Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

There will be numerous responsibilities expected of you as a veterinary assistant, and during your interview, you should be prepared to talk about your ability to work with a wide variety of animals. The following questions are very common in this line of work, and you should outline responses to them before going into your interview:

  • Why do you want to be a veterinary assistant?
  • What certifications or degrees do you have?
  • Can you work with large animals?

· Do you have any issues with blood or animal excrement?

These questions are meant to gauge your skillset and competencies, and you need to be ready to address them in an interview. Successful answers will help convince the hiring manager that you are the best person for the job.

Giving the Right Answers to Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions

Being asked, "Why do you want to work here?" is a pretty common question across various industries. When talking about why you want to be a veterinary assistant, it is okay to talk about how you hope to one day be a veterinarian and this is a great way to get the experience you need. Simply saying that you like animals is not going to impress anyone because it will automatically be assumed that if you are entering this field that you like animals. Be specific and honest with your response.

Having the right education can put you above the competition, so you should be prepared to talk about any degrees of special training you have. You may even want to bring your degree or any special certificates with you to the interview in case the hiring manager asks for it. This is also a great question to bring up any special experiences you have. For example, if you had an internship at a veterinarian's office, then this would be the point to bring it up.

As a veterinarian's assistant, you will be expected to work with a large variety of animals. Some of them might be small and cute, but others can get pretty big and dangerous-looking. You may eventually need to work with large dogs or even zoo animals, and if that would pose a problem for you, now is the time to mention it. It can be tempting to simply answer "Yes" because that is what the interviewer would likely want to hear, but if you lie about what you are and are not comfortable with, you could find yourself in a precarious position down the road.

If you have a problem dealing with animal blood or excrement, then getting into this field might not be the best choice for you. You will regularly find yourself dealing with urine and fecal matter, so you need to be able to handle that effectively in order to succeed in this field. Some people do not have a problem with excrements, but they have a huge problem with blood. You will likely need to treat injured animals, so you need to be able to stomach looking at animals that have gone through tragic events. As always, you need to be truthful to avoid any problems in the future.

Preparing Beforehand for a Veterinary Assistant Interview

Before going in for your interview, you should conduct plenty of research on the company you are applying for. This helps you understand what animals you will mostly be dealing with and what will be expected of you on a daily basis. You should also be able to adequately explain what you have to bring to the table that other applicants might not possess. Understanding your strengths is crucial so that the interviewer knows why he or she needs to hire you as opposed to someone else. With an adequate amount of preparation, you will feel a lot more comfortable, and you will be much more likely to ace that interview.

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