Nanny Interview Questions And Answers

How to Give Strong Responses to Nanny Interview Questions

When interviewing for a nanny position, you try to provide your potential employer with as much pertinent information as possible. You detail your childcare experience, qualifications, career goals – anything that reveals why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Look over the following types of nanny interview questions and answers to discover how to improve your responses and stand out in the interview process.

Detailing Your Professional Qualifications

Being a nanny is not something that just anyone can do. The best candidates have extensive childcare experience, possibly even a degree in early childcare development or education. With nanny interview questions and answers related to experience level, make sure to talk about formal training or any nanny positions that you previously held. Employers are more likely to choose you for the job if they know you have spent time with children and know how to care for them.

A lack of experience is by no means a death sentence. Many employers are still willing to consider you even if you only have a slight background in childcare. Far more important is how you present your qualifications in the interview process. Avoid saying anything akin to "I don't know much about children or childcare." Naturally, you do not want to lie about your experience, but instead of detailing your weaknesses, you should accentuate strengths. Tell your employer about any experience you have looking after children or providing care to others. You cast yourself in a better light when you give employers insight into your nurturing capabilities.

Naming the Most Important Part of the Nanny Position

Employers want more than just a laundry list of qualifications. They also want to get a sense of how you plan to apply your experience to the position. Of all the nanny interview questions and answers, the ones related to what you see as being the most important aspect of being a nanny are arguably the most important. When you are able to tell employers what you have learned and hope to learn from this profession, it improves their perception of you as a candidate.

Obviously, there is no one right answer when it comes to naming the most important parts of the position. In fact, there are several aspects worth mentioning, including:

* Respecting families and their childrearing processes

* Developing a bond with the children

* Demonstrating patience with children

* Promoting a healthy childhood upbringing

Think carefully about your previous childcare positions and craft an answer that reflects your personal experiences. Providing a thoughtful answer to this question improves your chances of securing the position.

Handling Children in Various Situations

Think of these types of nanny interview questions and answers as a sort of case interview. Your answer gives prospective employers an example of how you deal with children and forces you to apply your knowledge to real world situations. Employers could ask you anything from "How would you deal with a temper tantrum?" to "How would you respond if my child hit another child?". Answering such questions requires you to think on your feet and craft a detailed response. While you may not give parents the exact response they are looking for, there are still ways to ensure you provide a sufficient answer. Make sure to give a thoughtful reply that reveals you have carefully considered the question. In addition, provide parents with the sense that you would treat their children with patience, kindness, and respect. After all, they are unlikely to hire you if you come across as an inflexible hothead.

As you prepare for your meeting with a potential employer, give careful consideration to these nanny interview questions and answers. If you can provide parents with meaningful responses concerning your qualifications, professional growth, and childrearing style, then you have a strong chance of securing the nanny position.

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