3 Ways To Calculate The True Value Of Your Compensation Package
3 Ways to Calculate the True Value of Your Compensation Package

Compensation consists of more than salary - it includes everything from a health insurance package to free snacks and lunches.

5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Negotiating Compensation
5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Negotiating Compensation

Whether you are a new hire, got promoted, or made a career change, the opportunity to negotiate will arise at several stages of your career.

6 Tips For Negotiating Compensation With A New Employer
6 Tips for Negotiating Compensation With a New Employer

Here are some useful tips for confidently — and successfully – negotiating a salary that meets your needs and expectations when you start a new role.

7 Tips For Negotiating A Salary Increase After A Promotion
7 Tips for Negotiating a Salary Increase After a Promotion

Wondering how to negotiate a raise after a promotion? Use our advice for your current situation, and to set precedents as you grow in your career.

How Do I Know If I Am Being Paid Fairly
How Do I Know If I Am Being Paid Fairly?

There are plenty of ways to investigate your true market value and make sure that you are being paid fairly.

How And Why Pay Equity Can Impact Your Total Compensation
How and Why Pay Equity Can Impact Your Total Compensation

Wondering whether your company ensures pay equity? Here's how to investigate - and benefit from - your employer's payment system.

Salary Compensation Credit What Can Employers Ask
Salary, Compensation, Credit: What Can Employers Ask?

What is and is not appropriate for a potential employer to ask about your past finances? Learn how gender and location play a role.

Elements Of Compensation
The 4 Elements of Compensation

Our experts offer a comprehensive guide to understanding your total compensation. Salary is only a starting point.

Understanding The Gender Pay Gap
Understanding the Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gaps still exist between men and women. Learn how to better understand pay disparity, and how it may apply in your workplace.

What Is Salary Transparency And Which Companies Practice It
What is Salary Transparency and Which Companies Practice it?

Does your company promote salary transparency? Use our guide to salary transparency to understand the issue and how it may be impacting you.

How To Negotiate Your Entry Level Salary
How to Negotiate Your Entry-Level Salary

At any new job, your entry-level compensation will set the bar for your future growth there. Here's how to boost your new salary.

6 Ways Career Changers Can Negotiate Compensation
6 Ways Career Changers Can Negotiate Compensation

Do you need help negotiating your compensation after making a career change? Learn how and when to discuss your concerns with your new employer.