Automotive Resume Examples

The automotive industry has plenty of jobs for knowledgeable, qualified professionals. From salespeople to repair technicians, getting the job you want is easier if you have a quality resume. To get started on yours, just click on any of the resume examples we've created below. These resume examples have been designed just for automotive pros looking for jobs. Start today and kick your automotive career into higher gear!

Assistant Manager: Resume Example  

An assistant manager at an automotive company does a lot of work. Primarily, the assistant manager interfaces between customers and employees. They provide solutions for customers, train new employees, and generally keep the place tidy.

To create a standout assistant manager resume, you should demonstrate your superb organizational skills, excellent customer service abilities, and strong listening skills.

Take it a step further. Show that you care about high quality service by emphasizing your professional accomplishments. Quantify these achievements whenever possible.

Automotive Technician: Resume Example 

Automotive service technicians troubleshoot, test, perform maintenance, repair, explain issues to clients, and much more. They work with established mechanical systems (example: engines), but now many are also trained in advanced electronic systems (example: steering systems). The issues they manage range from basic maintenance to complex system failures. Some specialize in specific parts of cars, such as brakes.

To build a strong automotive service technician resume, you need to prove that you can work well under pressure. This includes paying close attention to detail, listening to clients (especially when they aren’t making sense), and troubleshooting. Make it clear that you can excel under tight deadlines and high pressure projects.

Don’t forget to address your areas of expertise. Whether your knowledge lies in a type of car, engine, or automotive system, you must communicate the experience. Even if you no longer want to work in that area, it may help your chances.

Commercial Parts Pro: Resume Example 

A commercial parts pro primarily sells automotive parts. They also manage some services, such as battery installation and wiper installs. In addition, they are expected to keep the shop clean and orderly.

Want an outstanding commercial parts pro resume? Discuss your parts and automotive knowledge, even if the bulk of your experience was not earned in your professional life.

Don’t stop there! Ensure that your resume highlights your customer service experience. Focus on solution-seeking for customers as well as your experience with repeat customers.

General Maintenance Technician: Resume Example 

As you can guess from the job title, general maintenance technicians maintain and fix buildings, mechanical equipment, and various machines. In those fields, they maintain and repair things like flooring, drywall, plumbing, and electrical.

A competitive general maintenance technician resume must highlight your excellent diagnosing skills. Mention your detail oriented nature so employers understand that you’re diligent about inventory management and inspection.

Don’t stop there! Note your customer service experience as well. This will tell employers that they can trust you with their client base.

Personal Vehicle Advisor: Resume Example 

A personal vehicle advisor strives to sell automotive parts and services. They are well versed in automotive systems and parts to ensure superb customer service when inspecting and referring.

An outstanding personal vehicle advisor resume demonstrates a firm understanding of automotive parts and systems as well as troubleshooting. Detail your diagnosing expertise as well.

In addition to that, note your customer service skills. Bump up your explanation by quantifying these skills. Do you have a number of repeat customers? Have many problems do you solve in a typical week?

Retail Parts Pro: Resume Example 

Retail parts pro employees possess extensive knowledge of automotive systems and parts. They find solutions for customers and sell products to meet their needs.

To build an outstanding retail parts pro resume, you must focus on your automotive knowledge. Share your experience and accomplishments in your work history. Don’t forget to include your education as well.
It’s also wise to highlight your solution-seeking experience. Consider adding the average number of happy customers you typically help in a shift. You might also want to explain your approach, if you feel it’s unique.