Personality Matching

Published on: May 30, 2017

Getting along well with the people interviewing you for a job is the best thing that you can do to help you land your dream job. Personality matching is a technique that can help you significantly during your interviews. As successful as it tends to be with people during interviews, very few people actually apply this method to their interviews.

The technique of personality matching is rooted in the fact that people like other people who are like them. If your interviewer likes you, you will build a stronger rapport and ultimately be much more likely to get the job.

Personality matching involves matching the personality and vocal nuances of the person you are speaking with. Here are some of the most important things to know about personality matching to carry with you to your interviews.


Personality matching brings two people who might be extremely different to the same level. When you match the interviewer's voice in tempo, tone, and pitch, they are going to subliminally start thinking that the two of you are more alike than they might have thought.

When you are interviewing, what you want to do is meet the interviewer at their level, not the other way around. You should be yourself and act natural so that your interviewer gets a sense of your personality, but talking at the same speed and with the same tone as your interviewer will help you build rapport and bring you to their level so that you are talking to someone relatable and that they feel a steady rapport with you as well.

In this way, personality matching can actually be used as a way to gauge whether you would be a good fit with your coworkers at the company. If your interviewer is too loud, too abrasive in their tone of voice, or are too timid, you might actually want to rethink your interest in the position. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the way they are acting and you don't feel safe matching their behavior on any level, then you should give yourself the chance to back out and look for a better fit.


When practicing personality matching, you should take into account the voice and physical characteristics of your interviewer.

Matching your interviewer's voice means matching tempo and pitch. If your interviewer is speaking slowly and deliberately, you should not respond to the interview questions and speak with the interviewer in a fast pace. Subliminally you won't be on the same page and it will be difficult to have a positive conversation.

You should match the physical characteristics of your interviewer without mimicking them. If your interviewer is sitting up straight, talking animatedly with his or her hands, you can build the interviewer's confidence and enhance their perception of you by matching this behavior. It is important to do so in a way that does not look like you are mimicking or making fun of them.

Tips and Tricks

It is important when you are incorporating personality matching into your interview that you maintain your own personality. If something does not feel comfortable for you, it is going to be apparent in your interview to the person you are talking to. Imagine trying to match a prospective employer's quick tempo and blundering over answers. Only match the interviewer's voice and physical traits such as body language if you are able to do so comfortably and naturally.

This involves being familiar with your own personality range. If your interviewer is speaking slowly and deliberately, then you know it is okay to be careful with your own responses to questions and in fact this can improve your chances of success during the interview.

While personality matching is important during the interview, it is paramount to remember that you should do so as much as you feel comfortable during the interview. If you are faking it during the interview and acting like someone you're not, if you do end up getting the job, you are going to likely feel pressured to continue this behavior throughout your time with the company.

Personality matching might seem like an awkward thing but when it comes to your job interview, anything that will help you increase your ability to get along with your potential employer, this technique is by far one of the most effective methods to bring to your interview. Understanding how to apply it, its benefits, and some of the tips and tricks involved are all essential things to consider.

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