What Happens After You File A Claim Of Sexual Harassment
What Happens After You File a Claim of Sexual Harassment?

More and more women are willing to pursue claims of workplace harassment. Here's what can happen when you file a sexual harassment claim.

How To Write A Cover Letter If Youve Been A Stay At Home Mom
How to Write a Cover Letter if You’re a Stay-at-Home Mom

The skills you use every day as a parent are “transferable” skills of high value to a wide variety of employers.

What Is The Likeability Trap
What is the Likability Trap?

When it comes to career advancements, the unfortunate truth is that women have to worry about whether or not people like them.

Three Challenges Of Being A Leading Woman And How To Overcome Them
3 Challenges of Being a Female Leader and How to Overcome Them

Here, we’ve compiled three of the biggest challenges female leaders face in the workplace, along with strategies for overcoming them.

How To Report Sexual Harrassment At Work
How to Report Sexual Harassment at Work

A majority of American women have experienced workplace sexual harassment. Here are five things every woman should know if she is among them.

How To Prepare For A Job Interview After Being A Stay At Home Mom
How to Prepare for a Job Interview After Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

A stay-at-home mom can have a great interview by anticipating and preparing for the questions about her employment gap.

7 Questions Women Should Ask Themselves At Mid Career
7 Mid-Career Questions Women Should Ask Themselves

If you are a woman at a midpoint in your career, here are some questions to consider to ensure that your path forward is clear and well-marked.

Should You Reveal Your Pregnancy To A Prospective Employer
Should You Reveal Your Pregnancy to a Prospective Employer?

Pregnant women involved in a job search face the dilemma of when to reveal the information to their potential new employer.

How Women Can Build A Professional Network From Home
How Women Can Build a Professional Network From Home

It may seem overwhelming, but it's possible to build new virtual habits to accomplish networking goals from the comfort of home.

5 Ways To Use Rejection To Your Advantage In A Job Search
5 Ways to Use Rejection to Your Advantage in a Job Search

Rejection never feels good, but it’s an inevitable part of the job search process. Learn how to process rejection and use it to move forward.

How To Investigate Whether A Company Is Female Friendly
How to Investigate Whether a Company is Female-friendly

Before accepting an offer of employment, perform these actions to sniff out the potential of joining a place that undervalues women.

Are Pantyhose Passe Post Pandemic
Are Pantyhose Passé Post-Pandemic?

Workers are slowly but surely returning to the office. Might their time spent at home influence their post-pandemic style?