit the resume examples text to fit your needs. Take the next step in your career, and get hired sooner.

Resume Tips for Food Service Specialist 

Finding a job as a food service specialist, as it is in other parts of the country, could be a daunting and complicated task, but you can make it easier and less complicated by following these tips.
1. Start by focusing on your goals and objectives, create a written plan (examples are available on the Internet) and turn the plan into daily to-do lists. This will help you stay organized and productive.
2. Use every opportunity when you are with other people to network. Don’t be embarrassed by this; many employment specialists believe that the best jobs come about this way. Follow up every lead, no matter how small.
3. Don’t underestimate the importance of the interview, but stay calm and positive. You will win over the interviewer by showing confidence, having knowledge about the company and asking intelligent questions. Keep your people skills sharp.
4. The Internet is your friend. There’s a wealth of information out there, not only on jobs as a food service specialist, but on how to interview well, how to write a winning resume, how to network effectively and many other relevant topics. Put it all to good use.
5. Don’t get discouraged. Keep your energy levels up by getting plenty of sleep and eating properly. No pity parties fueled by gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream; that’s just a very temporary fix and you’ll regret it in the morning.

Food Service Specialist Job Seeking Tips 

Resumes are a key device in job searches and having a really good one will smooth the way to a successful outcome for you. Try these tips to make sure your resume is all it should be.
1. Don’t let the experience section, the most important section of the whole document, be a boring list of responsibilities. Talk about achievements and accomplishments, especially if they came as a result of skills that can be transferred to the job you’re applying for.
2. It’s not necessary to develop your own format. There are lots of model resumes on the Internet that you can adapt to looking for jobs as a food service specialist. It’s a lot less work and increases the chances that everything will be properly organized.
3. Try not to call attention to any gaps in your experience. Fill them in, using a consistent format, with items such as starting your own business or volunteer work. Gaps tend to give the reader a quick, but often incorrect, impression.
4. This is your chance to shine, but don’t overdo it. The experienced hiring managers for jobs as a food service specialist will be able to spot exaggerations a mile away.
5. There is nothing worse than having your resume tossed because of a spelling error, a typo, or a grammar mistake. Thoroughly check for all of these before you send it in.

Related Resumes:

92G Food Service Specialist Resume

Company: United States Army
Date Range: 03/2006 to Current

Planned and prepared over 85 official functions including Receptions, parties and dinners
Assisted with food preparation and service for numerous high level officials, General and Flag Officers, and Foreign dignitaries
Developed and executed event menus following guidelines of nutrition, meal preparation, sanitation, service etiquette, financial accountability and reporting
Maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equipment worth more than $ 50,000.
Provided critical joint staff service specific oversight which significantly improved quality of service at the 4-Star level
Led the flawless execution of the United States Central Command Commander's first official reception with United States and Foreign Dignitaries

Food Service Specialist Resume

Company: US ARMY
Date Range: February 2010 to June 2013

Took necessary steps to meet customer needs and effectively resolve food or service issues.Served fresh, hot food with a smile in a timely manner.Communicated clearly and positively with co-workers and management.Resolved guest complaints promptly and professionally.Took initiative to find extra tasks when scheduled duties were completed.

Food Service Specialist Resume

Company: US Army
Date Range: March 1993 to January 1753

Apportioned and served food to facility residents, employees, or patrons.Cleaned and prepared various foods for cooking or servingManaged kitchen operations for high grossing, fast-paced fair concession kitchen.Performed kitchen maintenance for a private facility.Trained staff of eight employees for correct facility procedures, safety codes, proper recipes and plating techniques.Instructed cooks and other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentation of foodPrepared and served hot and cold beveragesPrepared dishes following recipe or verbal instructionsSupervised and coordinated activities of cooks and workers engaged in food preparationUsed all food handling standardsWashed, peeled, cut, and seeded fruits and vegetablesWeighed, measured, and mixed ingredients according to recipes using various kitchen utensils and equipmentCleaned, cut, and cooked meat, fish, or poultryComplied with scheduled kitchen sanitation and ensured all standards and practices were metCooked food properly and in a timely fashion, using safety precautionsDirected the operation and organization of kitchens and all food-related activities, including the presentation and serving of foodMaintained contact with kitchen staff, management, serving staff, and customersMaintained system of control for storage temperatures and proper functioning of kitchen equipmentMeasured ingredients required for specific food items being preparedMonitored use of government food commodities to ensure that proper procedures are followedOversaw kitchen employee operations to ensure production levels and service standards were maintainedPrepared special diet foods, salads, desserts, and other nourishmentsSeasoned and cooked food according to recipes or personal judgment and experienceEffectively communicated with kitchen staff regarding customer allergies, dietary needs and other special requests.Effectively used items in stock to decrease waste and profit loss.Performed tableside food preparation including carving meats, boning fish and fowl and preparing flaming dishes.Maintained a professional tone at all times, including during peak rush hours.Continually monitored restaurant and took appropriate action to ensure food quality and service standards were consistently met.Minimized loss and misuse of equipment through proper restaurant supervision and staff training.Assigned tasks and oversaw the direction of employees to ensure compliance with food safety procedures and quality control guidelines.Developed and maintained a staff that provided hospitable, professional service while adhering to policies and business initiatives.Communicated well and used strong interpersonal skills to establish positive relationships with guests and employees.Counseled and disciplined staff when necessary.Corrected problem behaviors through understanding of Pack Dynamics, Canine Psychology and Positive Reward Based Training.Managed shelter for animals and arranging for adoption or euthanasia of confiscated animals.Monitored animals' recovering from surgery and notified veterinarians of any changes.Prioritized animal safety and comfort at all times.Walked large dogs and restrained physically strong or aggressive dogs.Worked with animals to resolve any behavior problems.Fed and watered over15 dogs Released animals to public for redemption or adoption.Fed animals twice daily and made sure they had access to fresh water at all times.each day. Fostered dogs for a local animal shelter for over 2 years.Fostered and cared for over 20 dogs at one time took care of over 5 pregnant dogs at one time, took care and raised their pups till old enough for adoption.Took care of dogs that needed rehabilitated do to cruelty.I have a AAS in general electronics and a Diploma in Veterinarian Tech.

Food Service Specialist Resume

Company: US Army
Date Range: February 2011 to Current

Followed proper food handling methods and maintained correct temperature of all food products. Consistently kept a clean and safe environment by adhering to all federal, state and local sanitation and safety requirements. Systematically tasted and smelled all prepared dishes, and observed color, texture and garnishes.
Prepared healthy, enjoyable breakfasts, lunch and dinners for diners. Persistently strove for continual improvement and worked cooperatively as a team member. Correctly and safely operated all kitchen equipment in accordance with set guidelines.

Food Service Specialist Resume

Company: Speedway
Date Range: 11/2016 to 12/2016

Greeted customers promptly.
Described products and services in detail.
Assisted customers in selecting items based on needs.
Created attractive displays to promote items.
Reported security and service incidents to management.
I made food for the store during breakfast and lunch hours.
I cleaned and stocked the store as needed.
Stock and clean coolers

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