What Do You Expect To Be Earning In Five Years?

While this question may seem straightforward and to the point, your interviewer isn't just looking for a certain figure. Finding out how well you function under pressure is easy for them to do when asked such a direct question that can often cause you to price yourself out or, on the opposite side, not give yourself enough pay for the prospective job.

Most hiring managers are not necessarily looking for a specific number when they ask this spring-loaded question. It's important to remember that each query given isn't asked just to find the answer. To the interviewer, it's all about the way you handle yourself.

Points to Emphasize

Handling yourself confidently no matter what type of question comes up shows the interviewer that you have what it takes to work for them. When answering a salary based question, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure to do your research beforehand and come to the interview with a good idea of what you could expect to earn.
  • Allow your attributes to shine by showcasing what you bring to the table when answering this question.
  • Show your love for the work and loyalty to the company by asking for fair compensation rather than a greedy-sounding number.
  • Consider the perks and bonuses the company offers before making a salary-range decision.

Show the hiring manager exactly why you're the right person for the job by answering directly and with self-assuredness.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sidestep this question's pitfalls by avoiding these common problems:

    • Don't sell yourself short by offering a number that you think they want to hear.
    • Avoid vague answers that give your interviewer nothing to go on and leave you looking wishy-washy.
    • Try not to give a specific number that you're absolutely set on instead of a larger range.
    • Do not be afraid to ask questions about the responsibilities of the proposed position before talking salary.

By answering truthfully and carefully, your interviewer can get a clear idea of why you're the greatest candidate for the job.

Sample Answer

Give your best possible response by modeling your answer according to this sample response:

While my salary requirements are flexible, I know that I have a lot to offer your company and would like to be compensated fairly for the quality work that I perform. I would love to get some more information about the responsibilities of this position and what you are looking for. Could we talk about your commission-based pay structure and benefits offered

Having a successful interview isn't all about the answers, it's more about the honest, straightforward way in which you respond.

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