Looking Back, What Would You Do Differently In Your Life?

Looking back, what you do differently in your life? What They're Really Asking Walking into an interview can be a time of anxiety and excitement. However, you can practice answers to common questions such as, " Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?" While this question may seem like an intrusion of your personal matters, your interviewer really wants to know if you have any past obstacles and regrets that may impact your work with their company. They also want to know if you hold onto the past or are able to learn from it and move forward. Points to Emphasize When giving a personal answer to a question like this, it is important to keep things in a positive light and give examples of how you have grown from past situations. · Give an example of a mistake and how you grew from it, such as taking extra classes after college to make up for ones you missed.· Keep your answers work and education related.· Focus on the fact that you have no major regrets and are happy to keep moving forward. Remember to show your interviewer that you do not hold onto your mistakes and that you are able to remain inspired no matter what has previously occurred in your work and life. Mistakes You Should Avoid While you want to present yourself as a person who is capable of growing, you do not want to tell them about your regretful relationship or drop out of school. · Do not let yourself be remembered as the person that had a sob story.· Do not give your potential employer a chance to see your struggles with letting go of the past.· Do not tell your interviewer that you should have worked harder at your last job. Remember, your possible employer does not want to hear personal stories.Sample Answer Here is a sample answer to help guide you in creating your own. "Overall, I do not have any huge regrets and am happy with where my life has taken me and where it will lead me next. If I could have taken some extra classes in high school or gone on that pre-college trip to Europe, I would tell my younger self to do it. However, I am always looking forward into the future and can learn from my mistakes when they do occur. " Remember to stay positive and reflect the best version of yourself in your answer.

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