Research Interviewer Resume

Revising Your Research Interviewer Resume

Before you enter an office for the purpose of a professional interview, you will likely need to submit a cover letter and a resume. As you revise your research interviewer resume, review the original job listing and conduct some basic research on your prospective employer. From this information, ascertain the company's needs and understand what the hiring manager will be looking for in a prime candidate. Then, align your existing merits and experience with what is required from the position.

Generally, you should limit your resume to only one page. Some positions or industries will allow for longer resumes, but the rule of thumb is a simple one-page document using single spacing and average sized font. Cover your career highlights and most compelling skills or talents.

For resumes, there are plenty of resources and templates to help you in the revision process. Use what is most relevant to your needs. Even though you are pulling from standard formats, try to make your document stand out with the content. Use these sections to get started:

  • Contact information: Your personal details should be located at the top of your research interviewer resume. Ensure the information is accurate and include your phone number, full name, email address and mailing address.
  • Job objective: For this, avoid first person pronouns and incorporate the name of the company and job title. Use your best professional selling points.
  • Qualification Highlights: Cover the full range of your relevant skills and talents to make yourself stand out as a prospective candidate.
  • Professional Experience: List your recent posts along with a brief summary of your usual responsibilities.
  • Education: Your post-secondary degrees and professional certifications should be in this section.A resume is equivalent to a first impression in a professional setting. As such, spend some time ensuring you strike a balance between sounding qualified and confident.

    Sample of a Research Interviewer Resume

    Below, there is an example of a great reference as you revise your research interviewer resume. Feel free to adjust the format and content according to your professional needs. Always keep in mind what the hiring manager is looking for and try to match that. Before submitting your resume, have a trusted friend or mentor proofread it to ensure there are no mistakes.

    Clyde Walters

    1785 Violet Rose Drive

    Remington, NJ 27888

    (222) 333 – 4444

    Job Objective: Searching for a Research Interviewer position with ABC Incorporated to utilize my 5+ years of field experience and extensive recruitment knowledge.

    Qualification Highlights:

    • Extensive experience in conducting client specific research interviews
    • Exceptional knowledge of recruitment techniques and strategies
    • Ability to quickly adapt to workplace environments
    • Skilled with unsupervised adherence to detailed company procedures and quality guidelines
    • Thorough understanding of administrative data collection processes
    • Complete knowledge of various phases of clinical research trails

    Professional Experience:

    Research Interviewer

    Green Bush United, Remington, NJ

    February 2012 – present


    • Mentored new company hires with appropriate training and constructive feedback
    • Managed confidentiality regarding interviews scripts and procedures
    • Delivered high quality customer service
    • Oversaw regulation compliance
    • Coordinated with supervisors to prepare accurate code out calls
    • Obtained required data for specialized client research
    • Conducted research calls and interviews

    Research Interviewer

    Red Rose Incorporated, Wellington, NJ

    January 2009 – December 2011


    • Coordinated with interview participants to obtain important missing data
    • Ensured accurate data gathering and recording procedures
    • Performed interviews based on company questionnaires
    • Managed medical records and scheduled participant appointments after data collection
    • Oversaw the gathering of biological samples and conducted follow ups
    • Analyzed and determined dates and times for interviews with potential clients
    • Handled clients' specialized studies and conducted phone calls regarding sample size


    Masters Degree in Anthropology

    Northern Central State University, Central, NJ

    Bachelor of Science in Sociology

    Northern Central State University, Central, NJ

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