Assistant Manager Resume Example

As an assistant manager in the automotive industry, you need technical knowledge and sufficient experience as a mechanic or sales rep, but you’ll also need strong people skills that can help you connect with your teams. Your resume should showcase your ability to train, coach, and schedule those who will eventually report to you. You’ll also want to use your resume summary to demonstrate professional ambition and attention to detail. Keep your sections neat and concise, and replace fluff with information that speaks directly to your ability to handle your target position. Use this assistant manager resume example as a guide and don’t miss an opportunity to stand out.

Assistant Manager Advice 

Looking for an assistant manager position in the automotive field? The resume examples below can help you build the assistant manager resume you need to find the job you want. With multiple design options and professionally pre-written text, these resume examples are a great way to get started. Just click on any of the samples below, and take the next step toward the job you’ve been waiting for!

Resume Tips for Assistant Manager 

Searching for jobs as a assistant manager, much like searching in other parts of the country, can be made easier by approaching it in an organized way. The following tips may help you to simplify your job hunt:
1. Get ready to search for a long time. Your search may be brief, or it may seem to drag on. Either way, preparing yourself mentally for a long search will help you not to get discouraged right away.
2. Be persistent and methodical. Decide how many jobs you will apply for each day, each week or each month, and then make a plan to do so. Carry out your plan and keep track of your results.
3. When you meet with a prospective employer, smile and maintain eye contact. You may feel nervous, but having a friendly demeanor will help you to stand out and be memorable to the hiring manager.
4. Be open to learning new skills, either before or after you are hired.
5. Stay up-to-date with what is going on in your industry, even if you feel like you have been out of the loop for a while. To be able to speak intelligently at a job interview, you will need to be aware of the latest developments in the field.

Assistant Manager Job Seeking Tips 

Your best tool for being considered for jobs as a assistant manager is a powerful resume. When it comes to writing your resume, some tips always apply, no matter what type of career you are pursuing or whether or not you have much experience:
1. Remember the purpose of the document. A resume is not meant to be a book-length autobiography, so keep it brief and to the point. Omit relevant information.
2. Focus on your actions and accomplishments. Avoid copying and pasting your old job descriptions into your resume.
3. Emphasize your transferable skills. Even if you have never worked in a particular field before, you probably have skills that would help you to succeed. Point them out whenever possible.
4. Do not emphasize older experience, but do not leave it out, either. Consider including it under a heading labeled “previous experience,” toward the end of the document.
5. Do not mention skills that you have no intention of using again. You may not want to list outdated technical skills, either, unless they were significant features of your previous job roles.

Related Resumes:

Automotive Assistant Manager Resume Example

Company: Sears Roebuck – Eau Claire, WI
Date Range: 09/2008 to 05/2013

Instructed staff on appropriately handling difficult and complicated sales.
Examined merchandise to verify that it was correctly priced and displayed.
Reported to the district manager regarding all store and staff issues.
Completed profit and loss performance reports.
Trained and developed new associates on TPOS system
Generated repeat business through exceptional customer service.

Assistant Manager Resume Example

Company: All Star Automotive
Date Range: June 2005 to Current

Louisiana-based market leader in the automotive industry.
Management responsibility for all wholesale sales, inventory retention, training sales team and assisting with daily business operations.
Outstanding qualifications in building and managing relationships with customers and fellow employees.
Telephone owner and perspective customers to follow-up on prior and future purchases.
Gather documents from customers for financing and pull customer credit history.
Completed Ford Blue Oval certification to become a Ford sales associate.
Attend Cardone training to improve sales strategies.

Assistant Manager Resume Example

Company: Outting automotive - 4272 Adams ave philadelphia PA
Date Range: 05/2011 - Current

Operated a cash register for cash, check and credit card transactions with [95]% accuracy.
Cleaned and organized the store, including the checkout desk and displays.
Completed all point of sale opening and closing procedures, including counting the contents of the cash register.
Handled all customer relations issues in a gracious manner and in accordance with company policies.
Educated customers about the brand to incite excitement about the company's mission and values.
Resolved all customer complaints in a professional manner while prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Preserved a perfect attendance record for [24] months.

Assistant Manager Resume Example

Company: SAFELLITE AUTO GLASS - North Richland Hills, TX
Date Range: 04/1999 to Current

Have been an employee with Safelite for 14 years with 18 years seniority. Started out as an installer moving up threw the ranks to an assistant manager.
Assistant manager - operations manager, inventory and control, shipping and receiving, office management, technician manager, day to day records of installations and repairs and all documentations required, open and closing of daily money transactions, customer relations, other duties as required
Most recently rebuilt and redesigned the racking storage system which stores auto glasses and components (such as moldings, windshield wipers, tools, etc). Reorganization of storage racks by rearranging existing racks and building additional racks. Minimized racking storage system making additional storage space with the new racks. More space was gained in the work area due to the improvements by about 30%.
Personally asked by corporate management to approach certain large business, whose contracts had been lost by poor workmanship and service, to bring their business back to Safelite. This was accomplished by resolving past issues and concerns. Gaining them back threw trust, integrity, reputation and great quality workmanship.
Member of the Safelite Catastrophy Team. These team goes to towns which have been hit hard by tornadoes, floods, hail, hurricanes, etc.. Members of these teams are hand picked, they are the best of the best from all branches across the country. They organize and set up remote mobile units to install and repair all auto glass damage in a timely and quality manner.
Lead Technician
Certified auto glass technician and repair technician
Reduced and controlled expenses by assessing processes and improving them
Surpassed revenue goals quarterly
Supervise and mentor all techs and staff members
Taken classes as required from company on-line sources management technique improvements, policy and procedures, security, etc..

Assistant Manager Resume Example

Company: Americas Tire Company - Oxnard, CA
Date Range: Jun 2006 to Current

Trained and educated new employees, supervised a service back room, managed inventory, customer relations in sales, installation of tires and wheels, basic hand and air tool knowledge.

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