What Do You Find Unique About Your Career Field?

When an interviewer asks this question, he or she is trying to get an understanding of how you feel about the field you work in. Your response will likely yield several pieces of information, including how much thought you generally give to your line of work, whether you seem to take a positive outlook toward it, and what drives you in your career.

Points to Emphasize

It's easy to be caught off-guard by uncommon interview questions like this one; keep your cool and respond naturally for best results.

  • Try to discuss at least two or three different ideas to show that you give thought to your career.
  • Cite real-world examples from previous jobs to validate your ideas when possible.
  • Consider discussing how these aspects of your career field initially attracted you as a worker.
  • Always make sure to keep a positive mindset when responding to this type of question.

Remember, it's perfectly fine to discuss some of the more difficult aspects of your field in addition to the positive ones—just make sure it's clear that you enjoy the challenge.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

This question is not one that every applicant always expects to hear. Keep the following tips in mind so that you can steer around some of the more common pitfalls for this type of inquiry:

    • Avoid fumbling for a response, which can make you appear unprepared or unfocused on your work.
    • Don't forget to elaborate a bit to give your answers good substance.
    • Discussing difficult aspects of the career field with a negative tone is not an advisable practice.
    • Don't get too hung up on the word "unique"—just make sure the ideas you present are defined and pertain to your field.

Part of the purpose of this question is to gauge how well you think on your feet, so make sure you appear well prepared.

Sample Answer

Use the following example as a guideline when forming your own response to this interview question:

I think there are several unique aspects of a flight attendant's job. It gives me the chance to see many different places that I probably wouldn't have had the chance to visit otherwise. The scheduling demands are also fairly unique, for obvious reasons, but working in air travel gives you the chance to meet so many different types of people, I think it's more than worth it.

This response offers three distinct ideas, one of which touches on a challenging aspect of the industry while still describing that it does not outweigh the benefits.

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