5 Tips For Setting Boundaries With Your Employer
5 Tips for Setting Boundaries With Your Employer While Working From Home

Working from home or having a flexible schedule is a desirable option for many women. Learn how to set parameters with your employer.

The Future of Work is Flexible: Q&A with Gina Hadley, Co-Founder of The Second Shift

Gina Hadley, co-founder of The Second Shift, discusses what work and career advancement will look like for future women.

Does Zoom Fatigue Exist And Is It Worse For Women
Zoom Fatigue Exists, and It’s Worse for Women

Researchers have found that Zoom fatigue hits women harder than men, which isn’t surprising when looking at what’s being asked of us.

What You Can Expense When You Work From Home
What You Can Expense When You Work From Home

If you’re a woman new to working from home, you're likely seeing a financial impact. Here's what to know if you freelance or work remotely.

7 Secrets To Creating A Work From Home Routine That Works
7 Secrets to Creating a Work-From-Home Routine That Works

As a woman with household duties to balance, it's vital to have a solid work-from-home routine. Here are seven tips to work remotely successfully.

We Have To Stop Meeting Like This 5 Ways To Combat Zoom Fatigue
We Have to Stop Meeting Like This: 5 Ways to Combat Zoom Fatigue

With studies showing that burnout can worsen physical and mental health issues for women, Zoom fatigue is worth mitigating.

Why Remote And Flex Work Are Critical For Keeping Women In The Workforce
Why Remote and Flex Work Are Critical for Keeping Women in the Workforce

Women are faced with a complicated landscape when balancing work and, well, everything else. Finding a middle ground is essential.

5 Ways To Create A Work From Home Space
5 Ways to Create a Work From Home Space (Even in a Small Place)

Even if you have limited space for a home office, there are ways to set up a designated work-from-home space that can boost your productivity.

9 Flex-Schedule Jobs for Women in 2021
9 Flex-Schedule Jobs for Women in 2021

There are several flex jobs for women in the low-to-middle wage range. These ones have gained in female employment and salary/wages since 2017.